World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 877
Although Jade Dragon Flower is rare, but the value is actually inferior to this Blood Dragon Ginseng, on the one hand is Jade Dragon Flower is used to build up the pill success power not to be high, the words that takes directly, the use does not have Blood Dragon Ginseng to be so big. expert eats up Blood Dragon Ginseng directly, fleshly body will become very strong, will multiply the formidable blood, will have formidable strength, if there is a very serious injury, after eating up, can help. Blood Dragon, but the fleshly body very formidable dragon, this dragon can appear through the evolution generally, generally only then the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon can evolve Blood Dragon, but that is also ten thousand years rare meets, this blue dragon is the snake turns, must evolve Blood Dragon not to be easy!” Long Xueyi has doubts. Shen Xiang sees Lan Cang to smile, then asked: Big Brother Lan, where that the person who made you guard here went?” Lan Cang has referred to a direction, said: That side, this place is not very ordinary, even if I eradicate the seal to restore the strength, does not dare casual bursting in inside, here was called Immemorial Sacred Land, the background is not small! For many years, many powerful old undying have gone in inside, most hateful Old Wang eight, the unexpectedly seal my strength, I later must also find him, fan maliciously his several palms of the hand were good.” I must fuse this Thunder Spirit, walks slowly does not deliver, next time will come here randomly not to fight.” Lan Cang urged one, turns into together the blue light, enters in that forest. Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate and Space Elemental Bead, opens Space Gate, bringing outstandingly beautiful female slave that Ji Meixian this was just succeeding in obtaining to depart. They arrive among that forest Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, here trees are giant, previous here presented Space Devil Beast, tempts some expert to take food specially, but afterward was massacred, Shen Xiang also at that time obtained Space Elemental Bead. He in finding a great tree, then poked into on the finger bough small hole, sees only sliding door to open. Where is this?” Ji Meixian cannot help but inquired.

medicine garden that Li Tianjun keeps, there comparison security, your wound did not have, I must help you therapy.” Shen Xiang previous time comes time is Hua Xiangyue comes, at that time also ran into the Li Tianjun apprentice, Li Baojun. „Are you really the Li Tianjun successor?” Before Ji Meixian, is suspecting, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows medicine garden that now Li Tianjun keeps. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Not completely is.” He brings Ji Meixian to walk in circling, but below staircase, arrives at the deep place, then opens Stone Gate with the key, entered in piece of Spirit Qi rich medicine garden, inside many herbs had been taken by Shen Xiang, only then some auxiliary herbs also here. Sees this deeply following fairyland, Ji Meixian also cannot help but to exclaim in surprise the Li Tianjun technique. I told you, although I was your female...... female slave, but actually does not represent you to be able the willful violation I, if you have perverted heart to me, I will not make in any event you prevail.” The Ji Meixian sound is cold, she most is worried is this matter, before she had been encroached upon one time by Shen Xiang, although touches her body, but makes her harbor resentment now. „, You later are competent, must help me seek undergarment!” Ji Meixian also said that Shen Xiang discovered now, that undergarment is so precious to Ji Meixian unexpectedly, looks like she, not only to let that divine cloth is complete. That is my mother leaves my thing.” Ji Meixian sighed gently, the expression was somewhat sad.

Shen Xiang took that undergarment, has thrown directly: Takes away!” After Ji Meixian receives, was shocked, this unexpectedly continuously in the Shen Xiang hand, but why can't she induce? Also, her unexpectedly was played by Shen Xiang was so long, this air/Qi she gets angry stamps the lotus foot. You did not say that lost in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land?” Ji Meixian is inspecting that snow white undergarment carefully, any breakage, has not thought that initially Shen Xiang said lost time, really said with is the same, in her heart is angry. Deceives your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I was go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land really am a deep place, saw innumerable Lion Mountain, finally touched formation to be transmitted.” The Ji Meixian chest is bullying, the deep breath had been calmed down by oneself for a long time, if Shen Xiang is not her master, she had already gone all out with Shen Xiang, unexpectedly made her be worried was so long! This undergarment is important to me, I was almost worried every time cannot look, I have cried in the night repeatedly, your this young bastard......” Ji Meixian was saying was saying, unexpectedly cried. Shen Xiang touches the nose, is wiping her tears with hand: Do not cry, now wasn't looks?” That is also what kind, also didn't become your female slave?” Ji Meixian thinks at this time very no use, in heart that fills suffering from injustice well ups with the sad mood, making her unable to control, has cried sadly. Shen Xiang takes to give back to Ji Meixian that image crystal, after she sees, cried sadly, this was also the thing that she wants to seize all day, although now obtained, but the fate was more miserable.

At this moment, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou came out, they wear the same purple skirt, Su Meiyao is charming, is bringing threatening noble aura, the Bai Youyou elegantly beautiful and simple and beautiful makings, aloofs, when looks at Shen Xiang, that eyes brings to wipe gently, making her pair of beautiful pupil be similar to the two sending out warm pearls in iceberg. Ji Meixian stopped the sob, because she felt that incomparably familiar aura, she turns around to look that then saw past that two familiar face! You......” Ji Meixian hastily dries the tears, she does not want to let Ji Meixian and Bai Youyou sees her delicate side. Jade Immortal Woman, does not see for a long time, back then you repeatedly chased down us, has not thought that today will fall to this Banta place, the retribution!” Bai Youyou Li accommodates chilly, sound ice-cold, among character characters is bringing incomparable murderous aura, hated Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian took a deep breath, restored the past tranquility slightly: You were seriously injured, perhaps this wound is not ordinary Immortal Dan can cure!” In this moment, Ji Meixian has thought that she had guessed correctly, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou restoring hope strange trust of strength on Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang must arrive at that situation also to have the 1st Stage distance, but that is also only the issue of time, the potential that Shen Xiang demonstrates now, truly can achieve. little rascal, subdues this woman not to be very easy, was laborious you!” Su Meiyao arrives at side Shen Xiang tenderly with a smile, is pinching Shen Xiang that handsome face, very ambiguous is hugging, on the face unexpectedly full is the charming sweetness smiles, is in love likely young girl such. This made Ji Meixian look to stay, she has not thought of Su Meiyao and Shen Xiang's relationship, unexpectedly to this situation.