World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 894
Pu Kangxin naturally knows that Shen Xiang has won, he envies regarding Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, he will not deliver persons head, moreover he must hold Shen Xiang, gives Flying Immortal Sect to take undeserved credit. You have cheated, you also insulted me, looked to incur!” The Pu Kangxin strength is not weak, but to avoid having the mistake, Lu Guanghe and Lu Gongqing this also gets rid to the fathers and sons. But when they just want to move the footsteps, actually the discovery both feet tied down by any thing, they lower the head immediately look, unexpectedly is several Water Dragon, ties down their both feets stubbornly. Mangy dog, your persons head I stated decisively, the person who High Immortal Pavilion this bandits'inn forever disappearance, does not want dead starting today hurries to give me to exit.” Shen Xiang sound ice-cold, the anger and murderous aura simultaneously spout, floods in the High Immortal Pavilion hall, this inside staff frighten the both legs to tremble, hastily runs. In outside person is shocking, this looks like human and animals harmless youngster, at this time unexpectedly has so big murderous aura, the people suspected that has practiced the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique reason. Looks quickly, that is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Person of suddenly loses one's voice to yell that sound is full of the incomparable shock. Does not need him to shout that can see in person, in the Shen Xiang hand presented a azure broadsword, the knife has the Azure Dragon relief, was winding around the light fog became several Little Dragon in condense, circled on the knife. Shen Xiang has revealed the portrait, seeing his appearance, the people scared, obtained Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique Li Renshan, unexpectedly was Shen Xiang! Itself had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, now also has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, this was the what kind terror, what was most frightening was his excellent alchemy technique and he grasps these rare and precious spirit herb that. Shen...... Shen Xiang!” On the Pu Kangxin face full is panic-stricken. Brazen old dog, you can die now!” A Shen Xiang blade horizontal detachment, cuts to fall Pu Kangxin persons head, the blood crossflow, splashes full Ting is. The people eyeball stares perfectly round!

„Was he Pill Association Association Master apprentice, unexpectedly such gives to butcher?” Pill Association must act crazy, Association Master is not a vegetarian!” This brat was expelled Extreme Martial Sect, was lawless!” Lu Gongqing and Lu Guanghe this is struggling to the fathers and sons, their whole body full is the blood, on the face is occupying many blood, making them frightened, because Shen Xiang looks at their looks now, fills endless killing intent. We are Flying Immortal......” Shen Xiang has not waited for him to say the words that the broadsword wields, two persons head tumble. „The Flying Immortal Sect's elder I have killed one, did not fear that massacres you again!” Shen Xiang sneers, these two unexpectedly must catch him a moment ago, although is talented, but was not infiltrated their within the body after by Shen Xiang Ice Spirit Devil Aura, in addition the Water Dragon winding, they did not move. Chang Zi, a bit faster came to copy here with me.” Shen Xiang shouted. Although Duan Sanchang some hearts startled, now but actually smiles runs, he most liked doing such matter. In the people heart cursed these two fellows, they know that on the same day Duan Sanchang also suffers a more disastrous defeat in Pill City, has not thought that these two unexpectedly is one group, Duan Sanchang works as the request intentionally, thrusts in a troop idiot the gambling house, making these idiots lose loses everything, this move really mean. Brother Shen, you hurry to travel.” Duan Sanchang said that High Immortal Pavilion had been copied, Shen Xiang has also put a fire.

Runs? That is how good, I not send the public figure now, well isn't happy one how good?” Shen Xiang laughs, the back emits flame, releases Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, spreads the wings Gao Fei. In Green Peak City big plaza, full is ancient Teleportation Formation, is the major influences here constructs, Shen Xiang stands tall tower near plaza top. „Does he want to do? Can he ruin these Teleportation Formation? Destroys Teleportation Formation matter that but the natural justice does not accommodate, if some people happen to transmit, that......” Now many ancient influence are catching up, can he extinguish these old antique while this completely?” This was too crazy, this can brat with the entire day under be an enemy?” Does not have the means that he has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he with others is not an enemy, others must all over the sky under chase down his, the consequence is in any case same, might as well is happy, changes my me also to do!” Teleportation Formation suddenly shone, Shen Xiang wielded Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately, divided azure Qi Energy, the flash ruins that Teleportation Formation together, sees only several old man suddenly from fall void, whole body split open, the dripping with blood, heavily declined in the ground, spits blood in gulps. The people see this, creepy feeling, Teleportation Formation in the transmission has the problem, will cause the space to collapse, that space strength that produces can tear all, these old fellow can also spit blood, was good. Present Teleportation Formation is ancient Teleportation Formation, urging space strength that sends to be formidable, Teleportation Formation receives the words that affects, strength can be imagined! Another Teleportation Formation glittering gets up, Shen Xiang is a blade destroys, void falls breaks the broken corpse, looks at the people vest to sweat, now is free, kills them not to use these ancient Teleportation Formation, this was really too danger(ous)! Teleportation Formation in plaza shines one after another, Shen Xiang brandishes a sword ruins completely, many people can from the space of collapse escape, but actually the complete severe wound, these person of majority are Immortal!

little bastard, I do not forgive you!” old man roars, he from the space of collapse runs away, hears plaza surrounding person discuss spiritedly, understands that was any matter, he took next grain of precious Immortal Dan immediately, restored some strength. Robs Divine Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique fate is this!” Shen Xiang sneers, leaps airborne, the dive, to a plaza palm, is seeing only azure giant palm to cover fiercely, is similar to a great mountain is ordinary, smashes together with entire plaza these Teleportation Formation completely! Your this group of rebels, do not match to enter Emperor's Tomb!” After Shen Xiang destroys these Teleportation Formation, abandons these words, spreads the wings to fly toward Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land. After Shen Xiang walks the less than half double-hour, sky over Green Peak City presents some old man one after another, they are use unidirectional Teleportation Formation come, spends very greatly, because they know that here had the condition. Li Renshan is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is Li Renshan! This news raises rough sea waves in Pill City, initially these suffered a more disastrous defeat the person secretly to give scolding Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang. Now major ancient influence know that Shen Xiang is not affable, grasps some excellent alchemy technique and precious spirit herb, also will have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique in his hands, in the future adolescence will also get up, surely will be a major disaster! If before, they could go to the Extreme Martial Sect important person, but Extreme Martial Sect has chased Shen Xiang, they could not coerce Shen Xiang! The people understood now Huang Jintian's sinister plot, is makes Shen Xiang handle the crazy matter without scruple. Now the people only know that Shen Xiang entered Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, these Immortal are considering whether goes to seek for Shen Xiang, they know that cannot consider too for a long time, Shen Xiang has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, if enters Emperor's Tomb, obtains the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, their these same day betrayed Great Emperor of Ten Heavens ancient influence to have bad luck!