World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 881
Shen Xiang is relaying in mountain forest, seeks for some rare and precious Demon Beast to hunt and kill, good on Demon Beast is the treasure, flesh and blood beast core is used for the alchemy drugs manufacture to be good. Is broken wild boar, the Shapeshift Demon Beast wool has not seen.” Shen Xiang just hunted and killed Profound Beast, regarding Nirvana Realm him, he lifts the hand to kill a head. When the Shen Xiang plan roasts the entire pig, Long Xueyi suddenly said: Several people approach, the strength is evidently good, moreover some body also Evil Demon aura.” Demon Territory and some Devil Territory many masters hide in Pill City, comes to that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. This is also good, if makes others know when the time comes I in this mountain scene forest, will deceive Feng Family will be quite also easy to make them believe.” In the Shen Xiang heart is calculating, then continues to process that wild boar, waits for these people to come. Long Xueyi's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration can induce to very far place, Shen Xiang has eaten wild boar of that Profound Beast rank now, that several person Evil Demon have not arrived, but actually very much approached. These fellows walk really slowly!” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said: They have caught a person probably.” Shen Xiang ate to the full, is resting on a tree, waits for that several Evil Demon to come. Before long, that several Evil Demon have discovered him, and very vigilant. This is several is long the man in monster beautiful, but they are also leading a 12 or 13-year-old adorable little girl, this little girl was quiet Palestine by the cloth wrapper, both hands above has the specially-made shackle, that adorable big eye full is the tears. This girl is humanity, this crowd of damn Evil Demon!” Shen Xiang is getting angry slightly.

This is five Wolf Demon! They can become such look like person, it seems like it is special, has not the low status in Demon Territory.” Long Xueyi said. After is the high man of head saw Shen Xiang, hastily puts out one to post a reward to make to contrast, more looks is more excited. This fellow is Shen Xiang!” The man said in a low voice carefully that then gave to several people have hit the meaningful glance. Catches him exactly, making him hand over that the blade, then throws him to White Sea Sacred Realm and or Feng Family received exchange for Life Returning Pill.” Is the man of head somewhat excitedly said. pills regarding Evil Demon and devil cultivator, has very big use, but their more deficient these things, because they do not understand alchemy, most only understood that disposes some liquid medicines. „”, Shen Xiang is backing on that tree suddenly turned into the dust, these Wolf Demon strengths are very strong, gets rid, can display so terrifying strength unexpectedly. Shen Xiang has not disguised to sleep now, fierce standing up, is taking a fast look around five soft and fair skin, Wolf Demon of appearance monster beautiful, is very difficult to make the person associate these to grow the wolf head person of fang them. „Is your this does do?” Shen Xiang coldly said. You are Shen Xiang is right! So long as holds you, can obtain 50 grains of Life Returning Pill, you said that we do want to do?” That is the man of head laughs. Shen Xiang double fist condense Suppressing Devil Holy Power this type is restraining Demon and Devil strength specially, but these Wolf Demon see him to revolt, actually sneers again and again, that look probably is looks at the fool to be the same.

You stupid humanity, you do not know that who our five people are?” And Wolf Demon said while loudly laughing, in hand is taking a blood-colored sickle, above full is frigid blood energy, this looks like the blade probably is general of blood refinement. I have not known, but you actually know that I am Shen Xiang is right? I had the fame more than you.” Shen Xiang unexpectedly has smiled. Ignorant, you inquired in Pill City that knows we are Blood Wolf Demon Clan Wolf King five, you fall to our hands , is also not injust!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: actually is the wolf son in same nest, no wonder such looks like. However your point does not have that makings of wolf, the reversed image is five mother Rabbit Demon disguise change appearance.” This joke is not funny, you insulted our Wolf King five, quite in insulting entire Blood Wolf Demon Clan, but looked, in you can receive in exchange for in 50 grains of Life Returning Pill shares, we will not massacre you, will give Feng Family you.” Is the man of head should be big brother, unexpectedly is very calm. „Is Blood Wolf Demon Clan very fierce? Is Blood Wolf King very strong? How haven't I heard?” Shen Xiang truly has not listened, but Blood Wolf King truly is very formidable existence, currently is very famous in Pill City, because that Blood Wolf King just cut to kill Qin Family two old antique, has enraged Qin Family. But this Blood Wolf King five, in Demon Territory are also the illustrious characters, has the pure blood wolf bloodlines, young crossed the fellows of Nirvana five tribulations, five people collaborated, these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven must defeat in their hands. Sees that side little girl? She is the Qin Family Patriarch youngest daughter, is we collaborates in Qin Family Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven hand snatches.” Wolf Demon very proudly said. Shen Xiang „”, had not been daunted by this slightly, his indifferently said: You are also mediocre, you are five people get rid, you do not know that I did extinguish Feng Family Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven? Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven was also killed by me.” I thought that I must kill your five wolf head strange and according to dying five ants am similar, but you could rest assured that I will not kill your, I will make you live going back, wails bitterly before your wolf Old Wang father.”

„Is your brain sick? You leave are too arrogant, you facing these anything nonsense Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, are only their strength are weak, our Blood Wolf Demon Clan does not pay attention to these weeds.” That big brother Wolf Demon indifferently said: Hands over your Immortal Blade to come, I happen to lack one to call weapon of hand.” Shen Xiang sighed: I truly want to put out my treasured sword to cope with you, but that treasured sword intelligential, it feared that your blood can smear it, said that anything is not willing to come out!” Dies!” The Wolf King five sub- brothers have gotten angry, a blade cuts to Shen Xiang, the blood red sickle chops, world as if suddenly red generally, fills red cruel blood energy, making the person as if place oneself with a blood-colored space. The blood-colored sickle chops a huge circular arc air/Qi blade edge, is bringing very terrifying strength, flies to dodge. Shen Xiang lowers the head to shunt the blood-colored circular arc that flies to dodge, sees only that blood-colored circular arc becomes greatly, the big tree grassy in forest equally cut off a big piece. These cut off trees, melt afterward slowly, turn into the blood fog to scatter in the forest, these tree roots are avoidless. These fellow really a little ways!” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly surprised, the monster evil air/Qi of opposite party is heavier, fears these Devil Subduing martial arts! Ha Ha...... Knew fiercely, on together!” In order to hold Shen Xiang, they cannot give a thought to that many, five brothers have revealed that type of scared blood-colored sickle. Shen Xiang has still not put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he thought that deals with this fellow, was enough with Suppressing Devil Mirror.