World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 899
Zhao Yixuan is very unwilling with the Feng Zixuan heart, they wage a war, long time comes the casualty to be innumerable, two things that but must rob in the end both are unable to succeed in obtaining, even if they hold Shen Xiang, same anything cannot obtain. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was called Divine Weapon, is not the thing of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens refinement, this is intelligential Divine Weapon, moreover is very formidable, person who if was not selected by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, to control it not to be easy, will also make a false counter-accusation dead. Snort, do not blame me, from beginning to end is your mistakes, you are greedy, shameless, despicable, like robber, but you know now, the thing that if you want to snatch will be absolutely not with your.” Shen Xiang laughs. Shen Xiang knows this matter from the beginning, but he did not say, making these ancient influence continue in view of him, like this he counter-attacked justifiablily, moreover made these ancient influence reputations change smelly, now these ancient influence Devil Territory Demon Territory relate by many person and that side, in brief in the hearts of many people, these ancient influence reputations was poor. In the end as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket, moreover stirs up a show, therefore Shen Xiang really smiles now very happily. „After exiting, all will finish!” On the Feng Zixuan face full is the hatred, wishes one could to hack to death Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Will finish really? The Emperor Heaven rebirth, can Great Emperor of Ten Heavens the rebirth? Your these rebel remnant, can you run away?” In the Feng Zixuan heart trembles, coldly said: So long as has killed you, the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens will interrupt, later will not have Great Emperor of Ten Heavens such character to appear again.” Shen Xiang shook the head, said with a smile lightly: I said is not this meaning, I mean the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens rebirth, you have a look at this Emperor's Tomb, you think that what consequence on Heaven World most that group of people will come here to have? Although Great Emperor of Ten Heavens died, but here strength actually still formidable!” The Shen Xiang's meaning is very obvious, these Lion Mountain are representing Great Emperor of Ten Heavens strength, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens death is a fan. How can we be able to exit?” Zhao Yixuan is tranquil, white light suddenly on her face diverges, reveals holds the maturity beautiful oval face, this beautiful facial features full are ice-cold, when that pair of beautiful eyes looks at Shen Xiang, but also is projecting [say / way] murderous aura. Here Spirit Qi is very rich, but on me is also bringing some pills, I and am very young, I want to practice a period of time here.” Shen Xiang indifferently said.

little rascal, do not make a show with me, you must lead us to exit.” Zhao Yixuan is arriving at the Shen Xiang's throat with the sword. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: I lead you, then do you massacre me again? Only if you pledged, after exiting, does not kill, does not catch me, otherwise I put in great inconvenience myself, dies with you here.” You......” Zhao Yixuan think really a sword pierces the Shen Xiang's throat, but her sword suddenly was held with the hand by Feng Zixuan. Feng Zixuan must exit, told Feng Family Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique matter, otherwise Feng Family continued for this different thing, definitely will have a bigger loss. Best not to kill him.” Feng Zixuan puts out a long blade, is pointing at Zhao Yixuan. Good, I pledged......” Shen Xiang breaks her, said: Sends the blood to vow, pledged with mouth that I can every day send ten.” Feng Zixuan is neatest, a long blade stroke of wrist|skill, spouts a blood, afterward he controls that piece of blood to turn into one chart, in the mouth is reading the pledge, the yawn, the red characters put out from his mouth each time, integrate in that chart. Zhao Yixuan bites the red lip, complies, sends a blood to vow, this blood oath on Heaven World uses, to have the strength of Immortal rank to be able frequently to use, this is Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou tells Shen Xiang's. Feng Zixuan and Zhao Yixuan they on Heaven World, the authority are very big, always keeps aloof, but actually places obey the meaning of Shen Xiang this little rascal now, making in their hearts very angry, but this does not have the means that they must maintain a livelihood, only then such does. After Feng Zixuan and Zhao Yixuan round the blood vowed, Shen Xiang has shown the happy smiling face, making them look at over the face scowl.

Do not make a show, otherwise I butchered you here.” Zhao Yixuan coldly said. The blood oath said that does not kill does not grasp Shen Xiang, but has not said in this cannot kill, therefore Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan did not fear that Shen Xiang uses the trick. Good, now we must do is, this Lion Mountain will move ten times, was only the first time, the ranking ten times moved a moment ago, we can go to other Lion Mountain, then the means of these Lion Mountain seeking.” Shen Xiang said that actually now can the road that goes to other Lion Mountain to seek to return, but he plans to approach Emperor's Tomb, has a look at Emperor's Tomb from outside is any appearance. If we do go to other Lion Mountain now?” Ji Meixian asked. Only then at death's door, you saw that to turn into Fire Lion before Lion Mountain, the terror of that type of flame you should be very clear, as far as I know, this inside Lion Mountain, in 100, has one to be safe.” Shen Xiang said is the truth, this is he ruins that stele, obtains that stele above ancient character to know. Naturally, I cannot guarantee in the short time to exit, I at most can only guarantee that now we can walk in this safely, can go to some quite safe Lion Mountain, when as for must be able to exit, I did not say certainly. I planned a person face length lives here for many years, completely grasps Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to exit again.” Shen Xiang said. Completely grasps Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, after hearing these words, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan complexion is cloudy, wished one could now cutting on a sword handle Shen Xiang this infinite future trouble. little slut, after waiting, holds this little bastard.” Zhao Yixuan gives Ji Meixian sound transmission. In Ji Meixian heart dark anger, responded: Yes!” Dead slut, sooner or later I will make you know that knows my Jade Immortal Woman consequence.” The Ji Meixian heart said.

Ji Meixian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, told Zhao Yixuan a moment ago under the order to her. Shen Xiang has smiled secretly, making Ji Meixian catch him? This was really too funny. Every other three double-hour will move one time, slowly wait for that's it.” Shen Xiang is not anxious, puts out alchemic furnace to start alchemy. He must to attack Earth Level High-Grade Dan now prepares, he must grasp 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique, even is 4th level Refining Simulation Technique is good, now he practices with some low level pill. For example Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, he refines this pill with 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique now, but again and again is actually defeated. First practices with Profound Beast Dan, my between-meal snack soon finished eating.” Long Xueyi shouted shouted low voice. dragon brat, in your storage equipment between -meal snack estimate are more than this mountain, do not want to deceive me.” The Shen Xiang very clear Long Xueyi's custom, Hidden Jade Ring inside has many abandoning spirit herb, these spirit herb are only because the quality is not high, finally entered the Long Xueyi's pocket.