World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 884
Devil Decaying Death Qi is Primordial Strange Poison, their these can ancient influence not know? They know that they died! They also understand, why that many expert and to Shen Xiang fight time, dies bewilderedly, actually Shen Xiang can control Devil Decaying Death Qi! Thinks of this, on these expert faces is also full is frightened, to resist this Devil Decaying Death Qi also to run away, at least must have the Immortal strength. Otherwise once is poisoned, has allowed to be oppressed, in situation, abuses the True Qi fate to have one, the death! The Shen Xiang face darken like the water, walked slowly: I , if not use this thing self-preservation, my fate also only then, dies!” Reason that I such do, is you compels my, I and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, but also saves your Qin Family person, but you actually want to seize me, wins my Immortal Blade! Trades to do is you, you definitely also reckless will revolt, right!” We want to ask you to go to Qin Family to be a guest, you actually......” Shen Xiang is angry, moves sideways, blew a that Qin Meng palm of the hand maliciously, the tooth is patted several: You spoke outside a moment ago, father hears clear, do not want to feign ignorance before me!” That little girl said well, you are one group of ungrateful fellows, with that Wolf King five sub- is the same goods! You did not give me the reward, but also wants to catch me?” Shen Xiang was saying, has blown a old man palm of the hand maliciously, these people are similar to the puppet are now same, can only look helplessly the Shen Xiang's palm of the hand pulls out, cannot hit back. Shen Xiang, you die certainly like a dog, with such despicable method......” „”

Shen Xiang uses Devil Subduing Energy, has slapped a that old man face maliciously, hit the bone on that old man face to cave. old son of a bitch, you also dare to be despicable at my surface premise, I have rescued that little girl, you did not thank, but also set out these many cultivation base to catch me the person who I was more formidable, your his mother's unexpectedly also felt all right with me raises despicably, words that you were not concerned about face, I helped you pull out rottenly!” Shen Xiang double holds simultaneously fly, uses Devil Subduing Energy, pā pā...... Brushes the shamelessness of that old man crazily, hits the whole piece face flesh and blood flying in all directions completely, the five senses pushes together, horrible to look, looks makes other people have a lingering fear. They soon died, but also receives so deeply grieved suffering, after dying, will turn into the rotten meat by Devil Decaying Death Qi, they have died like a dog now! Refuses stubbornly fearfully, but such cause of death, makes them frightened! But their actually nobody dares to revolt, otherwise Devil Decaying Death Qi in within the body will immediately erupt, will die when the time comes, no matter what dies, but they actually rather barely manage to maintain a feeble existence lives time, they are hoping presents the miracle! „The Qin Family person came, a bit faster fight!” Long Xueyi was reminding Shen Xiang, to guarantee Shen Xiang uses the Devil Decaying Death Qi matter not to be discovered that she displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, covered the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km), some people stepped into, let Shen Xiang fight. Shen Xiang executes anything, first wipes to extinguish their souls, then releases the intense flame, a palm makes into the powder them, finally again remaining Devil Decaying Death Qi inspiration body in! This time he has not cut persons head of these people, he does not plan and Qin Family becomes enemies, if Qin Family Patriarch read, in he has rescued in the Qin Kerou share, later no longer had his idea, he later did not need to be worried about Qin Family again.

Although these people were missing to suspect his head, but he refused stubbornly to acknowledge that after all Wolf King five sub- were discarded by him here, Blood Wolf Demon Clan expert arrived here is also very normal matter. Shen Xiang presented the matter in this forest, quick passes to Pill City to go, does not know that is who passed on, said that he rescued Qin Kerou, but also discarded that wild Wolf King five, now is being brought troop Blood Wolf Demon Clan expert to chase down by Blood Wolf King in the forest. Shen Xiang is really fearless, that Blood Wolf King strength is the terror, it is said is Demon Territory can standing in line number expert, just cut to kill two Qin Family old antique a while ago, now Shen Xiang cramps to skin his five sons, takes importantly the assigns demon core, this Blood Wolf King estimate was insane.” This Shen Xiang's strength was also too terrifying, that is Wolf King five, these five wolves collaborated, crossed Nirvana Realm of eight tribulations to want the headache, unexpectedly was given to take demon core by others, then crawled like don't hit a person when he's down!” Is Shen Xiang puts them to walk very much obviously intentionally, this has clarified in provocative Blood Wolf Demon Clan, does not know that Blood Wolf Demon Clan can go to Extreme Martial Sect to pick a quarrel? When the time comes if enrages the Huang Jintian's words, is a good play!” In Pill City has blasted out the pot, because Wolf King five sub- were really too famous, before heard that they caused many matters to come in the east, ancient influence that was just born by their Blood Wolf Demon Clan conquering by killing. Blood Wolf Demon Clan unexpectedly is also one of the ancient Demon Clan, that wolf blood in within the body is formidable, moreover they promote strength through the bloodthirsty, but for many years, Blood Wolf Demon Clan had not been destroyed completely in Demon Territory, obviously its survivability how formidable. On tall tower, Madame Peach Blossom, maturity rhyme beautiful, graceful bearing remarkable makings woman Yao Shumei is listening to the avenue some people's discussions, sighed gently: It seems like must find Shen Xiang to be very difficult, he has angered Blood Wolf King, definitely will not appear in a short time.” „Does mother, you plan to handle Shen Xiang this matter? He killed Jing Xingliang, Great Elder will not have given up, that was his grandson.” Mu Jialan stands in Yao Shumei behind, two people put on to embroider the Peach Blossom white long skirt.

They look like likely are not mother and daughter, looks like one pair to have the graceful bearing sisters respectively, this stands together to outstandingly beautiful mother and daughter, appears very conspicuous. Has not known that I must ask him to discuss is good, in Ancient Spirit Earth, he lent a hand to help me, is one the person who is worth becoming friends with, was now well-known for the consequence of enemy with him, but these ancient influence will not give up!” Yao Shumei looks at the sky of distant place, sound brings to wipe sadly: Now many ancient influence confirmed that his the blade is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in transmission!” Mu Jialan has tarried immediately, is opening the small mouth, is astonished! Of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade antique five big Divine Weapon, it is said are the Azure Dragon help refines!” Mu Jialan deeply attracted several tones, Shen Xiang unexpectedly grasped this heaven defying thing, she can see Shen Xiang shortly after by the situation that major ancient influence chased down. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, perhaps Demon Territory and Devil Territory most want to obtain, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, with this Divine Blade, forcing Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, opened tenth day, at that time lost seriously is Demon and Devil!” Yao Shumei stands before the window, light breeze is stimulating to movement her long hair, she now is the Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's being in power person, she must decide whether agrees to arrest Shen Xiang, robs Divine Blade this matter! Li Renshan grasps Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this was a past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unify heaven and earth thing, Li Renshan is missing, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appeared, accumulation old fellow here did not have came in vain, the Shen Xiang present trouble is very big!” Mu Jialan tightens the delicate eyebrows, although Shen Xiang threatened that must receive her is female slave, but she actually cannot help but is worried about Shen Xiang now.