World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 883
Shen Xiang gets angry slightly, he was rescuing has gotten down the Qin Family Patriarch youngest daughter, but these Qin Family old fellow unexpectedly so treat him now, unexpectedly wants to catch him! He in these old fellow eyes is together the treasure, his body has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and that fierce Immortal Blade, moreover gives Feng Family or White Sea Sacred Realm, but can also obtain 50 grains of Life Returning Pill, can they put Shen Xiang? Said that anything must leave behind Shen Xiang. But Shen Xiang must walk, he may plan to Feng Family Life Returning Pill cheat, cannot be delayed. Elder sister, why doesn't ask him to leave?” Qin Kerou was inquiring Qin Yao low voice, but all people can hear. At this time is the child, can see that several gather round a Shen Xiang's Qin Family expert face hostility. Qin Yao had not replied that Qin Family such does is very improper, if passes on, definitely will affect their reputations. Puts him to walk quickly, was he has saved me.” Qin Kerou loud voice shouted that she knows that several old man strength was very strong, she somewhat worried that and other will erupt the conflict. You cannot be so ungrateful!” Qin Kerou somewhat angry, wrinkled delicate eyebrows to shout tenderly that this makes these expert one blush. Shen Xiang sneers wear a look, double fist is gripping tightly, prepares momentarily great war: You, if thinks that fight comes, your Heavenspan Family are the jackals from the same lair, makes such matter is also very normal, not?” Snort, you walk!” Elder coldly snorted, has let. Elder sister, others take risk to save me, why the elder must such to him, the grandfather not teach us saying that has the graciousness to report? Did not give the reward, but also wants to catch him to trade Life Returning Pill...... our Qin Family elder such to lack Life Returning Pill?” Qin Kerou holds the hand of Qin Yao to whisper low voice.

50 grains of Life Returning Pill, are very valuable, but Shen Xiang's Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and that the blade, lets the thing that these old fellow most drool. Shen Xiang swaggering walked, but he has not relaxed vigilantly, although Qin Kerou naive pure, but these old fellow are not, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family was shameless he already the experience to cross, he thought where this Qin Family and they could not miss to go, before Qin Family Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven want to his fight. The Immortal Blade attraction was too big, can many person reckless robbing. Shen Xiang has walked into the forest, old man has hit a meaningful glance to two old man, then hints Qin Yao to carry off Qin Kerou! Qin Yao slightly frowned, she is Qin Family Daughter of Heaven, is the Qin Family Patriarch daughter, later will perhaps inherit that position, but Qin Family Son of Heaven is her male cousin, these old man are the Qin Family Son of Heaven people. Fellow elders, do this not too proper!” Qin Yao before sees Shen Xiang savage cuts to kill Feng Family Daughter of Heaven, after deciding does not provoke Shen Xiang, she understands goal that now why Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven must vigorously and Shen Xiang becomes friends with, but is Mu Jialan has not made the impression to Shen Xiang now, because Shen Xiang has despised these ancient influence. This matter you do not need to pay attention, you led her to go back that's alright, all consequences were under the charge to us, Shen Xiang must hold!” Qin Meng coldly said, takes Shen Xiang, wins Immortal Blade, can consolidate him in the Qin Family status, his clear Qin Yao strength is not weaker than him . Moreover the current Qin Family Patriarch daughter, later became the Patriarch possibility compared with him mostly. „Did you why let go him a moment ago?” Qin Yao sneers. Qin Kerou this adorable attractive little girl, correct use a look of loathing looks at present these people at this time: You five sub- are more hateful than Wolf King, I later again also paid no attention to you, you did not match to have the Qin Family bloodlines!” Qin Yao is drawing the Qin Kerou small hands, sighed gently: May soften, we walk, go back to tell the father to make them a bit faster prevent.”

Qin Meng no longer pays attention to Qin Yao they, enters the forest with several old man, tags along after Shen Xiang, they know that this matter will certainly not pass on, because Qin Family Patriarch this will not harm the Qin Family honor the matter to pass on. This group of bastards really pursued, Qin Yao this young girl was sincere, wants to receive her for my female slave.” Shen Xiang hides in a big tree, witnessed a moment ago their talk with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. These ancient influence inside manipulating strategically are really rich, but this can have the ruthless person, how otherwise can blow a big influence?” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly: female slave should not be too many, had Ji Meixian to suffice, but your this little rascal receives female slave in name, actually a lot of dirty tricks.” Undeserved, my true female slave has Ji Meixian, Little Flower and Xinyue are voluntary, moreover do you look at them to look like the female slave appearance?” Shen Xiang was saying, while puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow. After this Demanding Life Devil Bow collaborates to refine by Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, along with the Shen Xiang's strength promotion, in addition that lets Devil Decaying Death Qi that three realms is panic at the news, turned into Demanding Life Devil Bow that is worthy of the reputation. His light vehicle route ripe urges to send out to include the Devil Decaying Death Qi crossbow arrow, his within the body Devil Decaying Death Qi of compression, wants such one wisp each time, can kill the person, suffices him to use to be very long, moreover he also planned that has the time to go to Demon and Devil heavenly pit again, collection are many some Devil Decaying Death Qi. Young animal? The aura here, where did the person run?” old man looked that footprint suddenly of tread vanished, observes the situation eight sides, wants to seek for the Shen Xiang's trail. Shen Xiang intentionally leaves behind the aura to take the bait there, lets five old man and that Qin Meng pursues. Shen Xiang year to year becomes a fugitive, had been chased down by expert repeatedly, but can run away each time successfully, fellow elders must be careful!” Qin Meng said dignifiedly. These elders asked for advice the Shen Xiang excellent absconding technique at this time.

These fellows, if listens to that little girl, will not die, from behaving badly cannot live.” Shen Xiang deeply attracts air/Qi, locks that six people in mountain forest, urges round of Demanding Life Devil Bow. „!” Six black air/Qi arrows, are bringing Devil Decaying Death Qi, such as light generally flies to shoot, half suddenly, has hit that six people of body, but has not passed through, because on them has fierce protecting body treasure armor, but after Devil Decaying Death Qi exhibits, turns into colorless light breeze, from their skins, the nostril enters in their bodies! These six people realized that some people sneak attack, immediately True Qi of revolution within the body, True Qi moves, Devil Decaying Death Qi devour True Qi, expands the toxin immediately, spreads instantaneously in the bodies of these people. The Qin Family people are the master, quick discovered that in the body has the difference, after an investigation, in abundance complexion big change, because they detected themselves in a very fierce toxin! At this time they cannot control that many, immediately revolution within the body massive True Qi suppress the toxin, meanwhile must avoid True Qi by toxin devour. They put out high level Detoxification Dan to take, but a use does not have, instead also makes these toxins stronger. Is Devil Decaying Death Qi, Shen Xiang you with the world three realms fight, you must be chased down by Nine Heavens and Ten Earths sooner or later.” A old man sound brings shivering, the whole body to break into sweat.