World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 896
Ji Meixian also came, is this small female slave betrays my? Is impossible, she was clever, said that again she violated the contract, will betray the master definitely to make a false counter-accusation, how don't I possibly know?” Although Shen Xiang now turns into a butterfly, but he actually clearly feels to have several strange Divine Sense to lock him. „The Heaven World above traitor imagines stronger to be bigger than me, they grasp some ancient magic treasure, can investigate your aura, you are more careful!” Ji Meixian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang has not responded, he worried that will be realized, when the time comes will harm Ji Meixian. These fellows betray the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens influence, at that time after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens they expelled, they definitely carve up the thing that many Great Emperor of Ten Heavens saved, will become such fierce!” Shen Xiang was guessing, now he has used the methods of various concealment, but is still unable to get rid of the following pursuing troops. Front resembles some not to suit.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Shen Xiang carefully looked that discovered front suddenly presents bad fogs, the bad fog is diverging slowly, can see these Lion Mountain dimly! Innumerable huge Lion Mountain unexpectedly such quickly appeared, this lets Shen Xiang is very surprised, before he saw these Lion Mountain took very far road! Looks under Lion Mountain quickly.” Long Xueyi also said. Shen Xiang's Divine Sense does not have Long Xueyi to be formidable, Long Xueyi can turn into many eyes by own Divine Sense, but can also perspective anything, but he also sees now under Lion Mountain, unexpectedly is piece of blood sea! blood sea is very tranquil, but is actually passing endless hostility, sends out one to make the person back send cool Slaughter Qi intermittently. Before Shen Xiang, thinks that own Slaughter Qi was fierce, but contrasts with front that piece of blood sea, radically anything is not.

Slaughter Qi that soars to the heavens, clashes that white fog, forms a terrifying pressure, fills the air in the upper air, making the earth myriad things shiver, many strange beast suddenly loud voice roared, beasts roared, was passing incomparable fearing intent, formidable strange beast unexpectedly felt at this time very frightened. Then, making person more panic-stricken one occur, massive huge strange beast, dashed in abundance toward that piece of blood sea, all plunged into blood sea. This his mother what's the matter? Why can like this!” Before this is him , when plans has not thought that he cannot go forward at this time again, but behind has to chase down his expert. Tranquil red sea suddenly seethed, an intermittent blood wave is whipping these huge Lion Mountain, surges an intermittent giant tide, is glowing the monster different blood light, is enormous and powerful to well up! This piece of blood sea is expanding outward! Similar to a hungry giant beast, wants devour all! Stops in that Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat and that jade room suddenly of rear sky, after they discover these Lion Mountain, does not dare to approach again. When they decide to return, in the sky suddenly presents the innumerable red red clouds, immediately the thunderclap is billowing, the blood-colored lightning covers the vault of heaven, blood lightning is similar to the sudden downpour, crazy dividing hits, submerges that Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat and jade room. Is this group of bastards, it is estimated that is their strengths is too strong, moreover there is a use antique method to investigate in this, touches some formation, will have such matter.” Shen Xiang scolded lowly. blood lightning in sky, like Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea these! blood lightning, blood sea, the blood clouds that covers the world, making people feel that incomparably frightened, at this time Shen Xiang flies to the sky, looks that the blood wave ruins piece by piece huge mountain forest, in the heart with amazement. This sea is also the thing of ground, is this also Earth Slaughtering Technique part?” Shen Xiang looks at these to float in blood sea above Lion Mountain, looks at that murderous aura conflict, the tuck dive was roaring blood sea, cannot help but pondered, he came here to sense Earth Slaughtering Technique, now he grasped anything probably. Chases down his person is not only White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family, Blood Wolf Demon Clan, this crowd takes the blood as fresh Evil Demon, after seeing that piece of terrifying blood sea, was frightened half dead, they are very at first excited, when they feel the blood wave to bring incomparably formidable strength, actually already late.

A wave overran, the blood wolf army was whirled away completely, only then Blood Wolf King responded promptly, can resist that terrifying pressure, leapt to the upper air, had not been submerged by blood sea. That Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat and that jade room descend slowly, blood lightning slowly weakens, comes out from inside until a troop person, blood lightning and blood Yun Cai disappears. Really is this group of fellows makes.” In Shen Xiang heart coldly snorted: Almost kills my small female slave!” Shen Xiang flies to Lion Mountain, he thinks in this Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land definitely to have that type formation that shrinks to become Cun, makes them arrive in front of Lion Mountain all of a sudden. blood sea suddenly is tranquil, slowly retreat, was in some formation is touched a moment ago obviously, therefore had such big sound! Had been soaked a moment ago blood wolf Evil Demon, turned into white bone at this time, making people feel what was inconceivable, this inside mountain forest had not been affected actually, blood sea retreated, the mountain forest still green desire dropped. strange beast must come!” Long Xueyi shouted. These strange beast plunged into blood sea a moment ago, unexpectedly to protect oneself, before Shen Xiang, guessed that these strange beast are the descendants of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens these subordinates, although they by the strange strength seal, but obtained the asylum of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens here. Giant strange beast runs out, immediately dashes about wildly with the White Sea Sacred Realm person toward Feng Family, several thousand build such as mountain strange beast dashes about wildly, as if must step on the earth collapses was the same, that vast momentum, is not weak in beforehand that terror blood sea and blood lightning. Shen Xiang changes the human form, flies while the present to these Lion Mountain, simultaneously gives back to Ji Meixian sound transmission: Small female slave, comes quickly!”

Side Ji Meixian is that Heaven World above White Sea Daughter of Heaven, that is a tall female of wear blue skirt, on her face has one group of light glow, cannot see clearly her appearance, her body braves murderous aura, obviously she is not a weak woman. Also is gawking doing? Grasps that brat!” This big Daughter of Heaven to Ji Meixian loudly shouted, the expression is not very good, probably treats slave such. Ji Meixian in the heart gets angry immediately, Shen Xiang this actual master such to her, the girl who this comes Zitian, unexpectedly does not dare such to berate her. Ji Meixian knows side Shen Xiang will be safer, is just right for her meaning now, she will graze fast toward Shen Xiang, but in her behind, but also with a troop Feng Family person, these people will be the strength is not too strong, powerful these will be coping with strange beast. With is tighter, as far as possible with my close , we disguise fight while flies to Lion Mountain!” Shen Xiang stares at front that piece of Lion Mountain, in the mind is reappearing unceasingly Earth Slaughtering Technique some sutra chant and strange spirit pattern, his present suddenly saw a point anything.