World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 869
Bitter hatred, that 100 billion she could not take carry back, this woman is very sinister, unexpectedly wants they to try to get close with Xianxian, if Xianxian and Youlan fall in her hands, that troubled.” The Shen Xiang heart wells up anger, he must go to chat with Ji Meixian is good, or gives to take Ji Meixian, otherwise depending on the Ji Meixian such fierce woman, he sooner or later will suffer a loss. Luckily your wife and your younger sister are very intelligent, not only had not been prevailed by her, but also made her 100 billion crystal stones!, They gained crystal stones too to be also easy, irritated me.” A Zhu Rong face envy, they looked like dog one to rush about for several months in this forest, not for crystal stones. „Do you want crystal stones? Early did not say that with words that I mix, I can make you gain one greatly.” The Wu Qianqian eyeball rotation, said with a smile. Chief Big Sister, what you said is real? We should not be many, can make us return to Extreme Martial Sect that's alright comfortably, our previous time comes time, almost dies in that earth core fire territory.” Yun Xiaodao recalled initially, the whole face was bitter and astringent. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they, have given back to Shen Xiang crystal stones completely, Shen Xiang also grinningly receives. My alchemy needs some Demon Beast and spirit herb, you must help me make, 1-2 years of this, you sufficiently collected the transmission expense.” Wu Qianqian calculates that said. Wu Qianqian can be regarded as by Hua Xiangyue is a successor, naturally her forte, now Shen Xiang is not knowing the level promotion of her alchemy to any situation, but saw her to be self-confident said that brought Yun Xiaodao they to make money, knows that was not definitely bad. Will say you in Pill City dull a period of time?” Shen Xiang asked that his suddenly had a matter to do, cannot they enter a city with Yun Xiaodao. Um, naturally in Pill City.” Wu Qianqian asked back: What important matter do you have to do?” Shen Xiang nodded: You enter a city first, I hold the matter to enter a city to look for you.” Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan in Pill City, Shen Xiang sharply are not going to Pill City, after Zhu Rong they distinguish, he toward that wisp of aura that oneself induce runs.

On a high summit, Ji Meixian stands in a giant stone, looks at a present sea of clouds, feels the natural change, the white fog has been fluttering from her, since sways her snow white women's clothing, soft black hair along with it dancing in the breeze, as if the whole person integrates in the nature, the whole body is sending out the aloof refined makings, that gorgeous threatening celestial or angelic appearance, making the person not dare to look straight ahead. Shen Xiang stands in her now behind, he they have not entered a city with Yun Xiaodao, to come to here sees Ji Meixian. We must chat.” Ji Meixian said to turn around, the beautiful eyes class hopes, indifferently said. We do not have what to talk about, I warned you, if you dare to hit the idea of Xianxian and Youlan again, I went all out not to let off your.” The Shen Xiang's sound is very tranquil, but the invisible anger actually turns into everywhere murderous aura, that rich Slaughter Qi starts strong winds, all around white clouds do not blow off completely, draw on intermittent dark cloud, lightning flash thunder cry. murderous aura above summit is threatening, black ink clouds tumbles, Slaughter Qi was covering Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian beautiful eyes is splendid, white skirt and black hair dance, she is drinking one lightly, the clear sweet and pretty sound comes out with golden light glittering that her tender body releases, air/Qi of pure and holy sweeps across eight sides, scatters these murderous aura completely, black ink on summit clouds all diverges, changes into a flake gold saying that projected the intermittent multi-colored sunlight, formed very strong Holy Power, imprisoned Shen Xiang. You have really practiced Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, the method that I practice evolves to come from Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique Earth Slaughtering Technique, but does not have Earth Slaughtering Technique to be so authentic! In Divine Art of Four Symbols that you practice, White Tiger Divine Art Slaughtering Heart can make you control massive Slaughter Qi with ease, therefore you can study Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, I said right.” The Ji Meixian sound is light, is staring at Shen Xiang, she thinks her words will make Shen Xiang shock. But Shen Xiang spoke thoughtlessly to say: You said well!” He already knew the Ji Meixian status, Heaven World strong side, Jade Immortal Woman, she in Heaven World, although is very mystical, but year to year chases down Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, causes Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao also knows that are many she details.

Therefore she sees some Shen Xiang's secrets, Shen Xiang has not thought surprised. They are so strong, is so sly, I do not have the means with them, if you make your wife give back to me that 100 billion, I guaranteed, no longer looks for their troubles.” Ji Meixian said that 100 billion also is very for her important. Shen Xiang said: This was you initially was used to make the guarantee to them, you cannot go back on word, therefore that 100 billion was impossible to return to your hand!, I was also untrustworthy you, your commitment for me with to talk nonsense to be the same.” His arm shakes, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade had been called by him. „Do you want to kill me?” Ji Meixian said with a sneer, but in the heart secretly is angry, the Shen Xiang present strength has been increased, she has not grasped wins Shen Xiang. I acknowledged that must kill you to be very difficult, but must hold you are very simple! Only then takes you, I felt relieved that Xianxian and Youlan were not harassed by you.” Shen Xiang thought that was the time has taken Ji Meixian, the words that this woman continued to ramble, will make him not peaceful. Ji Meixian raises head to laugh: „Are you fearing me? Other Daughter of Heaven Son of Heaven were not paid attention to by you, but you actually fear me!” Shen Xiang earnestly said: I have not feared you!” Divine Blade shakes, the Dragon Force spout, dragon roar buzz the cry, azure light shines together, turns into the crescent moon general azure circular arc, cuts horizontally toward Ji Meixian. I do not have the time and you hit!” A Ji Meixian jade palm racket, destroys that Dao Qi vigor, jumps to plunge into the sea of clouds.

„Don't you want your undergarment? You did not fear that image crystal does announce to the public? I did not fear that you said my Li Renshan matter, but you actually feared that I let out image crystal, right!” Shen Xiang stands in the summit, indifferently said. He just said that Ji Meixian appears in him behind, over the face cold frost! That 100 billion I do not want, I later will not have the idea of your woman, this is among my you matter, we try not to involve other people!” The Ji Meixian voice falls, Shen Xiang was dividing to chop a blade to her. Steaming Dragon Force shakes the giant stone of entire summit disrupts, all tumbles, that wild blade Qi chops, curls up strong winds, blows the white clouds tuck dive. Ji Meixian wields the long sleeve, is resisting the Shen Xiang's Divine Blade attack with her Immortal Cloth, makes a white light, meets the approaching enemy Shen Xiang's blade Qi. strength that bang two Divine Weapon release bumps into, the summit cracks immediately, tumbles the crushed stone that sizes vary. Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian float in upper air, four items of relative, are murderous-looking. We hit not to have the result, I wait for you here, wants to chat with you well!” Ji Meixian was forced with image crystal by Shen Xiang, filled with fury, but must depress the anger, because she also knows that Shen Xiang is in the fit of temper now.