World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 868
Son of Heaven that Feng Family just chose such was extinguished, Feng Family two Son of Heaven both were killed by Shen Xiang! But that Daughter of Heaven lies down in the ground now, an arm has abandoned, the internal injury is serious. Ji Meixian sees that attack method that wants to use very much a moment ago, thinks very familiar, with same that somewhat she uses, in that formidable strength, is having the natural spirit rhyme, but that imposing manner compared with her strong much. She sees Shen Xiang to walk toward Feng Yuhe, hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: „Do you want to kill her?” Shen Xiang murderous-looking looks at Feng Yuhe, answered Ji Meixian with the motion directly, in the hand azure light dodges, emits that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that letting many ancient influence drooled! You......” the Feng Yuhe tender body trembles, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is so formidable, their Feng Family Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven collaborate, is unable to take him. Shen Xiang has wielded brandishing a sword, said with a sneer: I have killed your Feng Family two Son of Heaven, kills your one again is also the same consequence, you do not need to threaten me with your Feng Family, I had already said that wants to start to me, must take the consequence.” Not is only Feng Family, White Sea Sacred Realm, but he cannot kill Ji Meixian now, Ji Meixian has that Immortal Cloth, the defensive power is very strong. „......” Feng Yuhe whole face did not fear immediately, screamed one, but Shen Xiang's Divine Blade has cut to fall heartlessly, wild Dragon Force poured into the knife, making Divine Blade very heavy, restraining by force when cuts fell to erupt, pressed the completely squashed sauce Feng Yuhe, fell into the mud. Divine Blade falls, ground split open, are many together the deep gully, the wild flame gushes out from the knife, cremates that muddy fleshes! One generation of outstandingly beautiful Daughter of Heaven, change into the dust instantaneously, she was hounded by many people past, was pursued by numerous young outstanding, but such as the ants are common now, was lifted in the hands to cut to kill, fires the ashes! Ji Meixian, Mu Jialan and Qin Yao these three Daughter of Heaven are looking at the same time is in a daze, that Qin Family Son of Heaven took a deep breath, finally had Daughter of Heaven dead, moreover died such miserably! Shen Xiang such does, to tell Ji Meixian them, even if Daughter of Heaven, he same under has resulted in the cruel methods!

We walk!” Qin Meng has not grasped Shen Xiang defeats, did not say him, even if and Qin Family Daughter of Heaven collaborates, perhaps somewhat is difficult, only if White Sea Sacred Realm and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven joins. Young Master Shen, but also asked you to let off Jing Xingliang......” Mu Jialan to see Shen Xiang to walk toward that side battlefield, hurriedly said. He must result in dies, so long as hits my this person of blade idea, I do not let off!” Shen Xiang coldly has swept Ji Meixian one , to continue saying: I listen to my good friend Duan Sanchang to mention, this Jing Xingliang has to rob the meaning of my Divine Blade.” Mu Jialan is nipping the red lip lightly, said: Your apprentice now just and he fights, your master and apprentice can two cope with him together?” Shen Xiang said: Deals with the enemy, can kill that's alright!” He dodges to go, appears in Xiao Chou behind. Mu Jialan one startled, follows close in, she is Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven, cannot look helplessly Peach Blossom Son of Heaven died. Jing Xingliang sees Shen Xiang suddenly to arrive, in heart is somewhat surprised, he in also saw Shen Xiang to kill Feng Family Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven a moment ago, but has not thought that Shen Xiang such will quickly look for him. You die together!” Jing Xingliang grins fiendishly, the long sword light rainbow in hand dodges, the innumerable sword light cover to come, is innumerable punctures likely the sharp sword general, covers Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou. Gives me to break!” Xiao Chou brandishes the iron rod, Divine Power emerges, sweeps big piece of golden light, such as is taking a great fan together, sweeps completely that several sword light. Shen Xiang shouted to clear the way lowly: On, my anchorage he!” Ground suddenly splits, emits a giant clay dragon, the water and soil mixes together, strength is very formidable, ties down that Jing Xingliang stubbornly, only reveals a head.

Stop!” Mu Jialan shouted to clear the way tenderly, although her very repugnant Jing Xingliang, moreover Jing Xingliang did with her frequently right, but same side, she cannot see somebody in danger and do nothing after all. Shen Xiang already guarded against this woman, Mu Jialan just condense was giving the vigorous palm strength, which clay dragon wants to destroy, who knows that Heavenly Thunder suddenly lowers, chops her tender body to sway, True Qi that just condense came out is defeated and dispersed completely . Moreover the ground also emits a clay dragon, twines her. Xiao Chou seizes the opportunity, jump arrives airborne, lifts up high the iron rod, whole body Divine Power condense on iron rod. White face monkey, dies!” Xiao Chou bellows, a stick has pounded. Dead bald donkey...... gave up any idea of that kills me!” Jing Xingliang top of the head suddenly presents at the same time round shield, above has the Peach Blossom design, that Peach Blossom design forms with some ancient spirit pattern, these is the same with Heavenspan Family. „The strength of Heavenly God!” Xiao Chou body golden light winds around, is similar to a metal statue is ordinary, a wild aura erupts from his body, is similar to Dragon Force appears like that making the earth crazily tremble. That stick is winding around this terrifying Divine Power, pounds to fall on that Peach Blossom round shield. Of bang, an air wave sweeps across, that round shield was pounded the fragment, the head of Jing Xingliang is also similar to the smashed watermelon, explodes place blood, ** scatters. The Mu Jialan strength is not weak, even though Shen Xiang used very strong strength to tie down her, but was worked loose by her, but actually already late, when she arrived, Shen Xiang has emitted flame, the body of Jing Xingliang is submerged by the flame. Oh......” Mu Jialan sighed in that flame fronts gently, then floating departs, she has made contribution, but has not prevented Shen Xiang they. Now in mountain forest had Shen Xiang their these Extreme Martial Sect's disciples.

Ha Ha, our Extreme Martial Sect has won, these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven are one crowd of balls little rascal, we win by default.” Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing. „Isn't person who dead pig, wins you, what your haughty?” In the Yun Xiaodao look despises completely. Wu Qianqian said with a smile lightly: You are very fierce, unexpectedly can hold my white snow.” Zhu Rong said with a smile dry: Is that Little Bald and condor gets rid, I run slowly, even/including Mamao cannot trace, with my No problem.” Xu Weilong said: Is the idea that he has, trapped holds, otherwise we are impossible to go well.” Zhu Rong stared Xu Weilong one. Old pig, you are same as usual!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, can meet with this group of old friends, he also thought very happy. First returns to the city, is safer in Pill City.” Xiao Chou said. All the way, Shen Xiang had known the matter that these months have, hears Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan go to battle with two Daughter of Heaven the time, he is very surprised, these two female strength unexpectedly so are also strong, can hit with these Daughter of Heaven does not know one's place. Shen Xiang, have you had a grudge with that White Sea Daughter of Heaven?” Zhu Rong rubs hands to ask, Ji Meixian gave Xue Xianxian 100 billion crystal stones to make the guarantee.