Almighty Student - Volume 110 - Chapter 10921
Hits directly.

The fierce elder brother believes, this time, oneself got rid of Xia Tian. En? But quick, he felt that the situation is not right. This time Xia Tian. Is visiting him. Although his attack hit on the body of Xia Tian, but actually cannot cause any damage to Xia Tian, seemed this strikes and does not have any might is the same. How possibly?” On the fierce elder brother's face showed the shocking facial expression. Bang! Also not the time that waits for him to respond. A Xia Tian palm of the hand hit in his head. The fierce elder brother in the flash felt own body such as was struck by lightning, as if a mountain pounds to be the same. Atmosphere of death covered. Was too weak!!” Xia Tian sees front fierce elder brother. What's the matter? Why similarly certainly revering, will your strength be so strong?” The fierce elder brother looks at Xia Tian panic-stricken, just that flash, he has felt the death. This is only Xia Tian casual strikes. So is terrifying!! Because my name is Xia Tian.” The body of Xia Tian moves, vanished in directly same place. Xia Tian?” The fierce elder brother when hears this name. The whole person was shocked. ! Meanwhile. The attack of Xia Tian hit instantaneously on his body. Smashing!! The fierce elder brother's body crushes directly. Certainly revering. In the Xia Tian front, such collapsing at the first blow. Just arrived at the divine land time. Above the strength of 100,000 point principle people, regarding Xia Tian, must think of every means to cope, but these certainly revering, is he saw person who can only escape. But now. His palm of the hand, can relaxed severe wound that revering pats certainly. This grows.

No!!!” Fierce elder brother's voice along with being unwilling. But has vanished gradually. Meanwhile. Xia Tian looked to the following that giant ice beast. Ices the beast also in unceasing hit that ice surface, but ice surface not slightly breakage volume trace. „The strength of this ice beast, although is big, but its strength had shared out equally by the ice surface, if it can the concentration of efforts at a point, there is an opportunity, this time does not have us even, the fierce elder brother is still doomed to be defeated, but he will come next time, wants to make so many food again and attacks a point method, perhaps needs the millenniums later!!” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. This fierce elder brother. Possibly is tracking down this treasure storehouse for a lifetime. But finally. He actually dies above path that in oneself tracked down. Quick. Ices badly beaten of beast hit, sent out calling out in grief, later turn around leaves. It seems like this ice beast gave up, only if continues to give him to feed, otherwise it will not continue to hit!!!” Xia Tian looked in front of a giant ice piece. Afterward a Wang Dan threw. Ice beast clothing/taking world of mortals Wang Dan's that flash. Entered the Berserk condition instantaneously. Continues to hit that ice surface. However. This time. A Xia Tian hand held the head of ice beast. Another hand condenses. Extinguishes the immortal to refer to! He must extinguish the might that the immortal refers to with himself, in addition the strength of this ice beast, combines, the most powerful strength will make. Bang! Strokes. The ice surface presented the fissure! Second strikes! Rumble! Smashing!!! Front cold ice crushes instantaneously. !

Iced in the mouth of beast to make the joyful sound. Meanwhile. Xia Tian sees. Ice surface collapse. Under ice surface. ray of light glow soars to the heavens . Moreover, all treasures in the flash, were all iced the beast to swallow. Is swallowing that moment of treasure. Ices the body of beast to start to shiver. It is evolving!!!” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. The Xia Tian vision looked to oneself front ice beast. In this moment. Ices the body of beast to inflate unceasingly. Increase! Getting bigger and bigger. The entire fountain of youth as if must unable to contain it to be the same. Originally, here so-called treasure, can be used for the treasure that makes it evolve, no wonder it can keep with own head hits the ice surface, the failure time also sends out to call out in grief!!” Xia Tian finally yes what's the matter. As for that fierce elder brother. He wants to obtain the treasure in ice piece. Therefore. Was he is deceived by this giant ice beast. By this ice beast use. Xia Tian is also same. Xia Tian breaks open this ice layer, anything has not obtained, the final treasure, was obtained by this ice beast. ! The body of Xia Tian moves, vanished in directly same place. Presents again time, he had arrived above of fountain of youth. Rumble! The ice surface starts to crush. The body of giant ice beast also in unceasing inflation. unexpectedly can also grow like this!!” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) has been staring at the ice beast. Ices beast growth, is very terrifying, normal, the general treasure growth, most is also 1-2 times, but now the growth of this ice beast is over ten times.

Such huge growth. Will explode the body to perish. But this ice beast actually point explodes the trace that the body perishes not to have. Really mysterious Ah!!” Xia Tian flew directly. However quick. The body that this ice beast increases starts gradually changed small, finally turned into three zhang (3.33 m) high appearance, his vision looked to Xia Tian: Thanks!!” Two characters appear. unexpectedly will speak the words of human!!” The corners of the mouth of Xia Tian raise slightly. It seems like, its very intelligent Ah!!” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. If this ice beast direct attack, that Xia Tian will definitely not let off it, but it now is so polite to Xia Tian, this made Xia Tian have no reason to attack it. Ok, walks!!” Xia Tian looked at an ice beast, later turn around must leave. Ices the beast to follow in Xia Tian behind. Does?” Xia Tian looked to the ice beast. Ices the beast to dash. summer trace/strand the defense appears instantaneously. However. Ices the beast actually not to attack Xia Tian, but following the finger of Xia Tian, transmits the strength that a faint trace froze!! Afterward. In the Xia Tian knowledge sea presented the language of ice beast: „Can you help me?” Helps you?” Xia Tian puzzled looked to the ice beast. My father was suppressed in the iceberg end, I only then break open the iceberg the end, can put my father, but I grew even, cannot achieve!!” Ices the beast to beg. I have the important matter to do!!” The Xia Tian reminder said. He comes to here is not takes vacation. But has important mission. Comes the fire fighting mother Elder Brother to go out. Seal my father there, has our iceberg most precious object, so long as you can rescue my father, that treasure was your!!” Ices the beast quickly to say. Treasure?” Xia Tian looked to the ice beast. Right, here is called the iceberg, the area is bigger than the second side of your human, but before, here was not an iceberg, reason that here will turn into the iceberg, was because a past day foreign substance pounded, will turn into this, that was the origin strength of iceberg!!” Ices the beast to answer. Hears here time. Xia Tian also came the interest: You said that such big iceberg region, is that treasure makes?”