World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 873
Ji Meixian and Lan Cang were shocked, Shen Xiang this move, as if controls the earth to be ordinary, creates such several imposing manner formidable mountains to attack! On several mountains that jumps the torrential turbulent current Voice of great river, that real, the imposing manner of that surging forward, letting the person is unable to suspect that this is only the virtual image. This truly not real, has is only potential! This is strength that the great river mountains and rivers most shock, so long as can simulate this potential to come, was enough! Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart is jumping crazily, murderous aura gushes out crazily, turns into this stirring imposing manner, integrates in mountain running water! Several mountains crash, irresistible, move the earth and shake mountains! Bang!” Several mountains pound to fall, ground was pressed to fall by that imposing manner, that Ji Meixian condense leaves is only formidable golden palm to be defeated and dispersed immediately, turns into once more is divided, the energy soars to the heavens to go, floats in the air, stirs up the sky cloud layer tuck dive, whistling makes noise. Ji Meixian was submerged, what making Lan Cang surprised is, these virtual image unexpectedly have not dissipated, suppresses Ji Meixian stubbornly. Heavenly Dragon Seal when Shen Xiang starts to ferment, saw only golden huge bird claw suddenly to grasp, that mountain running water chart was torn instantaneously. A long and loud cry crack is spatial, Ji Meixian turns into golden light, the ball flies together, sees only this time whole body golden feather, the back a pair of very beautiful golden wing, is similar to the golden casting is common, is dancing in the air in long hair, is smuggling some gold threads, looks like has unusual charming. Her that eyes sub- suddenly dodges two golden light, shoots at Shen Xiang!

Shen Xiang moves aside hastily, but the place that he was at a moment ago turned into deep small hole, golden light that obviously her eyes projects is how terrifying. This woman...... I know that she was any background, so was no wonder fierce, moreover rebirth!” Long Xueyi suddenly said with amazement. What background?” A Shen Xiang brow vertical stroke, because Ji Meixian that pair of golden color wing suddenly shakes, explodes projects to terror golden light innumerably, from airborne shoots generally like the sudden downpour. Shen Xiang displays Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to protect itself immediately, simultaneously rave, in the mouth sticks out suddenly shakes the sound wave, turns into innumerable Azure Dragon, fires into these golden light. Copes with this light glow to have the effect with Dragon's Roar of the Nine Heavens this sound wave attack, these strength were shaken the powder by intermittent dragon roar. She is Imperial Bird Clan, but is different races, because she has the blood of humanity! Has a person of blood like Imperial Dragon Clan one.” Long Xueyi said. What Imperial Bird Clan?” Shen Xiang is unable to approach Ji Meixian at this time . Moreover the attack that he releases, was released a giant [gold/metal] claw grasping to split by Ji Meixian very much easily. This time Ji Meixian, the strength was more formidable than several times before, her mysterious strength becomes more vigorous, especially that to the golden wing, each flutter, innumerable golden light that erupts, as if can pass through all! The earth was punctured the honeycomb to be common by that light glow, each small hole is very deep! Is Imperial Feather Clan, a tribal group comprised of the bloodlines formidable birds. For example Phoenix, Gold Winged Great Peng and Vermilion Bird this type formidable birds that has the feather! So long as their bloodlines can let their future strength Heaven World peak, is Imperial Bird Clan, with our Imperial Dragon Clan is a sworn enemy!” Long Xueyi said.

This Ji Meixian unexpectedly is the same with Long Xueyi, comes the Zitian this mysterious and fierce tribal group, but Ji Meixian is actually half-human and half-bird, from her present appearance, she blood in human is purer. In her blood should have the blood of Phoenix and Gold Winged Great Peng, I think that her parents one descendant who is Phoenix and Gold Winged Great Peng union gives birth, then this fellow again and human union, makes her have this bloodlines!” Long Xueyi continues saying: According to the Imperial Bird Clan bird custom, this woman cannot have to stay in the Imperial Bird Clan bird nest, once adolescence to certain situation time, will be pursued, moreover cannot tell others her origin and status, cannot make others know that absolutely she is Imperial Bird Clan.” Before Ji Meixian, is so mystical in Heaven World, perhaps is this reason, now Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou understand that Ji Meixian so was why formidable, actually comes out from Imperial Feather Clan this Heaven World ancient influence. If wants to defeat her, is best to use Heavenly Dragon Seal inside Hundred Dragons Sacred Seal, otherwise is hard to defeat her, must know that she is higher than many fellows compared with your cultivation base, if with your same cultivation base, she already lost, is having very big superiority in her! Words that continues, you must lose without doubt.” Long Xueyi said. Hundred Dragons Sacred Seal, that is strikes fully, after displaying, all strength and magic power completely find time, when the time comes a child can butcher him, moreover displays also requires the time to prepare, Meixian knows that he understood Heavenly Dragon Seal this terrifying killing incurs, the opportunity will not display to him absolutely. Near body uses devil art, can use uses completely!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang early has this intent, but must approach the Ji Meixian words now, is somewhat difficult! Black Tortoise clone technique!” Shen Xiang suddenly gushed out some water vapor, suddenly presented nine with his exactly the same virtual image. Moreover these virtual images cannot scatter, he has utilized on 72 Transformations some skills, looks like more real by own clone, and has simulated his some aura. Ji Meixian spirit awareness strong, can distinguish these clone, therefore she only locks Shen Xiang to attack, these clone in her eyes are the air, she simply has not paid attention.

And also two clone appear in her behind, although she could feel, but actually thinks otherwise, Shen Xiang of fixed ground, flutter [gold/metal] Chi, releases that terrifying golden light endlessly, she cannot lose, will otherwise degenerate into the slave! Form Displacement Shadow!” Shen Xiang has displayed in Black Tortoise Divine Art one move, and these clone exchanges by oneself, this move of he little uses, but currently very much has the use, can make him approach Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian suddenly discovered that the Shen Xiang's main body vanished, the complexion changes, because Shen Xiang appears in her behind! Shen Xiang eyes dodges, innumerable such as needle general red light projects, suddenly penetrates the Ji Meixian body, these red light each break her meridians, making her unable revolution strength! Penetrating Heart Devil Eye!” Ji Meixian absent-minded shouted, on the face full is panic-stricken, at this time the Shen Xiang's eye projects two thumb big or medium devil light, penetrates her heart. In that moment, Ji Meixian confirmed that Shen Xiang obtained Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's inheritance, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye this devil art does not have including Heavenly Devil World that several Devil World overlords, she also owing of several Penetrating Heart Devil Eye in Bai Youyou, fully realized sinister of this devil art before. In the situation of if in not knowing, virtually impossible to guard against, if she early knows that some Shen Xiang words, so will not be negligent!