World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 889
Shen Xiang uses Heaven's Crown Gate to arrive at Green Peak City, this city is away from Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land to be recent, although in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is hiding infinite killing intent, but many people go in the exploration, some luck good people obtain many good things in inside, is not hunts and kills some precious Demon Beast, seeks good Heaven and Earth Treasure. danger(ous) of this Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land surrounding is not small, but is really great treasure place, builds up the Pill Spirit medicine and refiner material are many, the luck good also to meet rare and precious Demon Beast, but must have the strength to capture and kill is good, will otherwise become Demon Beast food. Green Peak City to rely on Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land in nearby superiority, expands very greatly, was the south quite big city, because here distance approached central King Continent to be too far, in Green Peak City also established many large-scale ancient Teleportation Formation. Shen Xiang enters a city shortly, to know one were expelled the Extreme Martial Sect's matter, just heard his somewhat angry, but was afterward careful thinks that then cannot help but has smiled. Now I do not need to be worried again, will implicate Extreme Martial Sect, I had been expelled by Extreme Martial Sect, anything that I handle and Extreme Martial Sect irrelevant.” Before Shen Xiang, somewhat some scruples will implicate Extreme Martial Sect, since Huang Jintian comes out, Extreme Martial Sect at the height of power, develops more and more greatly, but also has very big disparity with these ancient influence overall strengths. Extreme Martial Sect needs to stabilize now develops, if later can be formidable, no longer fears other influences. Does not know fellow who what strength Heaven World meets?” The Shen Xiang comparison worried that this matter, Heaven World be much bigger than Sacred Dan World, formidable Immortal are surely many, if the noisy crowd floods into here to catch him, he can only hide. Very will not be strong, although now this 10th-layer Heaven rebirth, but has not stabilized, if the strength is too strong, should unable to get down! Only then waited for that this 10th-layer Heaven fully restored that level, on Heaven World most formidable expert can open access in the past here.” Long Xueyi said. Then, this 10th-layer Heaven has mysterious strength, limits expert to get down, is this to avoid destroying this world?” Shen Xiang planned only to come Green Peak City to inquire the news to go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land.

However now knew one were expelled Extreme Martial Sect, he also had the new plan. These were flickered Immemorial Sacred Land expert by him, has not died, but was seriously injured, this disappoints him somewhat, what seperately makes his happy is, because of this matter, directs in Heaven World above expert these ancient influence! Although this 10th-layer Heaven once was Mortal World, on this great earth, danger(ous) place, even if were Immortal that Heaven World got down, in front of these Danger Zone, but ants. Green Peak City nearby Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is a big dangerous situation, ruins these expert good places. Shen Xiang has stopped at nothing, he thought it is necessary to give these ancient influence to put the bloodletting well, making them know that one is not affable. In Immemorial Sacred Land, if discovers danger(ous), perhaps can also run away, Lan Cang this dragon when the time comes perhaps is unable to resist these many formidable humanity, but Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land was different, these savage beast are much more formidable, moreover inside mechanism heavily, especially these Lion Mountain killing formation, Immortal goes in the photo to refuse stubbornly to harm.” Shen Xiang started the new plan, the Immortal reception that gets down from Heaven World gives a welcoming dinner to these. Shen Xiang on avenue walks, while is thinking his plan, actually at this time, ground fierce shakes, the people are all startled, hastily soars, in order to avoid receives subsidence of the earth anything's affect. Tomb Raider surnamed Duan, has to plant to go out of town a war.” The sound is full of the anger with murderous aura, reverberates in big Green Peak City. Green Peak City forbids to fight, if runs into any personal enemy, hides compares the security in the city.

You have to plant to fight with me, I think you not to have that balls!” This is the Duan Sanchang sound, as small Tomb Raider of tomb raider aristocratic family, his stirring up trouble sentiment, embarrassed did not say often one are surnamed Duan. Evil person surnamed Duan, robs tomb of my Flying Immortal Sect founder, I am the Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple, today must catch you to go back.” This is another voice of person, same had resenting, Duan Sanchang unexpectedly to be chased down by two people. Your his mother is not does not know that the one who robs your Flying Immortal founder grave is my grandfather, closes my trifling thing, must look looks for his old man, said again he had not robbed in the past, was discovered by you.” Duan Sanchang said with a sneer. The people have now felt relieved, this is not the earthquake, but some people great war outside the city, in abundance descend a moment ago now the ground. On the street becomes crowded, the people in abundance rush the city gate, the Flying Immortal Sect's background is not small, the Duan Family bad reputation also already spread, everyone wants to have a look at these two younger generation battles to meet is what kind, Shen Xiang also in crowd. Flying Immortal Sect, it is said this is with White Sea Sacred Realm and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, Heavenspan Family same antique sect!” „South Thousand Saint Peak, Dry Profound Mountain, Flying Immortal Sect and Void Sect, are known as four big antique Sect! The place that they hide is not Mysterious Realm, but is some danger(ous) Mysterious Realm, therefore has not said Sacred Realm.” South this four big antique Sect strengths, are equally matched with Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family, Duan Family Son of Heaven that this robs a grave, does not know that can win the Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple.” Shen Xiang almost spouts an old blood, that Duan Sanchang unexpectedly is Duan Family Son of Heaven!

„The Dry Profound Mountain fellow, do not say that our Duan Family robs your graves, your Dry Profound Mountain broken grave anything is not good to rob, otherwise already no longer.” Duan Sanchang also said. The Dry Profound Mountain person also came, the people are very curious, Duan Sanchang is bumps into with them, when is digs the grave was discovered? Duan Sanchang said while loudly laughing: I understood, your actually was envies me just to pick together Immortal Jade, chased down my more than 2000 li (0.5km), slandered to my types, to adjust worked as the reason to my fight, then robbed my Immortal Jade! Hehe, with our Duan Family old book record is the same, your fellows were really the dog cannot change to eat the excrement.” In a city gate place, puts on careless Duan Sanchang and two attire magnificent and expensive good-looking men is confronting. Yo, thanks to you two chief big disciples, could not hold including my Duan Sanchang, pursue me to run enough two thousand li(500 km), has not bumped into including my wool, you were also too weak. Weak is not my Duan Family has to encounter one after another words of seal, your Sacred Realm, Heavenspan Family, any sect's is the dregs.” The Duan Sanchang taunt said. Shen Xiang has thought in this time suddenly a plan, he also with the taunt tone, said: Antique four big sect with these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family is the same goods, snatches others time, is just, kills others' time is right, when others kill them in turn, when snatches them, said that others are the evil people.”