World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 880
Phoenix Bloodline and Shen Xiang's of Jade Dragon Bloodline Ji Meixian within the body has the same characteristics, both fuse together, produces the strange results. Ji Meixian drank the next vial, the injury well most probably, but she actually still did not ravel, why after drinking the Shen Xiang's blood, will restore such rapidness, she puzzled looks at Shen Xiang. The wound in the Shen Xiang wrist|skill letting blood healed, sees the Ji Meixian facial expression, he is very uncomfortable, he personally saw the woman who this hates his bone to inter the body to drink his blood a moment ago. You restored similarly, do not keep thinking about my blood again!” Shen Xiang said that actually he also wants to try to fuse the blood of Ji Meixian to have a look to have any effect. Ji Meixian the deep feeling fused the advantage of Shen Xiang blood a moment ago, the speed that type restores the injury, can call amazingly quick, if she can fuse that bloodlines of Shen Xiang within the body, her unmatched in the world, her bloodlines will be quite perhaps fiercer than Phoenix. If before, perhaps she will do everything possible to make to fuse the Shen Xiang's bloodlines, but now she is only Shen Xiang's female slave, simply does not have the opportunity, a Shen Xiang thought to make her live to might as well die, she does not dare to have evil reading to Shen Xiang. Knows the fierce that bloodlines fierce! Told you that is any bloodlines, that was Jade Dragon Bloodline is, is I to strengthen this little rascal's strength experiences thousand Xin Bang he to seek, so long as you mixed with me, later must have your advantage.” A Long Xueyi face said spiritedly. „, I obtain that Jade Dragon Bloodline not to have big relationship with you at the same time probably.” Shen Xiang despises visits her. That was my this unsurpassed Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor brings the ruler to transport the potential to you, made you obtain this type of fierce thing.” Long Xueyi said very proudly, probably really that matter.

Ji Meixian long implored the one breath, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has Jade Dragon Bloodline, although will be the day after tomorrow fuses, actually not the Phoenix Bloodline difference that she will be more inborn. If both fuse, will be definitely better. Small female slave, you , to obtain Jade Dragon Bloodline, very good means that are this little rascal double cultivation, many Imperial Dragon Clan female dragons want to obtain Jade Dragon Bloodline through this means that but Jade Dragon cannot have a liking for generally.” On Long Xueyi that beautiful face brings badly to smile. Snort!” Ji Meixian looked at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, cannot help but lets one's thoughts wander anything, Jade Dragon Legend she has also heard, if can obtain Jade Dragon Bloodline, truly will become more formidable, at least when the fight, will be injured can the fast self- repair. Hello, this has the matter of advantage to you, your Phoenix Bloodline can also pass to him in that way, but double cultivation many times can realize probably, when the time comes little rascal also had Phoenix Bloodline, this emperor can gain the strongest bloodlines from him directly, in addition my white dragon blood, Ha Ha...... I later certainly can become unsurpassed Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor.” Long Xueyi smiles tenderly. little pervy dragon, do not have a dream!” Shen Xiang is pinching her cheek. This does not have a dream, this truly can realize, words that does not believe that you can start now.” Long Xueyi did not abstain from that the matter in this aspect, she thought that this probably is eats meal equally normally. Ji Meixian that ice-cold jade face blushes slightly, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had been probably already used to this nerve big strip Little Dragon Girl, but sighed gently.

Was good, now returns to Pill City, first cheated White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family Life Returning Pill said again.” Shen Xiang looks at Ji Meixian saying: „After matter completes, I looked whether again the situation makes you continue to keep White Sea Sacred Realm.” Casual, my present life as one pleases, you do not decide.” On the Ji Meixian mouth said that but in the heart is not very actually willing to obey the Shen Xiang's arrangement, but she can only recognize. I do not have what sentiment to White Sea Sacred Realm, if not I am quite splendid in, was already pushed aside dead in inside, how you must make them how to make.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Is that good? You should better continue to keep White Sea Sacred Realm, after , you were formidable, after White Sea Sacred Realm you governed, makes me act in a self-serving manner.” Right, so long as dares the fellow with her Dean position, completely to wither them, making your small female slave Dean, White Sea Sacred Realm was also equal to is controlled by you.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang currently has this idea, Ji Meixian is his female slave, this sews the matter on board, but Ji Meixian does not dare to make the matter that betrays the master, she had been controlled by Shen Xiang completely. Hua Xiangyue and Dongfang Xinyue, although is his female slave, but Shen Xiang has not actually controlled them, does not have what restraint on that master and servant contract, is different from the Ji Meixian nature. I had this idea, if there are you secretly to assist me, I can cross from now on well in White Sea Sacred Realm.” For after Ji Meixian by oneself, feels better, she only then such does, but Shen Xiang's strength is truly big, is having the rich resources.

I know that your ultimate goal is to restore the strength, so long as and other brat arrive at that level, builds up that pill to come, three of us can restore in those days the peak strength, if you must practice your actually that strength now, not only requires very long time, will also encounter many hindrance.” Su Meiyao said. We meet Pill City first, as for swindling White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family Life Returning Pill matter, when I think that a sure card looks for you again.” Shen Xiang said that to let Ji Meixian can control White Sea Sacred Realm from now on, he cannot make Ji Meixian take risk. Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi entered in Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang brings Ji Meixian to arrive above, then opens Space Gate, arrives in Pill City outside mountain forest. A Ji Meixian person returned to Pill City, Shen Xiang has arranged outside Pill City, must swindle these Life Returning Pill successfully, he must come is good, for safety, he some prepare formation, in order to avoid found to besiege can escape fast. First causes Immortal's cave, then lets brings, the person who provides the clue White Sea Sacred Realm or the Feng Family person can obtain 50 grains of Life Returning Pill, so long as the clue can receive, this I must try to be good.” Shen Xiang decides to use the first method first, brings this Immortal's cave the person, had a look at Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm said that posted a reward the confidence level high. In order to let the person believes that Shen Xiang has arranged many formation in that Immortal's cave, these formation for him are the piece of cake, moreover lays aside some clothes that he changes and washes, some Dragon Force aura. Was good, first pit Feng Family! The White Sea Sacred Realm words, coordinate small female slave manages.” Shen Xiang leaves Immortal's cave, he planned that and other days goes again, because this Immortal's cave looked like too new.