World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 876
Ji Meixian woke up, her Jing Jing (quietly) lies down in the ground, unexpectedly is very tranquil, she can feel the master and servant contract at this time strength, so long as Shen Xiang wants, can suffer her to suffer extreme distress at any time, she was being accepted this brutal reality by herself diligently. In the Heaven World's time, she, although was driven away Imperial Feather Clan, but afterward she through her strength, rushed out a piece of positive result to come, was called Jade Immortal Woman by others, many Heaven World Big Shot must flatter her, but afterward almost died the severe wound, has to the Nirvana rebirth, arrive at Mortal World. Here she becomes White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, obtains the respect of many people, but has not thought that the fate is more miserable, unexpectedly becomes others' female slave, she very much wants to commit suicide now, once more Nirvana rebirth, but Shen Xiang will not make her die, strength of master and servant contract is very big, so long as she wants dead, Shen Xiang will induce, beyond the hundred thousand eight thousand li(500 km), can prevent her. Lan Cang looks at Thunder Spirit Fruit in Shen Xiang hand, wishes one could to snatch with the barbaric way, but he is a good dragon, although Shen Xiang in his eyes is the black heart young bastard, but he compares to have the favorable impression to Shen Xiang, he cannot start. To be honest, my strength had been sealed up by old fellow, if I fuse this Thunder Spirit, certainly can unsealed, I truly really need!” Lan Cang said that he lived was very long, the strength was not definitely weak, but by the seal, was caused his strength to be equal to the human Nirvana Realm peak strength. If my unsealed, must fill the pit to be easier.” Lan Cang also said. Shen Xiang smiled: This is best, the big brother you thinks that what thing was easy-to-use and I have exchanged?” Big brother? Shouted the big brother, but can also exchange with the thing? In the Lan Cang heart despises Shen Xiang secretly, although he all day stay here, but has contacted humanity are many, fully realized that this Thunder Spirit value, he has wanted to seek for this type of thing, if in his opinion some people are willing to take the exchange, that person absolutely is an idiot. But now Shen Xiang is willing to exchange with him, completely is because is good with his relationship, otherwise who will be stupid exchanges other things with Thunder Spirit Fruit? Lan Cang thinks. Lan Cang walks back and forth, obviously is thinking must take any thing and Shen Xiang exchange. Shen Xiang said with a smile: What thing is intertwining with and I exchanges? Big Brother Lan, it seems like you very wealthy? Or you to take to give me to select several good thing, this did not need to intertwine!”

I do not do that foolish matter, you do not know that the wealth doesn't appear externally? Was kept thinking about on words by your this black heart young bastard, I will unable to have a good sleep to think.” Lan Cang shakes the head hastily. Ji Meixian slowly stands, that golden divine cloth was received within the body by her, at this time her the complexion is somewhat thin and pale, that arrogance weak many, present she has also poured also has a different kind character and style, making Shen Xiang look again and again nods, he was also many outstandingly beautiful female slave, but this female slave is he uses strength to conquer. Smiles one to the master!” Shen Xiang smiles shouted. Ji Meixian casts aside goes excessively, low coldly snorted, has not complied. Shen Xiang knows that this female slave well ** will be obedient, this matter he will give Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou they do. Ji Meixian in Thunder Spirit Fruit by Shen Xiang hand was also attracted, she discovered thing that Shen Xiang has, was Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou cannot give absolutely, how her very strange Shen Xiang made these many good things. Shen Xiang feels her beautiful maturity, is bringing an ice-cold jade face, said with a smile: Wants you to be cleverer, mixes with me, you who I am popular drink spicily and ensure mixes well in White Sea Sacred Realm compared with you!” He said that but frank talk, like this pills wealthy and powerful family, eats high level pill like eating the sugar bean, Long Xueyi this small White Dragon had been fostered big chest by him. I take to give you to choose I quite precious several things, you can only choose is the same!” Lan Cang heavily said: Cannot elect many!” Lan Cang said that has put out four things, the bead, is braving the air/Qi of steaming vigorous life, understood at a glance that is fierce Demon Beast beast core, before him that grain of Dragon Pearl that obtains is fiercer.

Second is an corner/horn, this angular length amounts to ten feet, looks like very firm, should also be beasts thing. This is Saint corner/horn dragon's horn!” Ji Meixian calls out in alarm, in the Hidden Jade Ring three females have also recognized this thing. Right, this corner/horn can become very greatly, can have a mountain to be so big, is the good thing.” Lan Cang said. Shen Xiang even more thought that this Lan Cang background is not small, by the words of seal, the strength definitely is not very been strong, that beast core and this dragon horn definitely are he make. The third type is a bead of watermelon size, inside has flame of bunch of beat, seeing this thing, Ji Meixian to knit the brows saying: Is Immortal Spirit, the words that one spiritual very formidable Spirit Body, subdues, can control this Spirit Body, can ascend the sky into, the thorough sea investigates something for oneself!” The thing that your this human young girl, knows are many! You hit before like mad, now becomes reconciled? Are you two husband and wife, the head fight tail block and?” Lan Cang suddenly is curious. She lost, must make my female slave!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this made Ji Meixian wield the jade palm, thinks that a palm of the hand pulled out, but thinks one are Shen Xiang's female slave, to avoid enduring suffering in that soul, she has to put the hand. Lan Cang ambiguous smiles, has raised up the thumb to Shen Xiang. Last thing is a big jade box of square shape, Shen Xiang opens looked that immediately the blood light explodes dodges, rich blood energy scatters from that box, sees only inside to have blood-colored Little Dragon, has the larger part to bury under the blood-colored red soil! This is...... Blood Dragon Ginseng, Sacred Level dragon medicine!” Ji Meixian is startled beautiful face changing colors, Sacred Level dragon medicine, can make many Big Shot lose everything to exchange on Heaven World.

Moreover is rarest Blood Dragon Ginseng! Has not waited for Su Meiyao to speak, Shen Xiang throws to Lan Cang that Thunder Spirit Fruit. This thing I wanted.” Shen Xiang is the alchemy master, this Blood Dragon Ginseng wants to his hand, he can duplicate, can enlarge value infinitely. Really stems from my anticipation, your does unexpectedly want this broken root? I also think that you possibly want that Immortal Spirit or are Saint corner/horn dragon's horn.” Lan Cang attains Thunder Spirit Fruit, in the heart also is very happy. Said, I want completely.” Shen Xiang is also very happy at this time, because Su Meiyao told him a moment ago, this Blood Dragon Ginseng is refines them to restore the strength main herbs, is more precious than that Jade Dragon Flower. Lan Cang hastily receives to be good the thing, these time exchanges him to think that he gained in a big way, that Blood Dragon Ginseng was useless to his use. However has very big use to humanity, Blood Dragon Ginseng absorbs the dragon blood essence that Blood Dragon has spat to live, has been able to absorb world Spirit Qi to produce most formidable dragon blood to late stage. „Did this fellow evolve Blood Dragon? But likely is not Blood Dragon!” Long Xueyi murmured, after she sees that Blood Dragon Ginseng, somewhat is also unbelievable, because this type of thing very long had not appeared in Imperial Dragon Clan.