World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 871
Pill City the audiences converge at this time, is these ancient influence Big Shot, they are staying here, to wait for that Li Renshan appearance, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique was too important regarding them, can make them easier to enter the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave. This crowd of ancient influence, were once 10th-layer Heaven inherited, the strength was immeasurably deep, has very stable foundation in Heaven World, but Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm these two in these ancient influence, the strength were also good, but actually one after another died now Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, moreover was cut to kill by the same person. This matter after Pill City spreads, causes the stir, this Shen Xiang not only once more angers Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm, but also offended Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, head of that Peach Blossom Son of Heaven Son of Heaven, but collaborates to destroy by Xiao Chou and Shen Xiang. Naturally, these are grievances of junior, Shen Xiang that truly make many ancient influence young one generations keep thinking the blade, so long as has seen that the person of blade, everyone wants to rob, if bumps into the Shen Xiang's words in the open country, attacks brutally to be unavoidable, but Feng Family Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven collaborate, finally was killed with the savage method by Shen Xiang. Those who most make Pill City inside these old fellow shocking is, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family that two Dan King are Shen Xiang kills, persons head was also being preserved by Shen Xiang, this matter also lets White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family is unendurable. Now these two are scoffed by many ancient influence, is grievances between juniors, unexpectedly sends out some old fellow obviously again and again, moreover by others little rascal killing, was retaining persons head, specifically is used to shame them. White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family could not sit still, even if the matter that their people select first, but died now two Dan King, Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven were also cut to kill, they must look for the Shen Xiang theory in any event. Peach Blossom Sacred Realm clearly knows that is Jing Xingliang angers Shen Xiang they, but they also look for Shen Xiang now, will otherwise be laughed by others, let alone died Son of Heaven, they are also very angry. Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian are controlling one's breathing at the foot of the hill, victory and defeat for them very important person who this fights, especially regarding Ji Meixian, if lost, she later was Shen Xiang's female slave! Some people came, was you a moment ago emitted that terrifying murderous aura!” Ji Meixian stared Shen Xiang one: „The people who comes are some old fellow, White Sea Sacred Realm Dean and Great Elder, Feng Family and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's being in power person, fellow who a troop joins in the fun, you kill two Dan King, it is estimated that Pill Association can also look for your trouble.”

Hasn't walked quickly?” Ji Meixian flutters airborne, to Shen Xiang shouted. Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate and grain of Space Elemental Bead, he planned that must go to a quite safe place. Gets down, goes a place to fight with me, there security!” Shen Xiang starts to give Heaven's Crown Gate to instill into the Space Elemental Bead energy. Pill City in King Continent, the place that Shen Xiang must go to also in King Continent, Heaven's Crown Gate can be competent. Previous Shen Xiang is too big with the distance that Heaven's Crown Gate surmounts, causing Heaven's Crown Gate to be damaged, now has repaired, but if not urgently needs, he will not use generally. We run this crowd of old fellow!” The Shen Xiang front presented leaf of Space Gate slowly. Ji Meixian sees Shen Xiang to have this ability, cannot help but low coldly snorted, now she understands that Shen Xiang why everyone dares to annoy, if she has the method of this escaping, she also dares. Where do you want to go?” Ji Meixian is somewhat vigilant. What do you fear? We have signed Heaven Blood Contract, I caused to cheat to you violate the contract, did not have the advantage to me.” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly.

Ji Meixian just arrived at side him, was held the arm, then plunges into Space Gate. After entering Space Gate, they arrived in stretch of ruins, Ji Meixian suddenly felt that anything, the complexion big change, hastily soars, but actually by Shen Xiang holding on. That dragon is not in the way.” Shen Xiang was shouting one to ruins distant place that forest: Big Brother Lan, I borrow a place.” When here that blue dragon named Lan Cang, Shen Xiang previous time comes, although has only spoken several words with this Dragon, but mutually has actually informed the name. Young bastard, damned character does not change, my previous time said that coming here not to lead the woman coming in person!” The Lan Cang sound passes from the forest, is startled to fly to leap up a troop year: This broken place uses casually, do not destroy my forest that's alright, should you do not handle matters here?” Where do you want? I with this woman a little enmity, must fight one with her here.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. The Ji Meixian complexion is very dignified, in her Shen Xiang's talk, saw that in the forest relationship and Shen Xiang of that dragon are good. Her spirit awareness is very keen, the strength of very clear that dragon, making her dread very that she has not thought Shen Xiang's backing unexpectedly is so strong, not only has Huang Jintian this old lunatic to be the backer. Where is here?” Ji Meixian looks all around, coldly asked that here made her feel very restlessly. Here except for this broken place, other place very danger(ous), the words that you must fight a bit faster, remember, do not come my forest to hit.” The Lan Cang urging said.

That crowd seeks for Shen Xiang's old fellow, threw spatial, making them angrier, troop expert, unexpectedly by little rascal flinging, now where them does not know Shen Xiang, only knows that the face lost in a big way. Now can hit, I prepared!” Shen Xiang could not wait, thinks that White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family send out audiences old fellow to look for him, thinks to know that certainly must grasp his, depends on the powerful strength of their practice many years of acquisition to bully this little rascal, in his heart is not feeling well very much. Come, your my grievances, through this fights to mediate! You felt relieved, even if you lost to me, I later will not kill your!” The Ji Meixian sound is cold, that snow white women's clothing overflow light golden color Saint splendor, understood at a glance that this is not White Sea Sacred Realm cultivation technique. Shen Xiang has not used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he does not plan to use Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor and God Slaughtering Hand, he must by the thing that oneself learn, defeats Ji Meixian, on the one hand is also helpful to him sensing Earth Slaughtering Technique. They are so earnest, turns into the blue light to fly to shoot in forest inside Lan Cang together, appears by the human form in Shen Xiang side them. Sees this to wear the middle age of blue clothes to appear, on the Ji Meixian jade face full is vigilant, retreat several steps, double have held golden light to sparkle, because of present person extremely danger(ous), this is the responses of instinct. I looked in the one side that I will not meddle.” Lan Cang lightly smiled, withdraws from that stretch of ruins, stands outside the ruins, this makes Ji Meixian long relax. brat, this woman is very fierce, her body has some fierce bloodlines, is not humanity! That energy that she currently uses, somewhat dreaded including me, if she and my same cultivation base, I share that only then travels.” Lan Cang urged Shen Xiang.