World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 892
High Immortal Pavilion, this is the Green Peak City largest-scale pills shop, here pills type are quite many, is quite complete, the price be more expensive, High Immortal Pavilion business still fiery Pill City, many people are hard to obtain Pill City, is not far away, is transmits the expense to be too expensive. Three high High Immortal Pavilion, are winding around the white mist, such as the immortal pavilion is ordinary, stands can smell the thick medicine to be fragrant in the entrance, making people completely relaxed. Cannot look at this is really a bandits'inn.” The Shen Xiang heart said that this High Immortal Pavilion looks like the imposing manner is broad, likely is the industry of big influence, this shop for the reputation, will not loaf generally. Estimate is the fellow of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, here alone big, the background is abundant, person who if no strength , can only endure by the pit.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang walks into High Immortal Pavilion, quick seeks to place the Heavenly Fate Box place, here has hundred this, the most expensive value 2 billion, most convenient over a million, buy the Heavenly Fate Box people generally is the alchemy master is in the majority, majority to try one's luck, buy some barely alive rare and precious spirit herb. In these expensive Heavenly Fate Box, majority are rare and precious high level spirit herb, but almost quickly dies. Li Renshan this given name, in the circle of alchemy master known, his previous time has won several Dan King in Pill City, but also obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, has curled up a disturbance. Had not been pasted full Jie by others the portrait is, therefore in this Green Peak City knew that the person of Li Renshan this face are not many. This little brother, your flame is good, young has this skill, thinks that your alchemy level is not weak, how buys Heavenly Fate Box to bet one?” old man smiles very gently, but in that pair of old eyes actually once for a while glittering deceitful light glow. Shen Xiang is having this intent, he is better to like to gamble, if this shop acts shamelessly, he justifiable moves this High Immortal Pavilion. unexpectedly has Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan herbs, is that value 15 hundred million crystal stones Heavenly Fate Box.” Su Meiyao said that Long Xueyi in passed on to Heavenly Fate Box inside herbs characteristics a moment ago to Su Meiyao. Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan is high level Detoxification Dan, is solvable the fierce toxin, affects not in a big way regarding Shen Xiang, but the collection value has, this is in Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan disintoxicating ability strongest pill, has the market value very much.

This!” Shen Xiang takes down that Heavenly Fate Box, making old man of that counter very surprised, he planned coax Shen Xiang to buy one 1 million, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly takes the value 1.5 billion! Shen Xiang smiled: I am bet pill, if I can this box inside herbs refined into pill, your High Immortal Pavilion be possible to return 15 hundred million crystal stones to me, but must give me herbs.” That old man gawked staring, suddenly has thought of anything, he was a alchemy master, the matter that on the same day in Pill City gambls he early had hearing, at present this white and tender youngster, in that Li Renshan with Legend looks like very much. Was Li Renshan comes really? In the old man heart worries secretly that this Li Tianjun successor gambls, did not joke! little brother your surname?” old man asked. Li!” Shen Xiang is smiling the reply, making that old man two legs one soft, this made little rascal unexpectedly that Dan King Tan Shang lost loses everything arrive at High Immortal Pavilion. Shen Xiang straightforward must buy Heavenly Fate Box, then puts out pill furnace to come, all around person was already attracted, some rare people bet pill, some of their interests wait for the result. After that old man and High Immortal Pavilion inside great person discussed that then informed Flying Immortal Sect and Green Peak City City Lord, making them find the way to make this ghost god. Pavilion Master!” The storekeepers see a black clothing man to walk, hastily shouted one lightly. Shen Xiang comes time has inquired, this High Immortal Pavilion Pavilion Master is the Green Peak City City Lord son, named Lu Gongqing, crossed Nirvana three tribulation this, the boss as this bandits'inn, the manner is definitely not much.

After buying Heavenly Fate Box, Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, afterward opens Heavenly Fate Box. Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan, does not have any difficulty.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This little brother worthily is the Li Tianjun successor.” That Pavilion Master sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, cannot help but worries, if Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan were built up, they must compensate good herbs, the value 2 billion. High Immortal Pavilion inside person whole face surprisedly looks to Shen Xiang, this soft and fair skin good-looking youngster, unexpectedly makes big storm Li Renshan in Pill City there, unexpectedly arrives at Green Peak City very much. Many people think immediately a very fearful matter, after Li Renshan obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, vanishes very long a period of time, now appears in Green Peak City, is very likely to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside Emperor's Tomb. Before Shen Xiang in the Pill City prosperous pills shop, on spirit dan of number quality in Heavenly Fate Box waste medicine refined into, the people can see him to master anything knack from this one after another, when bet pill, can meet the gambling to absolutely win, which pills shop if he appeared, which pills shop could not happily. Shen Xiang refines Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan not to have what pressure now, is only half double-hour, refines Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan, this lets the Lu Gongqing this Pavilion Master complexion and his clothes is equally blue. Hehe, I have won, draws back crystal stones to me, gives me again good herbs!” Shen Xiang is holding that two grains of Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan, be with smile on the face. You cheat!” Lu Gongqing coldly said, he has considered, thinks to act shamelessly, in his opinion this Li Renshan except for alchemy strength, is little rascal, moreover now also all over the sky under is chased down by these ancient influence, he does not need to be afraid. Where did I cheat?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly dares to work as in front of that many people to act shamelessly.

The people already know that this High Immortal Pavilion plays this pattern frequently, but actually nobody dares to make noise, the High Immortal Pavilion back has Flying Immortal Sect and Green Peak City City Lord supports, resists High Immortal Pavilion to court death. pill in your hand was not you just refined, you truly were cheating, you perhaps with this method in Pill City swindle and bluff, but actually could not deceive me.” White hair old man walks from out of the door. Joke, on the same day several Dan King on the scene, they confirmed that my pill just refined, can you be fiercer than that several Dan King?” Shen Xiang sneers, but this is actually he hopes matter that has. Possibly you were in luck on the same day, lucky refined into, does not say you now at the Pill City matter. Said Clear Blood Melting Poison Dan that now you refine, my eyes saw these two grains of pill just did not draw a charge, should be you deceiving people that used any technique to make.” That white hair old man said. „Before I come again, heard that this High Immortal Pavilion excels at this trick very much, now really so!” Shen Xiang laughs. Pill Association Association Master is my Master, although I am not Dan King, but I also swayed back and forth in alchemy this together many years, I did not tell the lie.” In that white hair old man eyes flashes through haughty light glow. Association Master apprentice? This background is truly big, truly can daunt many people, but a deterrent force to Shen Xiang does not have.