World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 886
Before, knew that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade person are not many, therefore Shen Xiang continuously unscrupulous use. Let alone Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, Long Xueyi do not know that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in that Legend is related, now was dug up this matter to come, making Shen Xiang invite trouble. Shen Xiang arrives at outside Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea that city, seeks for the industry of White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family, their industries here are mainly recycling precious Demon Beast material, or is some refiner set up formation materials, these things specially are many in Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea. He arrived here, loots White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family these shops completely, making this matter spread, then coordinates Ji Meixian to circulate some rumors, these old fellow definitely think that he must go to Immemorial Sacred Land. Depending on that crowd of ancient influence old undying, must open Space Gate not to be difficult in Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea. Big Brother Lan, thinks that you fused Thunder Spirit, unties the seal, restored strength! My this delivers some people to go to you practices acquiring a skill.” Shen Xiang hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang is not small in the noise that city makes, White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family were famous very influence, Shen Xiang have killed their Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven, unexpectedly have not let off them, still retaliated them, loots two big shops. However this in these old fellow eyes is actually not this, thing that Shen Xiang robs, is related with the arrangement. ancient influence expert also gathers in Pill City, has not gone to Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, they must confirm something, luckily King Continent's ancient influence, Human King Clan here! Ji Meixian said the rumor at this time, said that Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea was a space weak point, can enter mysterious Sacred Realm, had a fierce blue dragon protection in that Shen Xiang once repeatedly went, but was the severe wound turns over to each time...... The rumor that she puts is half real , half fake, doubtful, but these ancient influence expert, are waiting for the answer of Human King Clan, if Immemorial Sacred Land exists, then they will certainly find out.

Just started Human King Clan to deny flatly, but afterward they worried that these old fellow will investigate rashly, therefore also changed a statement, acknowledged that the Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center truly was a space weak point, can open a space gap from there very much with ease, entered that mysterious Immemorial Sacred Land. Has anything as for Immemorial Sacred Land, Human King Clan does not know that they acknowledged that to tell these expert, inside is greatly ominous place, enters the Immemorial Sacred Land deep place, is a narrow escape, since has been eternal, many unusual expert go, but has not come out. However is this, more is makes these old fellow curious, especially their this ancient influence people. Immemorial Sacred Land once was 10th-layer Heaven center mysterious place, the antique time, 10th-layer Heaven does not know that because of any reason, caused the separation, but this King Continent's land was actually biggest. Shen Xiang hides in the city, the person who feels a big wave big wave uses formidable ancient Teleportation Formation, carries on the unidirectional transmission, arrives in this city. The goal has been achieved, he does not dare to stay in this city is too long, leaves quietly, with these anything where if these ancient influence push spreads out the technique and so on thing to figure out him, he has troubled, therefore be far away to wonderfully. Late at night, although Pill City rains, but the street still is very lively, after Shen Xiang accumulation old fellow here deceives into Immemorial Sacred Land, fast returns to here. Ji Meixian had rested, but actually suddenly induces appears to Shen Xiang in the city . Moreover the place that is at toward her dares to come, she reorganizes the good clothes immediately, waits for the master to arrive. Shen Xiang turns into a black butterfly, flies into from the window, again changes the human form. This, looks in the Ji Meixian heart secretly to be startled, now she understands why Shen Xiang always mysteriously appeared and disappeared, this ability is truly wise, her suddenly has remembered anything. Transformation Technique, this is one of the Imperial Dragon Clan Divine Ability, your unexpectedly meeting!” Ji Meixian suddenly has thought some fearful matter, has about the Divine Dao aspect.

Only then cultivates the magic power person, can use Transformation Technique, she had heard in Imperial Feather Clan. My attractive small female slave, you must shout me for the master!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In the Ji Meixian heart is not feeling well very much, good and bad she is also Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's elder, but is actually bullied so the situation by little rascal now. Yes, master!” Ji Meixian coordinates, she has established the servant contract with Shen Xiang in any case. Here is not speech place, walks!” Shen Xiang brings Ji Meixian to leave Pill City in the dark night, arrives at outside the city in several hundred li (0.5km) far mountain. I planned to swindle Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm Life Returning Pill, but now this situation is very difficult to go well, once they know that my whereabouts, is these Immortal gets rid surely!” Shen Xiang said. This is natural, in White Sea Sacred Realm on hideaway ten Nirvana great accomplishment, becomes Immortal, goes to Immemorial Sacred Land to have two.” The Ji Meixian nod said: You hide a period of time to be best.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, he must hide, nobody can find him, even if knows where he hides, nobody dares to look for him. Now he considers is not this issue, he has not been afraid is chased down by that crowd of person ancient influence expert, he wants to promote the strength as soon as possible, first collected uneven that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to say again that he studies a Earth Slaughtering Technique superficial knowledge now, but actually benefitted greatly.

Having told about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique matter, said the key point.” Shen Xiang wants to understand well that then goes to Emperor's Tomb. I did not know when Heaven World in the past too, but White Sea Sacred Realm is ancient influence, now I had determined that here was past 10th-layer Heaven, dominated above Nine Heavens. 10th-layer Heaven was also called Emperor Heaven, King Continent is the Emperor Heaven center, Immemorial Sacred Land inside should be the place that past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens lived.” Shen Xiang is listening, while ponders, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens time, burial place unexpectedly in very far Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, but before death the institute of housing, is actually Immemorial Sacred Land. I thought that Immemorial Sacred Land should be Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is connected, but in that is very big.” Ji Meixian then said: How Great Emperor of Ten Heavens dies, after dying, had anything to cause Emperor Heaven to be stave, this has not recorded, historically once had big Duan Kong to be white.” „The meaning of Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, is the present hopefully becomes this newborn Lord of Emperor Heaven, but now looks like, from now on this piece of Great Emperor master perhaps will not be they, their Great Emperor of Ten Heavens thing will not have, but master you...... Actually two.” In the Ji Meixian heart looking pensive, Shen Xiang truly is a dragon amongst men, her suddenly thinks that Shen Xiang might from now on becomes new Lord of Emperor Heaven, rules Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, inherits the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens imperial undertaking!