World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 872
Shen Xiang already knows that Ji Meixian has many secrets, especially when sees her pure golden blood. Here constructed palatial stone building, but does not know that any reason causes the destruction completely, at this time these every large or small ice-cold stones, unexpectedly overflowed a golden multi-colored sunlight, these light glow send out with Ji Meixian is the same. yi!” A strange sound conveys, the ground trembles slightly, Ji Meixian both hands brandish, see only every large or small stone suddenly float. Ji Meixian fight, that eyes overflowing full golden splendor, whole person golden red cloud surrounded, is similar to Goddess! What strength is this? These stone unexpectedly make me uneasy!” Shen Xiang looks that at present these are similar to the hill common giant stone fluctuation, secret revolution Dragon Force. Whiz!” Dozens are similar to hill common giant stones, flies to hit toward Shen Xiang, that speed is similar to light glow. Megalith that these dozens golden splendor wind around flew to the Shen Xiang's time, suddenly to fuse, turned into a great mountain, that type such as the light general speed, keeping Shen Xiang from avoiding, the time of continually resisting did not have. Bang!” The great mountain hit on Shen Xiang that powerful body, is similar to hits divine iron to be ordinary, this mountain Meng sways, arouses a jar cry. Shen Xiang was hit to fly by that huge momentum, the body sympathizes on a giant stone, on that giant stone also has Ji Meixian that strange golden color strength. The great mountain starts once more, suddenly flies airborne, fierce crashes, this giant stone, was controlled handily by Ji Meixian, as if no weight to be ordinary, especially that terrifying speed, does not make Shen Xiang have the respite opportunity. Shen Xiang was just hit to fly, has not responded that great mountain pounding maliciously fell, the Shen Xiang back is pasting that stone was pounded crushes, Shen Xiang was also suppressed by this great mountain, unknown whereabouts.

Lan Cang is also looks dumbfoundedly, this mysterious strength and cultivation technique are his first seeing! slate of this ruins ground also has the release of Ji Meixian golden strength, even if the entire great mountain pounds to fall maliciously, the ground has not damaged, strength that such one, Shen Xiang withstands will strengthen. The Ji Meixian facial expression is elegantly simple, resembles all these is she is expected, but that pressed Shen Xiang's great mountain suddenly to shiver, afterward spread Shen Xiang's one to roar, Shen Xiang unexpectedly lifted the entire mountain. Snort!” Ji Meixian drinks chilly, great mountain golden red cloud inspires greatly, turns into two giant stone fists, is similar to the fist of giant is ordinary, under her control, with that terrifying speed, crazy pounding on the Shen Xiang's body, strength of each fist, can break a genuine great mountain, hits on the body of person, is a fist can hit the completely squashed sauce the person. But now hits on Shen Xiang's, actually as if hits on together willowy divine iron, how to rumble to hit cannot hit flatly Shen Xiang. pā! white cloud lightens, the hitting palm that Dragon Force turns into sweeps away, racket to one toward the stone fist of his knocked out! Bang!” Terror strength that erupts shakes the earth to shake, that wild Shocking Heaven Palm strength, such as the tide rushes eight sides, shakes the powder all around all crushed stones. pā! Also is Shocking Heaven Palm lays out, snow white Dragon Force adds on transparent Suppressing Devil Holy Power, turns into energy giant palm instantaneously, hits on that giant stone fist, shake strength will shake is split up.

Shake fallout shakes the white powder the small stone that these break completely, that shocking palm, after hitting the crushed stone fist, still sweeps away all obstacles, brings to shake strength enormously and powerful, the racket to Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian bites the jade tooth lightly, white skirt and long hair is blown the dance by the Shocking Heaven Palm palm strength, on her mysterious golden red cloud dazzling, when that huge Shocking Heaven Palm pats next, she drinks one, in that cherry small mouth spout golden strong winds, unexpectedly is golden splendor condense Phoenix. Huge golden splendor Phoenix spreads the wings thousand feet (333 m), the flutter wing, the cry that sends out resounding through the skies eats delicacies, flies to shocking giant palm that only hits. Devil Subduing Energy ten layers!” Shen Xiang feels that Phoenix strength to be only intrepid, revolution Dragon Force, displays Devil Subduing Energy. pā pā pā pā pā pā......” ten continual crack stick out suddenly The golden splendor great phoenix was hit dissipates, in that instantaneous, incisive phoenix cry reverberation Nine Heavens, the wild thunderclap sound shocks the earth! Two strength collide, is similar to two ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high ocean waves collision together, easily accomplished. When hit that tyrannical air wave that produces soars to the heavens completely on, this stretch of ruins are similar to the ocean waves have swept enormously and powerful, was razed. Lan Cang there, he did not turn into a blue big dragon, as if a big mountain wall, the cross piece lives in the forest that piece of he stays. Damn little rascal, almost ruined my forest! His paternal grandmother, if humanity like these two fellows, our these Fan dragons also mixes anything! Especially that little rascal, fleshly body was too fearful!” In the Lan Cang heart was whispering. Shen Xiang's fleshly body is truly strong, making Ji Meixian feel shocking, she had estimated Shen Xiang's fleshly body before very much strongly, but actually surpasses her estimate. They had a new cognition to the opposite party strength at this time! Although before , their also great war, but Shen Xiang had not broken through at that time, but also borrows Long Xueyi's strength, Ji Meixian does not have the soul to awaken.

„The earth is adopted by us!” The Ji Meixian lotus stamps fully, these powder and tiny stone suddenly float, concentrates instantaneously a huge golden palm, on all around earth flutters naked eye obvious golden color light glow, condense on that palm. Shen Xiang is rumbling a fist in the palm of condense to that the fist that Dragon Force turns into, is similar to ten thousand dragons roars, the flowing rapidly great river, having the vast momentum, the direct impact on go. Ji Meixian just completes with the palm of her mysterious strength condense, moreover instantaneously becomes is similar to ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain, under her control, like hitting the insect is ordinary, falls to the racket Shen Xiang's Dragon Quan, hits strength to be defeated and dispersed. Finished!” Ji Meixian that chilly sound is very self-confident, controls that such as the palm of great mountain-like, hits to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang knows that the method of Ji Meixian use is related with Earth Slaughtering Technique, but that is actually not complete Earth Slaughtering Technique, has very big distance with true Earth Slaughtering Technique. Looks that giant palm hits, all around all suddenly become wonderful slow incomparable, that speed such as electricity giant palm, at this time also becomes very slow. In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly reappears a mountain running water picture, his fierce lifting up high both hands, release completely Five Elements strength in within the body. phantom suddenly appears in upper air, several thousand zhang (3.33 m) high mountains tower, the great river flows rapidly, the turbulent impact, the palatial atmosphere, the potential swallows the mountains and rivers, is similar to really general. Shen Xiang comprehended the Earth Slaughtering Technique key at this time, is the earth potential! This is also lets the person sigh and earth formidable strength! Had not finished!” Shen Xiang drinks greatly, airborne that several Yue Meng presses greatly, when falls down that imposing manner, making people think that real!