World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 890
Duan Sanchang looked at Shen Xiang one, has not recognized this middle-aged uncle is Shen Xiang turns at present, he nodded: These fellows never thought one put the fart to be smelly, moreover hears with great interest, if you their fart are smelly, they go certainly all out with you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: The side that said is. Brother Duan, is inferior to this, this Flying Immortal Sect to talk nonsense essence gives me! My entire life likes teaching this fellow, relax, I will not massacre them, swells their buttocks rackets at most.” This brother does as you please, this to talk nonsense fine punches that's it casually, but you must be careful, these to talk nonsense essence definitely will always come out.” Duan Sanchang Hehe smiles. Such is best, old empirical ego punches together.” Flying Immortal Sect and does Profound Gate that two good-looking seat of honor big disciples, at this time the whole face is cloudy, is gripping tightly the fist, wishes one could smashes the mouth of Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang, they except for falsely accusing anything's matter comparison are an expert, but cursed at people definitely is inferior to Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang. Hello, you name, my fist does not hit the obscure individual.” Shen Xiang curls up the sleeve leisurely, that appearance probably is one kills the pig to be old, is doing is killing the preparation before pig. The Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciples have not listened, this person too has not experienced, making people think that he is an attire. Shen Xiang truly had not heard at present this person of name, he moves toward the city gate, is restriction fights in the city. Snort, is really experience few country bumpkin, waits for you to know fate that talked too much! I called Hua Xiongshao, you must record my name, quite made you complain before the yama!” Hua Xiongshao sound gloomy and cold, that type thoroughly killing intent of person marrow, making the person whole body tremble. Duan Sanchang stands in the city gate, favors opportunity to get rid, at present that middle-aged uncle whole body too strong aura, he cannot look that such a person died. After going out of the city gate, Shen Xiang said with a smile: Hua Xiongshao is right!”

Right, has remembered?” Hua Xiongshao just said. Shen Xiang suddenly vanish from sight, presents in Hua Xiongshao, that terror speed, making all people all over the body live coldly. Shen Xiang brandishes the fist, by below upward, attacked in the chin of Hua Xiongshao, the hit past instance, exploded dazzling Thunder Guang suddenly, dozens purple electricity snakes exploded to shoot from the Shen Xiang's fist, was similar to controls the lightning god of thunder to be ordinary, has unsurpassed lightning strength! After the lightning vanishes, the billowing thunderclap transmits eight sides, goes toward the distant place shake! This is only very short instance, is similar to Heavenly Thunder chops dozen of general, the Hua Xiongshao chin is attacked, the tooth in entire chin and mouth disrupts completely, that handsome face was stroked by terror lightning strength burned black! Hua Xiongshao covers the mouth, both eyes is bursting into tears, he has not thought that Shen Xiang is so cloudy, unexpectedly suddenly gets rid, but he early is prepared, still cannot shunt, he cannot think that this middle-aged uncle starts unexpectedly to be so heavy, a fist hits him to disfigure. Your name is really difficult to record, I had just forgotten, what calling magnificent to come?” On the Shen Xiang face is having apology intentionally, very said sincerely: Does not know that can trouble you to tell me again!” The people despise him secretly, beats others mouths, unexpectedly also wants to make others speak, this clarifies is intentionally. Did not say considers as finished, my fist does not hit the obscure individual, however my foot actually.” Shen Xiang body like lightning, whiz, dodges to Hua Xiongshao is stronger, a foot tramples to the Hua Xiongshao abdomen, kicks Hua Xiongshao to send out a pitiful yell, spouts a blood. Duan Sanchang relaxed, this middle-aged uncle does not need him to be worried that he is secretly surprised at present this middle-aged uncle's method, must know the master to contend, so long as lost half move, might make itself rout. But Shen Xiang from the beginning unexpectedly, speed and strength are terrorist, Hua Xiongshao actually very despises from the beginning, a face optional manner, will therefore be occupied by Shen Xiang completely takes the initiative, fights with the fists the eye to brave golden star, the chin smashing, then by a foot severe wound dantian, at this time already disastrous defeat.

The Shen Xiang's fight experience richly, is he practices when Huang Jintian there, he and Huang Jintian train, for wins the first half move in Huang Jintian, the one pattern after another, thinks of every means. Yo, are you pretending to be the Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple to do all kinds of evil? Is the strength possibly so weak? You have not certainly exhausted fully!” Shen Xiang is a fist, pounds to the cheeks of that Hua Xiongshao, is one dodges electroexplosive to shoot, Hua Xiongshao flies at the scene horizontally. Hello, exhausts fully, fake goods!” Shen Xiang very seriously shouted. He made into the severe wound others, unexpectedly was also shouting others exhausted fully! Does Profound Gate that seat of honor big disciple to see the Shen Xiang's strength to be so intrepid, pushed in the crowd quietly, enters in Green Peak City to seek for the helper. The Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple, the strength is really not weak, otherwise is impossible such to pursue Duan Sanchang to run is far. Stop, this you, thinks that you were also the characters of elders, how you bullied the junior, didn't you think ashamed?” old man suddenly appears, wears the white clothing, the crane sends the young face, complexion gloomy and cold. I am the Flying Immortal Sect's elder, you are the elders character, injures my Flying Immortal Sect's disciple, I will not make you depart today easily.” Shen Xiang said very innocently: I am not the elders character, I do not injure intentionally his, this person is so weak, how possibly is your Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple? I see him to pretend to be Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple swindle and bluff, I get rid to teach his.”

You do not need to sweet talk, he is actually our Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple! The strength endures compared with Son of Heaven, if not for you elders character, how possibly do injure him? You return to Flying Immortal Sect to subject to a penalty with me.” That old man whole face said gloomy. Duan Sanchang said with a sneer: Old Turtle, can you recognize me? Does Profound Gate and Flying Immortal Sect's chief big disciple must rob my thing, how did this also say?” Tomb raider Duan Family is evil person, everybody must execute it, our Flying Immortal Sect is absolutely the matter that will not make the highwayman, do not make false accusations.” old man coldly has swept Duan Sanchang one. Duan Sanchang is angry, exclaims: Qiu Bin Old Turtle, your Flying Immortal Sect is not the good thing, you remember to me, I am do not hit you, but I pledged that this lives must dig the light your Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb, his paternal grandmother!” This old man named Qiu Bin, was a Flying Immortal Sect's elder, before Duan Sanchang was very early, has enmity with this old fellow. Brother Duan do not lose one's temper, these to talk nonsense essence so, today I certainly will always beat their these loves to put the dog mouth of smelly fart.” The Shen Xiang sound becomes gloomy and cold gets up. The Flying Immortal Sect's elder strength was not weak, crossed Nirvana six tribulation this, Shen Xiang was victorious self-confidently, is only will be more laborious.