World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 895
After Shen Xiang enters Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, in Green Peak City gathers full big pile of expert, especially these just Immortal that came out from Immemorial Sacred Land, they in inside and Lan Cang fight, most severe wounds, they one want to understand now, their this group of people completely by Shen Xiang playing. Now Shen Xiang makes such big move to come in Green Peak City, the use destroys Teleportation Formation this virulent method getting a cut many expert, intentionally enrages them, allowing them to enter in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land. Where is Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land that? That is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb, danger(ous) heavily, but has big pile of formidable antique strange beast in the surrounding, before major ancient influence expert collaborated, was hard to capture. The Shen Xiang's intention is very obvious, is wants to introduce Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land them, making their casualties serious! This little rascal clarifies must introduce Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land us, that inside danger(ous) heavily, various killing formation Illusion Formation everywhere.” A old man sound is having the endless hate, when Shen Xiang ruins Teleportation Formation, therefore he was seriously injured, making him have to eat up grain of precious high level pill to recover. Said that your Feng Family doesn't plan to go in? That little rascal has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, he enters Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land clearly early to be prepared now, he is knows evidently how to open Emperor's Tomb! If we a bit faster do not decide to go, Emperor's Tomb inside thing really will fall into his hand.” A [say / way] of white robe old woman sinister woods, a towering eye such as the wolf is common, is very scary. Shen Xiang this group of people have thought that therefore he believes that this group of people will certainly pursue, his previous time has come in one time, because displays Transformation Technique, therefore had not been discovered that he solve from Earth Slaughtering Technique has not left anything to come now, he comes here to study Earth Slaughtering Technique. Many old fellow were discussing, speech was some Immortal, these ancient influence being in power people cannot interpose now, incoming messenger of their strengths and these old fellow to comparing to were too many, moreover these old fellow were their Senior. Green Peak City above suddenly dodges white cloud, has together the space crack, white fog emerges, the intermittent white light sprays from the white fog. Is Daughter of Heaven!” old man complexion changes, whispered.

Heaven World above Daughter of Heaven? Looks at this aura, should be White Sea Sacred Realm, has not thought that Heaven World above Daughter of Heaven, the strength is so formidable.” That old woman exclaims. White Sea Sacred Realm and here has Daughter of Heaven in Heaven World, Heaven World above Daughter of Heaven is very certainly strong, now arrives, obviously the gravity of this matter. The people see only a huge White Jade disc to fly to shoot from that group of white fog, on that disc is building a circular jade room, looked from afar is similar to the jade system house that can fly, the people stare at the window of that jade room, the window are having a white gauze curtain, has not seen Daughter of Heaven. But after the jade room appears, then flies toward Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, dodges to pass! It is said this is immortal tool...... the speed is really quick!” ancient influence Immortal exclaims. At this moment, sky over Green Peak City lightens golden light, sees only thousand feet (333 m), is similar to huge ship of golden casting appears, float in upper air, golden light sparkles, the imposing manner is broad, the bow also has formidable [gold/metal] dragon head, understood at a glance that this is also serious immortal tool. This is...... Feng Family Son of Heaven thing, Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat!” The airborne golden great ship spreads together lightly the sound: „The Feng Family person fast comes up!” Feng Family expert in Green Peak City great happiness, shoots up to the sky immediately in abundance, flies to that Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat.

Feng Family true Son of Heaven and White Sea Sacred Realm true Daughter of Heaven came, obviously they set firm resolve, must hold Shen Xiang, obtains Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, opens Emperor's Tomb. White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family set out great person, comes Zitian above Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, actuates immortal tool, chases down Shen Xiang, this makes other ancient influence look is jealous incomparably. On this stretch of earth has many ancient influence, but on Heaven World most powerful only then these, they can only stare now dry, although they have expert that gets down from Heaven World, but contrasts some Heavenspan Family and these Sacred Realm still disparities. Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land in south, but only White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family sent out, Qin Family and don't Peach Blossom Sacred Realm plan to participate? Don't they dare to provoke Shen Xiang?” youngster inquired his side a big youth of belt copper mask. Emperor's Tomb in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, according to analysis, even if Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, is hard to open Emperor's Tomb, therefore in a short time, Emperor's Tomb will not be opened! Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm to grasp Shen Xiang now, this is grievances between they and Shen Xiang, the words that Peach Blossom Sacred Realm and Qin Family meddle, if after Shen Xiang, adolescence gets up, Qin Family and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm must bear very big loss, Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm are their learning from another's mistakes.” That copper mask youth said. Big brother, you in Heaven World are also side Son of Heaven, don't you want to go to be able these two Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven?” That youngster asked in a low voice. We sooner or later must meet, tenth day the date of rebirth, was the dates of Emperor Heaven major influence rising, our Fire Emperor [lineage/vein] were not weaker than other ancient influence.” That copper mask youth said. Those who surprise people are, at this time, in the sky suddenly exploded lightens blood light, unexpectedly ran out of troop whole body blood red Werewolf, unexpectedly was Blood Wolf Demon Clan, that middle-aged guy of lead, the whole body fills the air is soaring to the heavens blood energy, an eye was spraying the blood light, was taking a fast look around Green Peak City. That middle age raises head to cry loud and long, afterward flushes away toward Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land!

This Blood Wolf King unexpectedly led Blood Wolf Demon Clan some elites to kill, knew Shen Xiang here, they impatiently caught up, on the one hand came for Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, meanwhile must revenge for his five sons! Big brother, this Shen Xiang is not simple, later does adolescence get up to exceed us?” That youngster asked. „Can our Fire Emperor [lineage/vein] can it be that mortal compare casually?” Copper mask youth said with a sneer: Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm these fellows are our matches.” In Green Peak City many expert, but does not dare to enter Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, they can feel that outside inside bad risk, they gather here, to wait for the result, they want to take a look at Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm that pursues will be finally what kind of! Shen Xiang miscalculates, he has not thought that gets down from Heaven World also has such formidable person, moreover there is that fierce treasure, what most makes his worried is, he was discovered! He in the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land surrounding, he must the cautious and solemn advance, be worried to be discovered by these strange beast now, that giant dragon boat and jade room that but in the sky flies actually did not fear, moreover there is a fierce tracing method, discovered place that all of a sudden he is.