World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 870
What we do not have to talk about, you wish one could to massacre me, I also wish one could to kill you, you thought that we do need that discussed?” During the Shen Xiang speeches, chops dozens blades, everywhere blade light is similar to the Tsunami, fires into Ji Meixian Ji Meixian bites the jade tooth tightly, she knows that Shen Xiang does not make with her, she who today a result is not willing to give up but originally Heaven World's Jade Immortal Woman, but actually declines to be bullied this situation by mortal little rascal now. The anger in her heart is hard to constrain, turns into strength, emerges all her the limbs and bones, lets her whole body Holy Light sparkle, is similar to a goddess like that high float in the air, beautiful eyes contains the prestige, might such as the day. This is her soul awakens the later true strength, at this time her Immortal Cloth also completely reappears, is the white, but now actually changes golden yellow of become god Saint, clothes sleeve is floating, is sparkling the intermittent Saint splendor, like Goddess! This is not Immortal Cloth, Shen Xiang determined radically this is his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor equally fierce divine cloth! He bellows, just like dragon roar, sees only his top of the head suddenly to leap up arm thick Golden Dragon, Golden Dragon soars around his body, making his body reappear gradually one set is similar to golden armor that dragon scales makes, this is protective armor that his Martial Spirit turns into. A Ji Meixian willow eyebrows wrinkle, Shen Xiang wears the dragon scales golden armor appearance at this time, pours also very has the imposing manner, although was inferior that her divine cloth is so fierce, but is not weak. Shen Xiang has not revealed Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, running away that otherwise this Ji Meixian fixed end does not return to! On the same day I and your younger sister fight, but has shown mercy, otherwise she cannot hit me! You obtain Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this Divine Weapon, itself also has to practice the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art potential, you in the future surely will be a side overlord, even if will go to Heaven World same the shook wind and cloud, I and your hatred can also melt now!” Ji Meixian sees Shen Xiang earnest expression, has thought in that her instantaneously, she knows that Shen Xiang this fellow is very difficult to kill, if, she stared by Shen Xiang, sooner or later a day will be killed by Shen Xiang.

If not Ji Meixian has chased down Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, perhaps currently also has the leeway of negotiations, but Shen Xiang has set firm resolve to Ji Meixian take now, avoids the future trouble, who knows that this Ji Meixian time time restores the strength. When she restores to that type the shook Heaven World's strength, regret without enough time. Among us the hatred can melt, but is not the way of calm negotiations!” Shen Xiang does not believe that Ji Meixian can not investigate the beforehand these matters. You kill undying I.” Ji Meixian expression is serious, beautiful eyes flash, said: Or this, we hit, I do not use my divine cloth, you do not use your Divine Blade! If I lost, is casual you to be what kind of! However you lost, you must first give back to me image crystal, then in the lifetime, helped me retrieve undergarment again!” Ji Meixian is very self-confident, if Shen Xiang that terror Divine Blade, quite in losing an arm, she thought that must take Shen Xiang is very relaxed matter. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, this Ji Meixian is only restricted in the hearsay to his understanding, is knows at most he has Divine Art of Four Symbols, but his fierce is not only Divine Art of Four Symbols. This is actually good, but I do not believe you, you do not believe me, the verbal contract is nothing. How do we tie Heaven Blood Contract?” Shen Xiang has put out beast skin. This should better!” The Ji Meixian approval, she is also untrustworthy Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy: If you lost, when my female slave, the entire life must my slave, these write on Heaven Blood Contract completely, once the victory and defeat branches out, Heaven Blood Contract becomes effective automatically!” Ji Meixian somewhat angry, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has wanted to receive her for female slave, she is on Heaven World illustrious Jade Immortal Woman, unexpectedly is so looked down on by mortal little rascal.

You have great learning, unexpectedly understands Heaven Blood Contract this type of thing!” Ji Meixian really surprised. Shen Xiang has seen on that divine book, Blood Contract is also spirit pattern formation one. Good, if you lost, before you must fulfill me, has said that again gives me Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, so long as achieved these to suffice!” Ji Meixian knew one lost must make female slave, increased two. You are also pretty good, what unexpectedly sees my pill furnace is any goods! If you hope, you lost your whole person are I, increased these two not to have anything again.” Shen Xiang is also very self-confident. They at this time calm is making that Heaven Blood Contract, Heaven Blood Contract is very complex, first is the dinking die leaves together good beast skin, then fuses together the blood of two people, then injects the wisp of soul of two people. Your blood unexpectedly is golden color, your what background?” Shen Xiang sees Ji Meixian this time blood to be similar to burns the melt the gold to be ordinary, cannot help but shocks, before he Ji Meixian injured, but blood red. Ji Meixian had not replied, when she sees the Shen Xiang drop blood, when feels in these blood contains terror strength, is startled changes countenance, especially her golden blood by the Shen Xiang's blood 2-3 fuse the time, lets her complexion is dignified. Feared?” Shen Xiang sneered. No, in order to have a good sleep to think that today in any event must make one to mediate.” Ji Meixian that firm confidence suddenly somewhat vacillated, she cannot completely understand the Shen Xiang's blood, her spirit awareness cannot feel that several strength that in contains is anything, but very formidable that's it. Heaven Blood Contract they are collaborated to manufacture by Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian, Ji Meixian also understood how this Heaven Blood Contract manufactures.

Draws up, after writing down the contract pledge, they drip into the soul blood essence, Ji Meixian must master and servant contract condense on Heaven Blood Contract, once she lost, she immediately and Shen Xiang signs the master and servant contract, the life and death is controlled by Shen Xiang. Heaven Blood Contract completes, is taken care by Shen Xiang. He has won, Ji Meixian is his female slave. Lost, must fulfill contract inside rule, if violates the contract, will suffer the pain that lives to might as well die, came from suffering in soul. I am very curious, why you do not add on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks now very relaxed, same place adjustment condition. Ji Meixian restored once more self-confidently, Shen Xiang cannot use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, strong is little rascal, her cultivation base be higher than Shen Xiang . Moreover the fight experience also be richer than Shen Xiang, she thinks that she will not lose. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and you merge into one organic whole, even if you died, I obtain possibly is also only a waste blade, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique I cannot learn, perhaps also will make me step onto at death's door, for me is useless.” Ji Meixian about these matters very much knew that she now also in adjustment condition, preparation and Shen Xiang great war!