World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 897
His suddenly change direction, flies toward another Lion Mountain, front Lion Mountain is rows of rows, exactly the same, arranges very neatly, seems shocks very much. First row of Lion Mountain has the innumerable places, but Shen Xiang actually discovered that now has some Lion Mountain not to suit, in these Lion Mountain is containing Slaughter Qi, only when his Slaughtering Heart beat time can feel that he thinks nearby these Lion Mountain certainly to have danger(ous). Therefore he chooses first row of these not that special Slaughter Qi Lion Mountain, he thought that will go through in these Lion Mountain at the foot of the hill should very be safe. Shen Xiang is my White Sea Sacred Realm, do not meddle!” Ji Meixian has drunk one, puts out the long sword, the thorn to Shen Xiang, disguises with the Shen Xiang fight. Shen Xiang turns into a dagger Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the standard keeps off the long sword that Ji Meixian is dividing, with the words of dagger, can with Ji Meixian close , if arises suddenly something, he can receive in Hidden Jade Ring Ji Meixian immediately. „Is the strength of that woman what kind of? Isn't she very probably good to you?” Shen Xiang the standard keeps off the Ji Meixian sword, while inquired with Divine Sense. This slut, the person directs me immediately . Moreover the manner is bad, sooner or later I will kill her! You must enter Emperor's Tomb now, there are other plans?” Ji Meixian is repugnant that big Daughter of Heaven. Heaven World above Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven were called big Daughter of Heaven and big Son of Heaven, but Ji Meixian this type is called small Daughter of Heaven. I plan to play them! Now Feng Family and White Sea Sacred Realm died many people.” Shen Xiang saw many people swallowing by these giant strange beast. Shen Xiang approaches Lion Mountain, this Lion Mountain makes Shen Xiang think very danger(ous), but he approaches intentionally, because of Feng Family troop people in behind. With you strongest strength, attacks this Lion Mountain, then flies toward side that Lion Mountain with the quickest speed.” Shen Xiang gives Ji Meixian sound transmission. Ji Meixian complies immediately, drinks one lightly, wields a sword to divide together Sword Qi, Sword Qi is bringing vast strength, is similar to the vast sea rough sea waves passage, hits on that Lion Mountain.

She chops this sword, flies toward that Lion Mountain that Shen Xiang assigns, but Shen Xiang also in her front, seems like her chasing down Shen Xiang. These with when the person just approached a moment ago that by Ji Meixian attack Lion Mountain, the earth trembles suddenly, sees only that Lion Mountain suddenly to gush out huge portion flame, this reaches as high as ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) Lion Mountain at this time is similar to a giant incomparable flame lion, that flame that spout, incarnadine half the sky. The hot flame ascends to the upper air, forms a big piece of fire saying that the hot cloud tuck dive, descends are burning the giant stone, bombing pounds to fall, that group of people have ten to run away, after other person burnt giant stones pound, was fired the ashes. This lets Feng Family that Son of Heaven in great surprise, in the person of dying, there is Immortal that many were and he gets down together, now unexpectedly instantaneous a big ticket, these Lion Mountain were really terrorist. Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian already fled that piece of sea of fire, enters in that huge Lion Mountain, hides in inside mountain forest. These Lion Mountain likely lie face downward in the giant lion of ground, the highest place ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), each Lion Mountain is almost exactly the same, is separated about thousand zhang (3.33 m). Lion Mountain is blue verdant, plants to be fuller the lofty tree, inside is fluttering very rich Spirit Qi. „The strength of woman is good, moreover is very young, has 200-300 years old this, can arrive at this rank the strength, person who White Sea Sacred Realm settles on worthily, after she gets down, here White Sea Sacred Realm must listen her.” Ji Meixian follows in Shen Xiang behind, she heard that Lion Mountain that these Lion Mountain danger(ous), a moment ago she attacked has also proven this, but this is very normal. Also you, when the girl directs right?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This woman unexpectedly wants to rob my small female slave, I sooner or later a color will take a look to her.” Ji Meixian light lightly snorted, Shen Xiang to her is not very bad, in her eyes, Shen Xiang be much better compared with that big Daughter of Heaven. „Do you also want to receive her are female slave?” Ji Meixian asked.

Also matches to make my female slave on her , compared with you, she is nothing!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ji Meixian some do not calculate that she is Jade Immortal Woman, within the body has two bloodlines of phoenixes, that big Daughter of Heaven and she compares truly only to be nothing, but she became Shen Xiang's female slave. Her aptitude is not bad, if gives her something, must arrive at my past peak the strength not to be difficult.” Ji Meixian also said. „Do you want to make me receive her? Have not thought that like her woman, so long as I want, I can kill her, receives her for female slave, a sense of achievement does not have.” Ji Meixian somewhat angry, she knows certainly after Shen Xiang received her, has the sense of achievement very much. What are you looking for?” Ji Meixian in this Lion Mountain is dashing with woods of Shen Xiang, she hears outside fight sound, in the heart somewhat to worry that big Daughter of Heaven method are many, can trace Shen Xiang. „The woman has the means to seek for me, I must thoroughly get rid of her! Plans unable to keep up with the change, it seems like you must become the plan of White Sea queen do not work.” Shen Xiang sighed. She came!” Long Xueyi suddenly reminded Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian the sword, disguises to attack Shen Xiang immediately, Shen Xiang also intentionally runs away, is not as a last resort, he does not want to let Ji Meixian and his relationship exposed, keeps White Sea Sacred Realm Ji Meixian is not a misdemeanor. Shen Xiang rushed to front of a great tablet fast, above writes some ancient character, although he does not know that above writes anything, but his fist destroys that great tablet. Was late!” Shen Xiang felt that has several people to descend on this Lion Mountain.

When he destroys giant ten tablets, this Lion Mountain suddenly shivered, at the same time, a tall female of blue skirt, wears the golden armor good-looking man to appear with two side him, his stubbornly surround. Shen Xiang is our White Sea Sacred Realm!” That blue skirt female coldly said, sound is having a powerful, on her face still blocked from by light glow, cannot see her appearance. That two golden armor man, body murderous aura puts: Feng Family and Shen Xiang's hatred is not small, moreover he provokes our Feng Family first, now he was our.” A Shen Xiang face is calm, Feng Family that two golden armor men, are truly intrepid with the White Sea Sacred Realm big Daughter of Heaven strength, is he of any rank is not clear, in brief in Heaven World is the strength not weak people. You enjoy his two ear and area around it, I do not like him now this calm appearance.” The blue skirt female was saying to Ji Meixian. Goes quickly, haven't you heard my words?” The blue skirt female is angry, jade palm like the electricity, has blown a Ji Meixian palm of the hand maliciously, hits Ji Meixian horizontally to fly, hits on a big tree. In the Shen Xiang heart is angry immediately, is in front of his to hit his small female slave, but Ji Meixian is calm, in her heart is also in a towering rage, wishes one could to dismember a body that big Daughter of Heaven, but her strength is limited. I said you, can live is exiting to say again, does not believe you to fly the upper air to have a look at this Lion Mountain in any position.” The Shen Xiang sound is cloudy, he wants this big Daughter of Heaven butchering very much. That huge stele that Shen Xiang destroyed a moment ago also here, big Daughter of Heaven and that two Feng Family man suddenly think that was very likely Shen Xiang to touch some formation, making this Lion Mountain move! Before Lion Mountain had the vibration, might is this reason!