World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 882
Suppressing Devil Mirror is also a fierce wonderful treasure of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable refinement, Shen Xiang grasps in the hand, treasure mirror fast absorbs his condense Suppressing Devil Holy Power! Before he used Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi time, this Suppressing Devil Mirror was fierce, now uses Suppressing Devil Holy Power, the might was more terrifying. Vigorous Suppressing Devil Holy Power fierce impact in Suppressing Devil Mirror, but that Wolf King five sub- have divided innumerable [say / way] that type blood-colored air/Qi blade edge that in the distant place toward Shen Xiang is bringing evil looking strength. Shen Xiang stuffy snort|hum, Suppressing Devil Holy Power sends out a golden brilliance, covers on his body, these blood-colored air/Qi edges hit , on him, a use does not have. This makes that Wolf King five sub- very surprised, no person was hit by the strength of their this terrifying blood wolf, root hair does not have, even if some fierce old fellow, does not dare to stand there meets hardly, but Shen Xiang stands there calls them. Wolf King five sub- do not believe in evil doctrines, chops to make a debut saying that blood-colored air/Qi blade edge, the instant, everywhere blood-colored air/Qi blade edge is similar to the violent storm fires into Shen Xiang generally, covers sky over Shen Xiang, making people think that there is blood-colored Purgatory. The Shen Xiang body dodges golden red cloud suddenly, these air/Qi edges were given to wipe to extinguish by that sacred Suppressing Devil Holy Power immediately, complete vanish from sight. In his hand that Suppressing Devil Mirror golden light sparkles, that type of aura makes Wolf King five sub- think very scalding hot, that golden light shines on them, is makes them feel that own body was being fired probably is the same, very pain. This Suppressing Devil Mirror, this Wolf King five sub- have the so big lethality, if he offers a sacrifice to that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, can die this Wolf King five sub- towns while still alive? That Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal is he copes with Demon and Devil trump card, he has not wanted to make others know now, moreover copes with this Wolf King five, cannot use that supreme treasure. Hehe, you did not say a moment ago are one very fierce?” Shen Xiang is taking Suppressing Devil Mirror, five sub- walks toward Wolf King, in the hand treasure mirror golden red cloud four shoot, the whole body is winding around golden splendor, is similar to subdue demons Subduing Devil Heavenly God is ordinary. What thing is this?...... Walks quickly!”

„To walk?” Shen Xiang sneers, stimulates to movement Suppressing Devil Mirror, projects together golden light, turns into a golden string, five sub- gave to tie up this Wolf King completely. Afterward he uses Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, makes several fist, lives in the strength complete seals in Wolf King five subfield. Bastard...... unexpectedly copes with us with such fierce Devil Subduing martial arts!” Wolf King five sub- lie down in ground completely, by one golden air/Qi suppressing. Let alone Suppressing Devil Holy Power, even if Suppressing Devil Qi Formation that Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi releases, has very strong lethality to these Demon and Devil. Shen Xiang laughs: You do not know that I already did learn tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy? If I use on you, does not know that will be what kind of?” He said that but actually really does now, fights with the fists in that big brother on shoulder. pā pā pā pā pā pā......” ten crack erupt, the Wolf King five sub- big brother that arms, turned into the golden dust along with that explosive a moment ago. Hehe, do I also think you fiercely? Also mediocre!” Shen Xiang jokes, seeing his whole face to be mean, the Wolf King five sub- whole bodies tremble. Shen Xiang has put out many household utensils, then starts to give this Wolf King five sub- bloodletting. I want to look for some fierce Demon Beast blood to come alchemy here, but I looked had not found for a long time, but you actually delivered, my luck also really good! The blood of Blood Wolf Demon Clan, should be very good.” Shen Xiang smilingly was saying. My king will not let off your!”

That is also the later matter, the personal enemy who I annoy are more, does not miss your wolf head fathers.” Shen Xiang has drained blood of Wolf Demon. Then continues to extract other four, after pulling out, he also takes these Evil Demon demon core, that is equal to the dantian of humanity, inside energy is purest. You...... Our Blood Wolf Demon Clan will certainly not let off your, you have destroyed us!” The Wolf King five sub- sounds are full of the dreadful hatred, their demon core were taken, to restore the strength, only then from new practice. Feeds, do not forget are you annoy first my, but you had underestimated my strength, will end up to turn out so is out, if I fall to your hands , the fate is possibly more miserable than you, right!” Shen Xiang said with a smile that then walks toward that little girl of not far away. This little girl was crying, but she at this time by the Shen Xiang's method daunting, her had witnessed this Wolf King five sub- to be formidable before, the forcing their Qin Family many masters, then turn her, wants to coerce Qin Family with her. little girl, do you name?” Shen Xiang has put this little girl. Qin Kerou!” The little girls said timidly that she is afraid Shen Xiang , the Shen Xiang's evil reputation she also has to hear, the one person alone cuts Son of Heaven, kills the Daughter of Heaven ruthless fellow, moreover most does not fear is these ancient influence. I deliver you to go back, next time may probably be careful, do not run all over the place!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Um, thanks the brother!” Qin Kerou is 11 or 12-year-old, she was seized has scared, now is saved, she is very certainly happy, although saves her person is big Evil Devil in Legend, but she sees Shen Xiang after at this time me, thinks with the hearsay in not like, she thought that Shen Xiang is a big good person. Do not be afraid, I am a good person!” Shen Xiang smiles gently, sees not likely a good person, moreover said generally one are the fellow of good person, is not the good bird. He is drawing this adorable pure little girl, went out of this to fill the bloody place.

That Wolf King five sub- had not died, their fleshly body are very strong, moreover strength that restores also a little, after a period of time they can stand, but they did not have strength. Went out of mountain forest, Shen Xiang has met the Qin Family person, that Qin Family Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, they saw Shen Xiang to draw Qin Kerou, complexion big change! Shen Xiang has let loose the Qin Kerou small hands, making her return to the side of oneself clansman, but he was actually surrounded by the Qin Family person. I remember that my Qin Family does not have no enmity. If you also imagine Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm such treat me, I accompany absolutely!” Shen Xiang is very calm at this time, although surrounds his person to have several old man, but he actually did not fear. Is he saves me from the Wolf King five sub- hands.” Qin Kerou hurriedly said: Do not catch him, he is a good person!” Also asked Young Master Shen to follow us, you saved us to soften the young lady, we should repay well.” A micro fat middle age said like this, but his manner is not such friendly. Shen Xiang rescued Qin Kerou, this was Qin Kerou said that was not definitely false. Before Qin Kerou, by Wolf King five sub- seizing, Qin Family was extremely worried that Qin Family Patriarch has caught up, but also set out several old undying, now many Qin Family people are also searching for in mountain forest. Considers as finished, this is the slight effort, that Wolf King five sub- provoke me in first, I have abandoned them, then rescues this little girl conveniently, does not need to repay my.” Shen Xiang waved saying that wants to leave. But the Qin Family person has not actually made way, still gathers round him.