World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 875
Golden Dragon follow on somebody's heels, dragon roar shock the vault of heaven, golden light dodges to shoot eight sides, simultaneously leaps to dance the golden lightning, is similar to huge lightning net, covers the world. Lan Cang this genuine dragon cannot help but sighs with emotion, dragon that although he evolves step by step, but actually also knows the secret method that Shen Xiang displays, is Imperial Dragon Clan. Hundred Dragons Sacred Seal, hundred dragon attack kill, strength of each dragon is front two times, to the 100 th time, can perhaps destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth! However the Shen Xiang's strength was unable to arrive at the situations of hundred dragons, is only ten dragons, but made on the earth leave one deeply not to see the bottom heavenly pit! „Did I win?” Shen Xiang stands, in that width reaches counts by the thousand feet (333 m) big hole, looks that deeply does not see the bottom the pit bottom, murmured. „Won't the woman vanishes in puff of smoke?” Shen Xiang suddenly worried very that this Ji Meixian is very in his eyes valuable, far exceeds these anything Immortal Medicine. He has put out that Heaven Blood Contract, making him feel what is relieved, Ji Meixian that master and servant contract fused together with him, he can feel Ji Meixian that weak vitality at this time gradually become stronger. In deep hole, weak golden light suddenly appears, carefully looks, unexpectedly is Ji Meixian float slowly, body outside presented that to protect body divine cloth, at this time she already stupor in the past. Ha Ha, Sister Youyou, later this woman can help you wash foot!” Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled, then eats up several grains of pills, restores own True Qi, simultaneously makes oneself that exhausted Divine Soul strong. Su Meiyao and a Bai Youyou heart loosen, this Ji Meixian, so long as is living, lets in her heart restless, they were many in the Heaven World's personal enemy before, but also only then this Ji Meixian can find them easily, making them year to year be in the chased down dangerous situation.

Now, this woman became Shen Xiang's female slave, could not constitute to threaten to them, depending on Shen Xiang and their relationship, Ji Meixian must take orders in them, this compared with killing Ji Meixian has also made them vent spleen! Jade Immortal Woman that kept aloof, later must take care their two, thinks that this scene, on two female faces has shown the beautiful smiling face. little rascal, you looked that fights unexpectedly to make into this taking advantage of the place, you then killed me.” Lan Cang runs over, to Shen Xiang shouted, on the face is looking distressed, probably is worrying about anything. Kills you? This place was ruins, what had at the worst?” Shen Xiang places ground stupor Ji Meixian, then has fed her grain of Life Returning Pill, making her restore to be quicker. His mother, I also knows that this broken place, I already do not want to destroy completely at the worst, but I have promised others, must help him safeguard here, does not want here to be ruined, because here is the place that he was born.” Lan Cang stared Shen Xiang one, grabs to walk back and forth by that deep hole. Filled in that's alright, you were a dragon, this matter could not baffle your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, now he has not known the gravity of matter. Is that person who you said Wu Canghong? I know him, if he blames, you said that is that's alright that I make.” Here is Immemorial Sacred Land, is Human King Clan the place of origin, therefore Shen Xiang thinks. Fart, can Wu Canghong this kid also direct me? His grandfather's grandfather's grandfather saw me to me kowtow!” The Lan Cang words daunted Shen Xiang.

The Wu Canghong strength is not weak, hundred thousand year ago went to Heaven World, the present strength can be imagined, moreover same cultivates Divine Dao with him, definitely also has certain status in Heaven World. That...... Who is that can direct the big brother you?” Shen Xiang has planned to sneak off, this Immemorial Sacred Land had many secrets, only then here is safe, moreover here is similar to Great World, has very terrifying place in the deep place. Wu Canghong his Old Ancestor!” Lan Cang is cloudy the face, that eye blue light glittering, the sinister woods look at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang quickly on the association to something, according to the words that Lan Cang spoke, that anything Human King Clan, it is estimated that was ancient influence, these was the same with Heavenspan Family! Why before he was strange in Mortal Martial World not to have ancient influence, actually had, was that King Continent's Human King Clan, now he understands that these bloodlines martial artist so were why formidable. That asked the big brother to apologize to him for me.” Shen Xiang says with a smile reluctantly. I what to do?” Lan Cang said ill-humoredly. His old man also living the words, the strength is definitely strong, naturally cannot pay attention to this minor matter, he will certainly not investigate your.” Shen Xiang said. Nonsense, that old fellow most liked being calculating, what or did I fear?” Lan Cang felt that a parade is big, early knows that he does not borrow the place to hit to Shen Xiang, or rushes to other place him. A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution, suddenly has thought good means that to say grinningly: Big Brother Lan, from your Dragon Force, you should be cultivates lightning strength, is really fierce, the lightning attribute dragon little has.”

Do not try to get close with me, this move of useless, you must be responsible for this pit, you must fill in! No...... It is not you, is you with this human young girl.” Lan Cang white Shen Xiang, holds the chest to say. Shen Xiang has not thought that Hundred Dragons Sacred Seal unexpectedly can cause a such big pit, the words that must fill, definitely need long time, moreover must go to a farther place to transport some mountains to fill, then regarding him and Ji Meixian, unusual danger(ous). He has put out Thunder Spirit Fruit, in this type of fruit has Thunder Spirit, is previous time he uses grain of Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed to trade, it can be said that has traded Golden Mountain with grain of sand, moreover he used Soul Creation Fluid to duplicate several to leave spare. Thunder Spirit Fruit seems like a transparent bead, inside glittering a bunch is winding around the flame of electricity silk, the electricity silk provokes, can clearly feel inside that terror lightning strength. This Thunder Spirit Fruit attracts Lan Cang quickly, look at him to look at steadily, wanting one to swallow this Thunder Spirit Fruit. This is...... Thunder Spirit, where do you come?” In the Lan Cang heart is not feeling well very much, why this type of good thing to appear in the little rascal upper body of Shen Xiang this humanity? This simply is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products! I pick, I give you an opportunity and I exchange this Thunder Spirit Fruit, but you must have the good thing to be good.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he knows that Lan Cang will not let up this opportunity absolutely, Thunder Spirit was very important to him, he evolved from the snake, he thinks that some day can crush Imperial Dragon Clan, therefore he longs to strength very! You must fill this big hole, I am willing to exchange.” Shen Xiang smiled deceitfully, Thunder Spirit Fruit he did not lack, if can trade the good thing, that was very valuable.