World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 879
Others politely call me for Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, Heavenly Dragon Seal is my work of pastime, the bird man but who must cope with your this type of belt wool actually had more than enough to spare.” Long Xueyi continues to boast, boasted does not need the qualification in any case, let alone her Imperial Dragon Clan inborn disagreed with Imperial Feather Clan. The Su Meiyao cannot help but chuckle gets up, Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring, frequently such is blowing playing, although this little girl is Imperial Dragon Clan purebred White Dragon, but actually does not respect their Old Ancestor, but also was fantasizing all day all steps on their Imperial Dragon Clan these Old Dragon in the under foot, series Dragon Clan, then becomes one generation of Dragon Emperor, it may be said that is ambitious. Here is very safe, Long Xueyi strength is not weak, she also leaves Hidden Jade Ring, appears in Ji Meixian at present. She wears a snow white long skirt, on that fine oval face full is the mischievous color, looks like very adorable, but if she is earnest, is actually very very beautiful moving, is having a flavor of arousing. Naturally, on her the most appealing place, besides that attractive small cheek, the chest that stands tall and erect, has the striking contrast with her small and exquisite physique, but also is very coordinated. White Dragon!” Ji Meixian immediately horizontal brow, retreat several steps, full is the hostility. Right I am sacred White Dragon, in the past I and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens fierce struggle three days three nights, was claimed the imperial throne by his skillful victory half move finally, but also was almost hit soul destroyed, when I wake up, unexpectedly passed the innumerable years, but Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die, is really the master is lonely!” Long Xueyi sighed gently. Shen Xiang has knocked maliciously her head: Do not install, the children do not believe you!” little rascal, this dragon, can you subdue her?” Long Xueyi feels to mumble. I have looked down on you, has Imperial Dragon Clan White Dragon in the side, no wonder you know that many things, but also understands Heavenly Dragon Seal, perhaps Imperial Dragon Clan many secret technique you grasped.” Ji Meixian looks at Long Xueyi, she stayed in Heaven World was very long, first time saw the Imperial Dragon Clan member, but status very noble White Dragon. That naturally, your Imperial Bird Clan was farther than my Imperial Dragon Clan difference.” Long Xueyi is in high spirits said.

Snort, I am not Imperial Feather Clan, do not contact together with Imperial Feather Clan me again!” Ji Meixian said. Now you are little rascal's female slave, if Imperial Bird Clan knows, definitely will come to rob you.” Long Xueyi hee happily said with a smile. Has made a mistake, the words that they know, will definitely massacre my, they cannot let their bloodlines by so the humiliation.” The Ji Meixian sound becomes cold, in eyes full is the color of resenting. Long Xueyi was not worried: Has to plant makes them come, in the future I and little rascal will collaborate, let alone Imperial Bird Clan, Imperial Dragon Clan these old fellow must be hit to lie by us, right rascal Great Emperor!” „Is this nonsense name when gives me to give?” Shen Xiang is pinching the tender meat on Long Xueyi cheek vigorously. Long Xueyi pats Shen Xiang's, to Ji Meixian earnestly said: You now opportunity and my this future unsurpassed Dragon Emperor will work together as colleagues, so long as you are willing to try hard, from now on I will certainly help you raising the Imperial Bird Clan bird nest, will seal you as unsurpassed Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor chief undying Golden Peng big female slave!” Front added makes the person compare to be interested, started to pull to behind randomly, Shen Xiang filled to her fruit directly, making this unsurpassed greedy emperor eat the fruit at the same time. Small greedy dragon natural disposition does not change, sees such good fruit, cannot bear is nipping in gulps, is gnawing while boasts, the words do not talk clearly. Finished eating, how told me to help her therapy quickly.” Shen Xiang rubs the Long Xueyi's cheek to ask. With your blood, or is Multiplying Pill, which do you choose?” Long Xueyi was saying, works loose Shen Xiang's to arrive at side Ji Meixian, is interested is transferring side Ji Meixian, but also is buying the Ji Meixian clothes, wants to have a look at that divine cloth.

Ji Meixian just started truly to be fooled by Long Xueyi, but now Long Xueyi in her eyes, is only mischievous little girl, especially that gluttonous appearance, looked like the child in adolescence a moment ago very much. However Long Xueyi said that was also the Imperial Feather Clan bird nest that in her heart has wanted to do raising, but that was very difficult to achieve, but if there is Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi help, in the near future, might achieve. You why in Mortal World?” A Su Meiyao hand places on the Chest of Ji Meixian, is investigating her injury, this makes her complexion dignified, Ji Meixian truly injures very much heavily. Was hit by Imperial Feather Clan expert, they want to kill me, because my great strength threatens them, at that time also more than ten your personal enemies got rid.” Ji Meixian mentioned this matter, the whole face scowl. She looks at Long Xueyi, asked: Your White Dragon status is not low in Imperial Dragon Clan, you why in Mortal World?” „Do I know? I guessed that is my parents possibly by the old undying persecution of Imperial Dragon Clan, therefore opens hole, abandons Mortal World me. In brief Imperial Dragon Clan Old Dragon is not the good thing, I sooner or later must extinguish them.” Long Xueyi also very much wants to know own life experience, but in the inheritance memory does not have. little rascal, you think that your new female slave good words a bit faster, or the bloodletting, either takes that Multiplying Pill.” Long Xueyi is also inspecting the Ji Meixian injury. Multiplying Pill is impossible to hand over, he does not have most grains now, he can only let blood. His blood restores quickly, puts many not to have relationship, he has put out a jade bottle, cuts open the wrist|skill with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, starts to emit his formidable blood. Because in has the blood of Jade Dragon, with the words of blood of fusion Ji Meixian these Phoenix, will make Ji Meixian restore quickly.

„After you injured, you will make you return to White Sea Sacred Realm to continue to stay, then helped me post a reward to deceive that 50 grains, now they estimated that can increase posts a reward.” Shen Xiang bloodletting while was saying, he smiled, said: Feng Family Life Returning Pill was unable to let off.” Ji Meixian knows that now Shen Xiang so was why cloudy, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are the experienced and careful hosts, some knowledge that in addition Long Xueyi provides, many old fellow must plant in his hands, but she is very difficult to understand that Shen Xiang has used any means that overnight kills over a hundred expert in Pill City, moreover many strengths far exceed his expert, die in the Shen Xiang hand. However she believes that later she will know quickly secretly, she completely has been controlled now by Shen Xiang, even if some secrets by her is known does not have anything. Drank, you such hated me, can drink my blood to be able to dispel anger.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ji Meixian borrowed, drinks one without hesitation greatly, she does not know that before why Long Xueyi lets her and Shen Xiang's blood, but she immediately understood now, Hundred Dragons Sacred Seal to the huge trauma that she creates, rapidly is restoring. Her drinks up that bottle of blood, the rapidness of speed restores, making her unreadable, the whole face looks at Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi inconceivable!