Dragon Marked War God Vol. 48 Ch. 4612

Now this Jiang Chen contributes to the distinguished merit repeatedly, in glory and position that in the revelation knight group establishes, has started to be on par his assistant regimental commander, merit tall Zhenzhu, is not a good deed, therefore puts to death Jiang Chen, imperative, if onese

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10382

Quick, five thousand Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, all arrived at military compound here, they had taken over the military compound defense comprehensively, but originally these people in military compound, are actually start to sit Transmission Formation, leave military compound here, was good be

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10925

Is the paradise?” Xia Tian does not understand that these words are what meaning. I do not know that is what meaning, this was my father told me in the past!!” The night answered. ! Xia Tian looked at a surrounding seal: Night, hits to me these frozen, since this time I come to here, the seal

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4568

God level student entering in midterm novel very writes down()” searches the latest chapter! Cheng Yu their four people entered the channel to return to the entrance of other that main hall again. At this time they somewhat were ignorant. This......” four people stand in the entrance, looks in

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5554

The Human Race high level has the this kind of strategy, Yang Kai actually too does not approve. Divorces oneself from reality constantly, not necessarily promotes 9-Rank hopefully, the innumerable years later, in major Cave Heaven Paradise the straight promote 7-Rank good seedling to have somewha

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4169

Shen Xiang is experiences to rune/symbol Wenyuan the fearful place now, really completely not fighting the institute pays attention. rune/symbol Wenyuan elders, suddenly to war institute junior fight, the elders of this surely venting anger entire war institute. However, rune/symbol Wenyuan actua

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4170

From the Kun Dean words could also hear, before fighting the institute, unexpectedly to lose to no Heavenly God palace greatly! Fighting the institute is responsible for fighting, cannot be victorious no Heavenly God palace in the fight aspect, this simply is shame Ah! No wonder rune/symbol Wenyu

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 48 Ch. 4611

Perhaps seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill of ten marks, this medicine pill value, will raise wind and cloud in the entire revelation Milky Way city. In similar Tai look was full of the color of coveting, killing Jiang Chen now instead is next, this medicine pill to his seduction was rea

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4911

Stands left Chu Feng, is a man who wears the cotton garment. His named summer Yan. But stands right Chu Feng, is a man who wears the purple clothes, this male child long/grows a little mother, named similar Yu. Their two, before Chu Feng, step into are pregnant the person of thing forest. They

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10380

After Wei Xiaode listened to Chen Xiwang words, nods said: you not to come me also to say that with you this matter, you look for Zhao Hai now, talks clearly with him, they can contact with monster clansman, our Immortal Realm before and Monster Race before the war, can try to start visits and dis

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10381

child Hengying, Wen Wenhai then turned the head to look at these Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, his then said loudly: Supervises army there from the child, receives weapon Thousand-Man Leader to leave ranks.” With his sound, three Thousand-Man Leader walked out. Wen Wenhai looked at their one eye

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1399

After Blue Profound Alliance conformed with the Blue Profound Heaven all parties anti- Saint Palace influence thoroughly, had almost formed colossus that is above the imagination. But this colossus when revolves, was bursts out to let the astonishing strength that the person shocked. In said toge

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4756

一 个 飞 出来 的 罗 一, 瞬间 就 让 这 三 个 Giant 们 感受 到 巨大 的 震撼 了 。 Around this are many long time, this Luo vice- Sect Master strength really had so greatly promoted. If personally does not see, they a little cannot believe. At this moment they as if understand that was what slaughters the gate to have the s

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10923

The ray flashes! This time transmission time is a little long. However finally they were transmitted the destination. Is this under the ice layer?” Xia Tian asked. Right, if not this place, this transmission was impossible to preserve for a long time, was because of here hiding, therefore the

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10924

To strikes!! Also is earth going all out strikes. No matter before Xia Tian, formidable how displays, but its this strikes, certainly can get rid of Xia Tian. 【Day power, rebound!!】 Xia Tian rubbish, starts to use to rebound directly this ability. This is a very fearful ability. Rebounds all

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10379

Wei Xiaode and Zhao Hai returned to his in the room, Chen Xiwang was still waiting for him in there, enters in the room, Wei Xiaode immediately to Zhao Hai said: Zhao Hai, before you said that the matter about Shadow Clansman is really?” Zhao Hai immediately nods said: "Yes, not to have half a wo

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5553

During the speeches, looked at Yang Kai one timidly, actually discovered that Yang Kai simply has not cared about them. What having is good to care? In the middle of Huntsman has black ink disciple, the fools can guess correctly, but who concrete does not have the means to confirm, the light of t

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 48 Ch. 4610

However Jiang Chen can also make five types of heaven and earth different fires keep balanced, moreover by its violation, this is not Hou Zhenshan truly place with amazement, only then Alchemist can realize, five heaven and earth different fire gatherings in one, that is a suicide -type experience,

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4567

God level student entering in midterm novel very writes down()” searches the latest chapter! You come with me together!” Cheng Yu makes long third child person follow finally after behind, one line of four people had in the middle of Immortals and Demons Pagoda several souls to cultivate/repair

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4910

Is pregnant outside the thing forest, does not have Song Yun and that cloud empty/sky Elder form. They, went to an unmanned place. Grew up, indeed could not recognize.” Can your mother be good recently?” cloud empty/sky Elder asked to Song Yun, this time attitude, with previously had the enor

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4168

The king astronomy such remarks, is the disciple on the scene is not only attacked enormously, rune/symbol Wenyuan other disciples, feel shocking, unbelievable! rune/symbol Wenyuan so many middle and old age disciples, they boiled were very long, but is unable to become the purple gold jade to mak

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10378

As soon as the immortal emperor listened to Wei Xiaode saying that he cannot help but gawked, later he thinks, then open the mouth and said: Is 5000 people, can stall the attack of Monster Race?” Wei Xiaode open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, 5000 people are is impossible can certainly stall

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4755

Slaughtered the gate to be truly known very well by many people. Especially this small Sect. When everyone thought that slaughters the gate not to have the movement in a short time. No one has thought of Luo one with a mysterious Expert sudden surprise attack middle-grade Sect. This middle-grad

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1398

Four big Headmaster regarding establishment of Blue Profound Alliance especially careful, a short one day time, this news then spread over the Blue Profound Heaven's all parties influence at an exceptional pace. But stir that creates, without doubt is heaven and earth turning upside down. All inf

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10377

Brings Farm to mix the different realm novel very to write down()” searches the latest chapter! Wei Xiaode and Liu Zhong, one hear of immortal emperors said that also all silent, later Wei Xiaode suddenly thought of a matter, he to immortal emperor open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, Blood Sl

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4754

Does not calculate that in small restaurant, many people drink here. Did you hear? Recently that side very made is difficult to deal with/ferocious, slaughters the gate, unexpectedly the one breath gave to extinguish the surrounding five influences!” Slaughters the gate? Haven't I heard for wha

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5552

Without the thoughts thinks, now he is critically injured, regardless of flesh body or Divine Soul all suffer the heavy losses, left eye, because also just now stimulated to movement Life's Exterminator Demon Eye to have the damage, at this moment looked at thing not clear. Not only he is critical

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10922

The old name of extremely cold place is called the iceberg region. Because. Here is actually a giant iceberg. A very big iceberg. The area is bigger than the entire second side. Strength that Xia Tian most lacks now, the method of promotion strength, when now he hears this means that he also c

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10376

Wei Xiaode enters to immortal emperor study room, after the immortal emperor has saluted, his discover immortal emperor and Liu's loyal complexion is not quite attractive, he cannot help but stares, he does not dare to speak, but static standing in there, the immortal emperor looked at Wei Xiaode o

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10921

Hits directly. The fierce elder brother believes, this time, oneself got rid of Xia Tian. En? But quick, he felt that the situation is not right. This time Xia Tian. Is visiting him. Although his attack hit on the body of Xia Tian, but actually cannot cause any damage to Xia Tian, seemed this

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5551

Once this gateway tunnel was shattered, not only he is hapless, hides these people in Cave Heaven the same as be hapless, must therefore stand firm Void Tunnel to be good in any event. Cannot pester, must fight a battle to force a quick decision. Two Territory Lord, by the Yang Kai present condit

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4566

Is listening to the Cheng Yu's words, all souls cultivated/repaired changed the complexion. They know certainly that please go in” is what meaning, but they have certain suspicion. The Cheng Yu's pill fire truly makes them very frightened, they also believe that his tower-shaped Magical Treasure

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 48 Ch. 4609

What kind of, words that now admits defeat, perhaps I can also keep your entire corpse, gives you a dignified cause of death.” similar Tai looks straight ahead Jiang Chen saying that does not kill him, how unemotional anger? Also dares to provoke including own woman, living is impatient, hawk can

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4166

rune/symbol mark the difficulty is far less than alchemy, rune/symbol Wenshi has much, for example pays the round this type to become young rune/symbol Wenshi is not rare. But young Alchemist was rare, in brief pays round and Ke Yumeng has not seen. Older Brother Shen, you through inspection?” K

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4167

Dragon near the top layer of inn, at night very peaceful, here has barrier, outside can isolate the sound that makes noise. This, enough dozens move in personally, but only Shen Xiang, pays round and Ke Yumeng, therefore appears especially lonely. Naturally, specters Divine Soul is also batting a

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4909

How did this fellow come?” He has this skill, found here quickly?” Song Yun vision gloomy looks at the distant place. Afterward she hidden the figure, hid the one side. In a while, had form together to come here. This person, is one of the Gongsun three talents, Gongsun tears rain. The Go

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 29 Ch. 2818

Is looking at face callous standing there, among expression does not have color fifth Palace Master slight worry, suddenly, the throat of An Lie somewhat becomes dry unexpectedly. Today he dares to come Hundred Saints City, the biggest reason then because of Sen Ran (dense) Palace Master falls/die

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4753

Master on this was the Belief god tower that I manufactured specially, so long as placed in this thing our domains, can smooth col­lec­tion to enough Belief!” The kings of ten thousand demon recently have not been idling. But keeping refinement special treasure. That was the Belief god tower.

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1397

Standing is fierce in this whole body at present, the scar appears the exceptionally ugly fearsome fatty, was that followed the Zhou Yuan same batch to enter Blue Profound Sect's Shen Wanjin impressively in the past. Zhou Yuan clear remembering, in the past this young fatty very proud poses as his

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10375

Wei Xiaode knitting the brows head, later said solemnly: Truly cannot go too far, he says now no matter how, person who also has the status in Imperial Court, this, you and he are also some friendship, you visit his, asks that he does have what need, perhaps this he also met with you.” Chen Xiwan