Almighty Student - Volume 110 - Chapter 10922
The old name of extremely cold place is called the iceberg region.

Because. Here is actually a giant iceberg. A very big iceberg. The area is bigger than the entire second side. Strength that Xia Tian most lacks now, the method of promotion strength, when now he hears this means that he also came the interest. This is very fearful strength, we ice a beast clan, produces because of this strength, moreover here climate change, produces because of that thing.” Ices the beast to say. I can consider to help, but I must save a person now, when I finished this time matter , helping you again!!” Xia Tian said. I can the same place!!” Ices the beast to say. You?” Xia Tian stares. Right, after this evolution, I can form the armor, attaches on you, moreover I knew about the iceberg region, you want to look for the words of person, I can also help!!” Ices the beast to answer. Also good, the person who I must find is called the hot master, have you heard?” Xia Tian also believes, has words that the ice beast follows, he truly can be short of lots of troubles. After all ices the beast is the local area. He can be more familiar to here, in this case, the following road should be good. „The name of human I definitely do not know that moreover for these years, iceberg region here came innumerable human, I do not know that who is who!!” Ices the beast, although knew about here. But it really does not know about human. You had heard has a very powerful person by the seal here?” Xia Tian asked. Seal! Hears the seal two characters time, ices the beast at present one bright: Here is called the iceberg region, here, all by existence of seal, in the peak of iceberg, my father also there!!” In other words. Person who Xia Tian must find, with his father in the same place.

That can on the way. Sounds good, this really on the way!!” Xia Tian slight nod. This all the way non- security Ah!!” Ices the beast to say. What danger has?” Xia Tian asked. Were too many, first did not say the big danger, if we fly, tens of thousands years could not have flown, moreover here ice beast many innumerable all the way, may want many quantity of your human were too more, but you have me luckily, I know one transmission, can span all dangers, arrives in one of the iceberg star anises directly!!!” Icing the beast seems takes undeserved credit to be the same. Said that looks!!” Xia Tian felt the ice beast said unusual is good. If there is transmission. Truly can save their a lot of time. Also has the trouble, the iceberg star anise has eight ice to revere the king there, we went to its domain, will certainly touch its dignity, although my time grew, but present I, revere the king to compare the difference from these ice were too many.” Ices the beast to know the disparities of own present and inside these fellows, they are true Expert. Your strength is also very big, moreover this time grows, your strength was bigger!!” Xia Tian said. We ice beast cultivation is the strength attack, therefore our strengths compared with your human big ten times, but our other attacks are the weak areas, only if attaches on you, we can use some special defenses and attack methods, if front impact time, we are the competition strengths, whose strength is big, who is Expert!!” Ices the beast to say. ! Walks, we go to one of the iceberg star anises, you chose the place, the transmission in the past, other, gave me!!” The distance that if Xia Tian with the earth because of the source of earth, transmits here will change will be small, will have more accidents/surprises, the source of earth in having earth element place, the transmission distance will be farthest, moreover will be the most safety and stability. Extremely cold place here. The earth element is scarce. Transmission obviously is safest. So long as said that rushes to others' domain. At the worst hits. Oneself are saves others in any case, before, oneself has completed the worst plan. No matter is dangerous.

He must complete. Because he needs the help of hot mother, without the help of hot mother, he cannot enter a day of clan. But hot mother's three requests. First are unable to complete, third can only try one's luck. Only then this, oneself are can have the explicit destination. He also understands. Since the sky the hot master seal here, that absolutely is not easy to rush. Therefore. He has prepared for has put together. Good, has my in addition to hold, perhaps we also really have the opportunity, but was a pity, if can make me find the inflammations of four ice again, I can promote to revere Realm of king to these ice directly!!” Ices the beast also to anticipate very much oneself turn into the ice to revere Realm of king directly. But. Flame of the ice it used is so long, finally obtained under the help of Xia Tian. That following, it wants to look for the inflammations of other four ice, is difficult such as to ascend to heaven. Even gives it 1 million years. It also is very difficult to take the flame of ice. Walks!!” Xia Tian said. Ices the beast also to guide directly. Transmission position under just fountain of youth, but below under fountain of youth, after the ice layer broke open ten times, sees. Such covert Ah!!” Xia Tian believes that so long as is the normal person, could not discover here absolutely. Even his eyes are special, he will be impossible to rush to such covert place to transmit to find.

This transmission is ancient, I 300,000 years ago escapes through this transmission, was my father maintained life in the past the place of transmission to one that I left behind!!” Ices the beast to say. Right, had not asked that you called anything!” Xia Tian said. Night!!” Good, the night, that leads me to pass!!” Xia Tian this time was the luck is also good, bumped into the night, otherwise, depended on the source of earth to transmit, he is betting the life, here so bad risk, if he transmitted that type of genuine dangerous place, that may on the danger. However. This time. He must go to a real dangerous the place. Star anise that we go to the iceberg, there once was my native place, now there ran is being the earth!!!” Ices the beast to say. En! Good!!” Xia Tian also walked into transmission directly. Meanwhile. summer trace/strand has completed the defensive preparation. After all. They must go to the supreme headquarters of opposite party, this past, possibly was very dangerous. bo! The ray flashes. Xia Tian also understands, then, confirmed itself in mind/square inch mountain cultivation obtained, before had not bumped into the nice opponent, but the following opponent, being worth him having the full power!!! Apex reading website: