Almighty Student - Volume 110 - Chapter 10923
The ray flashes!

This time transmission time is a little long. However finally they were transmitted the destination. „Is this under the ice layer?” Xia Tian asked. Right, if not this place, this transmission was impossible to preserve for a long time, was because of here hiding, therefore the ice of star anise revered king Cai not to discover this transmission!!!” The night reminder said. Here ice reveres king Jiaozuo the earth. Is a strength formidable fellow. bo!! The right hand of Xia Tian wields. Golden Blade appears in his hands. Thick ice layer, directly by the Xia Tian little incision. Your here is really covert, this ice layer I cut was so long, cannot cut open!!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. This was stamina lives. In the past left behind this transmission time, under ice layer that looked for specially was easy to ice up, in this case, can be safer!!!” The night answered. Here. Is card in hand that it kills. Therefore is this place, the enemy more could not find. This. Xia Tian little broke. Passed the half day. He sees above. However he also looked simultaneously to the night: On here is really the supreme headquarters?” Yes, my father said, a more dangerous place is safer, therefore this transmission, under of opposite party supreme headquarters, our coming, above definitely is the ice beast, powerful ice beast, moreover this transmission, this time will definitely expose.” The night understands. This time transmission can only use one time. The enemies will certainly discover. If their times are defeated. That failed thoroughly. Not the second opportunity. This to him, is gambling. It all detained oneself lives and properties on the body of Xia Tian, although it does not know whether finally to succeed, but it was very clear, if oneself did not seize this time opportunity, oneself this whole life almost did not have the opportunity. Good, prepares to hit one!!” On the face of Xia Tian showed the smile. Afterward! His body changed into a flowing light, rushes directly.

He to/clashes suddenly. Also is all ice beasts is unexpected. However here ice beast strength is very formidable, when they feel strange aura appears, the surrounding ice beast also instantaneously killed!! Day cold sword! On the same day the cold sword presented that moment in Xia Tian hand. The strength of his principle obtained the addition instantaneously. Combustion! The surroundings clash the bodies of these ice beasts to be burnt directly. Strength of 100,000 points principle ice beasts. In the Xia Tian front. Was slaughtered simply. Normal, the ice beast of this rank. In outside is the Chief rank. ! Meanwhile. The howling of ice beasts appeared, these ice beasts charged into front Xia Tian like this. Extinguish! Time that the day cold sword selects. The flame of principle of day swallowed their bodies. A large area of ice beast falls to fall. Very powerful Ah!!” Night surprised saying. Bang! At this moment. A giant ice beast flushed. To hit directly to Xia Tian. Meanwhile. Night recovers the original design, hit to opposite ice beast. Rumble! Two ice beasts hit in together, opposite that ice beast was hit to fly directly. Your fights are really violent.” The corners of the mouth of Xia Tian raise slightly. ! The form appears together.

Night, you came back finally!!!” An ice beast appears in the Xia Tian front. Jet black body. It seems like very hard. Earth, I came back!!!” Night angry looked to front ice beast. Okay lives is not being good? Must bring about own destruction!!” Saying that earth disdains. The night also rushes directly. Rumble! That night and earth hits in the same place. The body of night flew upside down. The entire body almost crushes directly. It seems like, you were found the flame of ice, what a pity was, only swallowed flame of ice you, is unable to contend to swallow inflammations of five ice me!!!” earth when sees the night, was full of the color of ridicule. In his opinion. The night is comes courting death. Earth, you are perfidious, betray my father, you die like a dog!!” Night angry shouting. „Can I the peaceful death, you unable to see!!!” After earth said that hit directly to the night. He is to kill the night obviously directly. This strikes. Had the destruction of death. The night closed own eye. As if waiting for death to be the same. Limitless, defends!!】 Xia Tian appears in the front of night instantaneously. neutralize the attack of earth. What?” earth is also a face vigilant looks at Xia Tian, his just that strikes, the might is huge, but he such powerful strikes, unexpectedly by person so relaxed on keeping off under. Your this strength? This strength may be unable to block me!!” Xia Tian overlooks front earth. Just when earth appeared, he discovered a very important matter. That is. Clone of source of earth, on earth. He now, already clone of sources of five earth. If can take clone of source of this earth, that was six. The strength is increased again. Therefore.

He was also had the interest in this earth. However. He also analyzed probably, this earth overall strength over revering eight 10-Stars Expert, its strength and impact were ratio revering 99 lines of full forces strike are more fearful. Such existence. Frontage resistance words. He possibly is not the opponent of opposite party. At this time. Must think. Perhaps human, you have not known that we do ice the strength of beast terrifyingly?” earth said, plans to charge into Xia Tian. 【The day power, repels!!】 Xia Tian launched own attack instantaneously. Bang! The body of earth was struck to fly directly. The tremendous recoil strength makes earth be unexpected, just Xia Tian struck to deter him, now Xia Tian launches such attack suddenly, was makes him feel the terrifying. He is also quickly wants to control oneself body. Bang! Two injuries raid. Its body starts to shiver. Bang! Three injuries raid. Its body shivers was fiercer. How can like this?” The body of earth breaks own palace completely. Meanwhile!! Xia Tian overlooks the earth: Your this skill?” Hateful, human, should not be too wild, I will crack-up you!!” earth said loudly. Limitless, attraction!!】 Xia Tian rubbish, the right hand grasps. The body of earth loses control instantaneously, flew directly to Xia Tian. No, you gave up any idea of!!” earth is also flying to Xia Tian that flash, condensed oneself strongest impact, he wants to depend on this to strike, destroys Xia Tian thoroughly. Freezes the world!!!