World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 888
In ancient forest of Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center, is gathering several hundred expert, the first batch have 50 people, but goes in does not have any response for a long time. In these expert also has Human King Clan, Blue Blood Clan and Wu Family have expert to come, they must enter Immemorial Sacred Land actually, but persuaded more people not to go. However most expert do not listen, if confirmed that in has Immemorial Sacred Land to exist, they said that anything must go in finds out, that was Great Emperor of Ten Heavens once lived in 20,000 years of place, definitely will leave behind many good things. The people waited for that three double-hour, have still not responded, the people could not wait, collaborates to open together Space Gate once more, can see a peaceful forest by that gate, inside really has a stretch of broad world. Also hundred people go , after half double-hour, finally had the response! They through secret method, the penetration space subpoenaed, unexpectedly was a pass on message of praying for rescue. People hastily opens space passage, all people alert, space passage opens, the big piece of bloody people fly, unexpectedly was thrown! Altogether 150 people, completely were a moment ago the first second batch person, many, whole body covered with blood, everyone is seriously injured, and nobody died. Their scars alarmed, seems like damaged from the body outward. This is terrifying shake strength, shakes to the human body, from inside to outside shakes again!” old man complexion is very unattractive: Evidently they by person instantaneous severe wound!” Is the sound wave and so on shake, the interior of their ear damage completely.” These bloody people, each bruised and lacerated, blood flowing from every orifice, these people may be these ancient influence inside expert, but actually so collapses at the first blow at this time. Is the dragon...... Inside one day very fierce blue color big dragon......” has a quite formidable middle-aged person to restore quite quickly, had the strength of speech, but just said that and has fainted.

Lan Cang took an afternoon nap in inside, actually suddenly rushes troop person loud voice to shout, he exchanges from Shen Xiang there to Thunder Spirit Fruit, fuses Thunder Spirit to eradicate the seal, obtains actually that formidable strength once more, therefore he does not plan and this flock of small ants lowers oneself to the same level at present, but makes them do not quarrel loud voice. But who knows that this crowd of old fellow see him to come, unexpectedly discovered that he is a dragon, but also shouts must put his dragon blood, pulls out his dragon scales, pulls out his dragon tendon, takes his Dragon Pearl to come alchemy anything, after he hears, how could not to get angry, turns into the giant blue dragon, roared several to shake this crowd of old fellow is off their feet, blood flowing from every orifice, covered with blood. However just fell asleep in him shortly, also there are more people to brave, sees his time, is the same with the beforehand these fellows, is thinking must peel him exactly, then he follows a set pattern, counterattacks with the angry dragon roar sound...... Oh, has not thought that will have such formidable a dragon to defend there!” Eats up high level pill, restores rapid old man to say with a sigh. Then Shen Xiang this brat? Can he avoid this dragon?” Middle-aged doubts asked. That old man shakes the head saying: This dragon was very temperate, but...... Some people have the idea of this dragon, wants to this dragon cramp Bao Lin, to anger this dragon finally.” „, This dragon makes us latter voice, said that anything must court death to go to the deep place, do not quarrel he to take an afternoon nap, but some fellows of acting recklessly actually want to pull out others Dragon Pearl.” An old woman gets angry the sound track, she is the first batch, but in heart, although also wants to peel that dragon exactly, but did not have loud voice very to say at that time. Then has troubled, we anger this formidable dragon, the words that we go in again, the fate has one.” old man sighed. Person hastily that does not have inquired that is in high spirits the old woman, but she can restore quick person few such. „Is that inside situation what kind of? With Legend is same?” Really is Immemorial Sacred Land?”

„Did you except for seeing that dragon, what see?” The old woman nods saying: „Like Legend, inside has many mountains, although looks is not in the distant place clear, but I can determine that these are giant Lion Mountain, should be Great Emperor of Ten Heavens before death residence, but inside is covering Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unique Slaughter Qi, danger(ous) will definitely have!” Perhaps inside and Emperor's Tomb are connected, if we can get rid of that dragon, can enter the deep place.” old man said. It seems like we must a bit faster inform the Heaven World above fellow to get down were good, they should be able to level that dragon!” Not is only that dragon, old lunatic who in Extreme Martial Sect that is in the way, this wants this old lunatic no longer, Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is the easy matter.” Dongfang Lingyun said that he hates to the marrow of the bones to Shen Xiang and Extreme Martial Sect, whenever thinks about this matter, he almost gets angry results in the rave. The people knew the strength of that dragon, if goes in again, the consequence like ground these people, whole body split open, was possibly shaken by the sound wave unconscious. Therefore they decide to go back first, then informs Heaven World with secret method, here is these ancient influence roots, here is 10th-layer Heaven originally, later this day will still rise. ancient influence makes more person expert go to Heaven World, but to expand influence, to promote strength, when here many expert promotion strengths receives very big hindrance, but the opportunity maturity, has been able to make few people come back now! Ji Meixian is Daughter of Heaven, first knew that this matter, she wants to inform Shen Xiang very much, but actually cannot relate, if White Sea Sacred Realm and some Feng Family people get down, then the first matter may retaliate in view of Extreme Martial Sect very much! Extreme Martial Sect also immediately received this message, Huang Jintian started to arrange, the majority all returned outside Extreme Martial Sect disciples, returns to Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Huang Jintian the secure appearance, lets Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming relaxing person of now.

So long as these days Shen Xiang this brat in Extreme Martial Sect, I do not have the means solution!” Huang Jintian lightly smiled: I planned that expels Extreme Martial Sect this brat, advances on all matters him.” Great Ancestor, your this will kill Young Martial Uncle.” Gu Dongchen in great surprise. Wu Kaiming hastily persuaded: Great Ancestor please three think! Does this to be scolded by Young Martial Uncle.” Relax, this brat road is this, Extreme Martial Sect is a big whole, because if he were extinguished, I may be unfair to the Old Ancestor master!” Huang Jintian feels the beard to say with a smile: This brat went to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land now, it seems like he grasped that Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, perhaps quickly can enter Emperor's Tomb!” Do not be happy! In name expels Extreme Martial Sect him, but he is my apprentice, is your little rascal Martial Uncle.” Huang Jintian feels relieved Shen Xiang very much, he most cannot know about own apprentice that his lightly smiled: This is only the delaying tactics, Immortal that so long as that crowd of getting down does not attack us, gives us to be many some time, you were perhaps quick can see your Master! Shen Xiang this brat is very sincere, if he is not because is worried to implicate Extreme Martial Sect, he independently had already gone all out, now I chase him, is makes these ancient influence ask for advice this young lunatic to retaliate unscrupulously!” Is the lunatics!” Gu Dongchen and in the Wu Kaiming heart was whispering.