World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 898
Shen Xiang planned to stimulate to movement this Lion Mountain mechanism, making this Lion Mountain transfer, this can get rid of these powerful Daughter of Heaven temporarily. He has not thought that these people will come such quickly, but he was not worried now that formation opened, this Lion Mountain moves to the Limitless Lion Mountains middle, they by in dire straits here, only then he knows how to exit. Earth Slaughtering Technique truly is forgiving many things, after this is also Shen Xiang comes, little senses, now he can feel this Lion Mountain to fill space strength, can carry on the exchange position with other Lion Mountain. The blue skirt female holds Shen Xiang, leaps to the upper air , after all around she sees is Limitless Lion Mountains, the complexion becomes very ugly, she understanding Great Emperor of Ten Heavens may be more than Ji Meixian, she fully realized that was stranded in this inside has danger(ous) how. At this time, that two golden armor men also flew the upper air, their complexions were the same with that blue skirt female. Now we can chat well, I assign inexpensively, died here, but you were different, on huge Heaven World, was a young person is outstanding, you who Heaven's Chosen Child, had boundless prospects, if in this damned place, that were really is a pity.” Shen Xiang said calmly. Bang!” Deafening sound suddenly transmits from the upper air, a tyrannical aura covers in the air, sees only golden light suddenly to fall together, strokes on a body of golden armor man. Bang! The body of that golden armor man explodes suddenly, turns into smog. The blue skirt female in great surprise, hastily brings Shen Xiang to descend the ground. Second Brother!” Another golden armor men's rave gets up, simultaneously together golden light flashes through, the man crashes immediately the ground, avoids that terror golden light.

Now they know that flies is impossible, so long as airborne has the person, mysterious strength will appear! In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing secretly, has not thought that such quickly died, but he awes to that strength, before here all are Great Emperor of Ten Heavens at the point of death, arranges, these come Zitian above expert unable to resist, vanishes in puff of smoke instantaneously. Ji Meixian currently had many understanding to Shen Xiang, she sees the Shen Xiang so calm appearance, knows that the Shen Xiang plan plays that big Daughter of Heaven and big Son of Heaven. little rascal, you hurry to exit me, otherwise I will make you live to might as well die.” The voice of blue skirt female is very virulent. Zhao Yixuan, what do you mean? Only leads you to exit?” On the handsome face of that golden armor man full is gloomy and angry. Feng Zixuan, do you want to hit one with me? Shen Xiang is I holds first, he naturally is my!” Zhao Yixuan has put out a sword. Shen Xiang is not feeling well at heart, is he possibly this woman? Hello, you must hit to walk away, strength that if erupts is too strong, we must die, but here Emperor's Tomb, is certainly peaceful.” Shen Xiang said that what he said is the truth, the words that these two people hit, will kill absolutely his. Zhao Yixuan is angry, the sword aims at the Shen Xiang's throat: Is your this little bastard, making me fall into Emperor's Tomb, if you cannot lead me, I make you live to might as well surely die.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Dead slut, you also really think that I feared you are inadequate? My this is first time sees you, but can you actually catch me? If not you must catch me, I am worthwhile take this danger? This is you harms.”

What? What did you scold me a moment ago?” The Zhao Yixuan chest bullies slightly, first time some people such scolded her. Dead slut!” Shen Xiang heavily shouted. Your this group of bastards, why must rob my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, this is I obtains, you will only plunder, with me do not say that this is you creates, nonsense! This is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens thing, but your Old Ancestor betrays the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens rebel. I am predestined friends obtain these things, I will certainly help Great Emperor of Ten Heavens eradicate your rebel remnant!” The Shen Xiang character character like the blade, sound like the thunder, the body braves faint trace black Qi, that is clearly discernible Slaughter Qi. At this time he releases completely whole body Slaughter Qi, divulges his hates to these ancient influence, before these people do not know that is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, wants to rob his blade, now after knowing, is crazier! Stops quickly!” Zhao Yixuan is angry, but he actually does not dare to get rid to Shen Xiang, because she is feeling dreadful anger to cover, that imposing manner makes her knee cannot help but curving, fierce place has knelt. Feng Zixuan is also same as Zhao Yixuan, unknowingly kneels on the knees, that formidable peerless imposing manner, making the person cannot help but bow to submit. Shen Xiang only felt that at this time God Slaughtering Hand on his both hands is vibrating, that imposing manner releases from that White Tiger glove, is not the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens aura. His suddenly thought faintly that Four Beast's Divine Weapons and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens have any relationship. Time that however this condition continues is not long, he wants to put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, at present these two cutting, but diverges after that imposing manner, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan have stood, on the face full is the scowl. Do not want to my fight, so long as I died, you did not live absolutely! You also saw a moment ago, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens remnant soul in this, I did not kill you are only because I also want to exit, I needed to rely on your strength!”

Although Shen Xiang full mouth rumor, but look at him now that facial expression, really said like, a moment ago Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan felt that terrifying strength, making them feel that one was inferior including the ants. Especially that terrifying Slaughter Qi, making them affirm very that is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens aura. Young mortal, wants to discuss the condition with me? Delusion!” Zhao Yixuan shouted to clear the way coldly. You keep aloof, does not eat the world smoke and fire, your oneself exit.” Shen Xiang did not fear that this Zhao Yixuan, any young mortal, he in Sacred Dan World, cuts that dragon that kills absolutely this Zhao Yixuan be more formidable, he currently has two methods to kill Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan, but he planned that uses these two people to help him explore Emperor's Tomb, waits not to have the use value, kills again is not late. You want to obtain my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, but I can the truth tell you, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique integrated in my mind, that stele did not have! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade already fused together with me, if I died, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can the choice be follows me to dissipate, seperately seeks for the master, but according to the current situation, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade not with the descendants of your rebels.” Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique record on stele, but for many years nobody can understand that stele inside thing, afterward the people discovered that so long as has enough Slaughter Qi, can make that stele owner recognition, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique enter in the mind of person. A moment ago Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan experienced to Shen Xiang that terrifying Slaughter Qi, now they do not doubt the words that Shen Xiang spoke, otherwise Shen Xiang will not know these Lion Mountain inside mechanism.