World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 885
Shen Xiang hides in that mountain scene forest, he has not known that own Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade origin is very big, is not only related with Azure Dragon, unexpectedly is related with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Xiong dominated Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Divine Weapon in the past! Long Xueyi displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to distant place more than 700 li (0.5km) Pill City, seeks for Ji Meixian, because Shen Xiang has prepared, can make Ji Meixian look for Feng Family to deceive. Ji Meixian still lives in that turret, as soon as she contacts Long Xueyi's Divine Sense, responded on hastily: Makes Shen Xiang hide to be better, do not implement that to deceive the plan of Life Returning Pill again, will have again several hundred ancient influence Big Shot to go to that mountain scene forest to look for him shortly afterward, Devil Territory and Demon Territory expert will also come, the person who these time comes compared with Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that time many!” Ah? why? Shen Xiang was oppressive several small wolves, was Blood Wolf Demon Clan so fierce?” Long Xueyi is puzzled. Because of that matter, because of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, that was not the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens past years has caused using, with Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique was the same thing, the Demon and Devil two territories was worried after falling to the human expert hand, has the huge harm to them, therefore they came to take then the blade the seal to get up.” Ji Meixian hastily answered, then also urges: Makes him a bit faster hide!” Long Xueyi passed on to Shen Xiang immediately. Your younger sister, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade unexpectedly and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens pulled relationship, then troubled!” Shen Xiang walks back and forth in the cave: Has relationship not to be good with whom, must with the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens entanglement, trouble in a big way......” On the same day because Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique appears, Pill City converges massive ancient influence expert, these time perhaps compared with that time shock, monster Devil Territory came. Small female slave, you pass on the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter, should better make the Human, Devil and Demon three territories know that the person are more is more chaotic, I can better to fish in troubled water, then tell them the Immemorial Sacred Land matter, believes that these ancient influence have the means to go, making Big Brother Lan cope with them!” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of a drop: Best is makes them know that my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is related with Immemorial Sacred Land.”

Shen Xiang obtained Divine Blade in the past time, had the conflict with Beast Martial Sect, this matter can look up, therefore cannot say that was Immemorial Sacred Land found. Snort!” Ji Meixian does not adapt to small female slave this name very: How you must make them believe that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Immemorial Sacred Land have relationship, how will they believe existence of Immemorial Sacred Land?” This does not need to be worried, if the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter were confirmed that many people believe that these rumors, when the time comes I will direct them to enter Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, seeks for Immemorial Sacred Land. About the Immemorial Sacred Land matter, after waiting for story circulate of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, you spread again.” Shen Xiang had planned that makes Immemorial Sacred Land lively, but this cannot make Lan Cang know, otherwise this blue big brother Dragon will peel him exactly. Immemorial Sacred Land deep place, danger(ous) heavily, before Lan Cang, has said that even if he by the seal, is not dared to go at will, on the same day old fellow of his seal, has not come out. Shen Xiang planned that introduces Immemorial Sacred Land the person who this crowd has his idea, he starts to arrange something, specifically is used to tempt these ancient influence expert. More than double-hour pass by, he puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, goes to that city near Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea. Cheats the plan of Life Returning Pill to stop temporarily, later will have more influences, no matter what I deceive, moreover is many posting a reward.” Shen Xiang laughed, puts out Heaven's Crown Gate to open Space Gate, arrives at a city near Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea. If he has the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter to spread, his posting a reward will raise surely!

He just walked two double-hour, came a troop person, blots out the sky, is similar to the locust is ordinary, is not only the ancient influence person, joins in the fun in the fellows who in Pill City mixes, they hug are walking the mentality that dogshit transports to come, they hope for in great war, Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade flies, was picked by them. This group of people arrive, that mountain forest became like is just by Ba Guangmao the chicken, verdant mountain forest, turns into wild earth now, they have also discovered that cave of Shen Xiang careful arrangement. But inside also has the torn into shreds slip of paper, the words that pastes, can see is a map, was describing since time immemorial the spirit pattern paper with one, because described somewhat roughly, was torn up, what was not difficult to see on that map to describe was Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea. Immemorial Sacred Land was the past 10th-layer Heaven center, did he go to there to do? These spirit pattern look like compared with our ancient much, is on his blade?” old man knits the brows saying that this came from the ancient influence spirit pattern grandmaster. Well? These probably are not spirit pattern, but is the spirit character! The fusion of spirit pattern and character, this......” this spirit pattern grandmaster that pair of old eyes stares immediately perfectly round, both hands shiver the plate that to piece together the good paper. Old Huo, what information have these do spirit pattern to background?” A middle-aged hastily inquiry said. At this time many expert gather round this old man, waits for his answer. This is really the spirit character, is one type can produce formidable strength special spirit pattern, meanwhile can record the thing, I must have a look carefully, knows that what writes? Is very likely the news that on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade keeps, this spirit character is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that time.” That Old Huo carefully looks. These truly were called spirit character, is the same day Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue comes out from that Refiners Scroll inside spirit pattern formation solve, above indicated the Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center to have the thing.

Shen Xiang stays behind aims at the Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center, does not have in Immemorial Sacred Land the detailed content, but this foot made these old fellow begin to have suspicions. Ji Meixian also followed, is she quietly emits to disclose the news, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this matter major ancient influence were better to keep secret, only then they compete, but actually entire Pill City knew now, not long, can spread over this stretch of newborn earth. I had investigated some Shen Xiang's matters, he had gone to Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, moreover at that time he also obtained Space Elemental Bead, I remember that also has Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er with him, Dongfang Xinyue the severe wound, he had given back to Dongfang Xinyue grain of Multiplying Pill at that time.” old man said that this person Dongfang Lingyun, is Shen Xiang at the matter that day handled, making him bring ruin and shame upon oneself. This Immemorial Sacred Land I have gone one time, but there middle has a forest, hides Mysterious Realm.” A person said. The Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center is Immemorial Sacred Land, Legend is this, but nobody knows the accurate matter. In the Ji Meixian heart sighed lightly, she knew many expert here, once entered that mysterious Immemorial Sacred Land, will have most dies in inside, especially just entered, that Lan Cang estimate must kill their big piece. The strength of that blue dragon, she used her spirit awareness induction to obtain before, that truly was one by the seal strength fearful big dragon.