World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 891
Since you want to revolt, then suffers to death.” Qiu Bin indifferently said, the long sword raises, chops to Shen Xiang, the sword swings the four directions, murderous aura is arrogant. Shen Xiang retreat, shunts that terrifying Sword Qi again and again, but that old man movement technique is very fierce, is ordinary just like Flying Immortal, closely is entangling him, a sword sword punctures, each sword as if hole broken vault of heaven, the imposing manner is shaking the earth, starts the intermittent storm. This is good the sword, but was a pity.” On the Shen Xiang face showed a smile, Qiu Bin was puncturing a sword to Shen Xiang, Sword Qi was scary, but actually dodged together azure-red cloud at this time. Bites A resounding, saw only Qiu Bin that good treasure sword, unexpectedly broke, the fracture was very smooth, unexpectedly was truncated! In Shen Xiang hand were many an aggressive steaming azure broadsword, above that Azure Dragon relief is lifelike, the imposing manner is threatening, this was past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is used to go on an expedition Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Divine Weapon, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is Divine Weapon of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens use, this matter had already spread over the Human, Devil and Demon three territories, at this time many people gather in Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea nearby city, the preparation attacks that Immemorial Sacred Land, seeks for Shen Xiang, robs Divine Blade. But now this presents Divine Blade in a middle-aged uncle's hand, the people think quickly a possibility, is the present middle-aged uncle, is Shen Xiang! Duan Sanchang lightly smiled, no wonder he thought that this middle-aged uncle is somewhat familiar, actually is Shen Xiang. „Are you Shen Xiang?” Although Qiu Bin cut off treasure sword, but has not gotten angry, instead wild with joy, that pair of old eyes full is fiery and greedy, because he currently has one to have the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade opportunity. Worthily is Divine Blade, mediocre treasure sword in front of this blade, is similar to worthless general.” Cutting iron like mud Divine Blade, immortal tool can cut off easily!”

That crowd of descending to earth Immortal now not in Immemorial Sacred Land? Shen Xiang actually rushes to here, it seems like that group of fellows by Shen Xiang deceiving, Ha Ha......” It is said makes troop old fellow be seriously injured, but also some discard cultivation base, these Immortal currently estimated that entered Immemorial Sacred Land, perhaps had Immortal die.” Good fearful little rascal, unexpectedly flickered one crowd of Immortal!” Shen Xiang wipes the face, has revealed the original appearance, said with a sneer: I had already said I was not the elders characters, now your this elders character bullies my this junior, really did not know the sense of honor!” I want the justice for my Flying Immortal Sect's Chief Disciple.” Qiu Bin speech time, but also looks once for a while that Divine Blade that the cyanogen winds around, more looks more appealing, wishes one could to seize immediately. Shen Xiang sees greedy that Qiu Bin reveals shamelessly, immediately said while loudly laughing: Old dog, I thought that you want to rob my Divine Blade.” Snort, this Divine Weapon cannot display strength to come in your hands, this grade of Divine Weapon is used for cut down Demons, eliminate Devils, my Flying Immortal Sect cut the monster slaughter demon to be active in the past, you give us.” The Qiu Bin words, making the person understand that anything called shameless. Fart, three realms great war time, your fellows hide far.” Duan Sanchang sneers. You want to take away.” Shen Xiang throws vigorously, shoots Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is bringing together the light tail of azure, flies to shoot toward the distant place. Qiu Bin sees, immediately stares, afterward the diving posture, pursues to that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this looks at many people in a daze! Shen Xiang unexpectedly handed over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this made many people unable to believe that on the scene had the thought that many people had to fly to rob, however their strengths were inferior to Qiu Bin.

Shen Xiang you......” Duan Sanchang see the smiling face on Shen Xiang face, again has not asked. Not long, Qiu Bin came back, his whole face looks at Shen Xiang angrily: Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade?” Shen Xiang raised hand, azure-red cloud projects from his hand, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade unexpectedly also in his hands. Wangcai who Hehe, I raised before is such clever, I throw the thing exits, he will always pursue, sees you, my suddenly fondly remembered the dog that I raised very much.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, making the people cannot help but laugh. Qiu Bin is mad reddens all over the face, shouts angrily, a palm chops to Shen Xiang, such as the great axe quarries a mountain, cuts to fall on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, urges wild True Qi that sends, shook ground split open, a surrounding area several feet place short a section. But surprisingly, after Shen Xiang the palm blade of this terror chops, unexpectedly is similar to the stone carving general station where, a matter does not have. Shen Xiang Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, fleshly body is similar to immortal tool is ordinary, let alone he had Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, Qiu Bin that palm let his shoulder slightly pain. Snort!” In the Shen Xiang hand Divine Blade wields, Dragon Force is similar to several turbulent currents great river, wells up crazily, pours into Divine Blade! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade the azure light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), blade Qi like the dragon, spurts is thin blade Qi immediately, such as ten thousand dragons roared, vast of momentum, making the will of the people tremble. Shen Xiang wields Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to cut to Qiu Bin, blade edge as if has strange strength, locks Qiu Bin, even though he moves sideways to several feet beyond, but Shen Xiang actually still follows. A blade cuts to fall, an arm of Qiu Bin was cut to fall by shoulder-length, by intense heavy pressure that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade releases pressing powder! A Shen Xiang foot tramples to the chest of Qiu Bin, will kick, then follows close on, but , a blade chops slantingly, chops to the Qiu Bin nape of the neck. The blood flies violently, persons head falls to the ground, Shen Xiang receives Divine Blade, dashes about wildly to go in the direction that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is, does not return, where only leaves behind the people in a daze.

This...... Died, this was expert of elders rank, unexpectedly 2-3 is hacked to death by Shen Xiang!” Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is really fierce, but Shen Xiang is also very strong, but a moment ago Qiu Bin heavily has hit his palm, but his actually sends lossless, strength is vigorous, does not have the internal injury sign.” „His is must go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, he has Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Divine Weapon, can perhaps open Emperor's Tomb!” Introduces Immemorial Sacred Land major ancient influence expert intentionally, then he actually arrived here, enters Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, for does not make other people prevent him to enter Emperor's Tomb, this move really high!” Duan Sanchang wants to urge Shen Xiang several, but Shen Xiang ran does not have the shade, he must hurry to hide. Shen Xiang enters Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is only a false appearance, he just takes a stroll outside, returns to Green Peak City, but this time he appears by the Li Renshan status. Green Peak City has the Flying Immortal Sect's elder, here has certainly the Flying Immortal Sect's industry, he and Flying Immortal Sect become enemies, for a penny and for a pound, he must make Flying Immortal Sect eat one to owe greatly, simultaneously made a bigger move, brought in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land these Immortal. Here also had the pills shop, Shen Xiang inquired, knew that here had a very black pills shop, there is a Heavenly Fate Box this type of thing to sell, accepted to bet pill, but this pills shop will act shamelessly. The background of this pills shop is very big, it is said is related with Flying Immortal Sect.