The first chapter Has put on() Young Master, Young Master, should get out of bed with the breakfast.” Old, but very serious sound resounds in the ear of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not cared, but felt headache awfully, he thinks his computer has not closed, inside soap opera in back lines. However that sound then said : Young Master, should get out of bed, as Noble, gets out of bed on time is the one type of good custom.” Zhao Hai has gawked, because this sound is not computer passes on probably, this sound probably near his ear, moreover very real, absolutely will not be the sound that his broken sound box will come out. although is very painful, Zhao Hai suppressed has been opening the eye, seeing was actually not his family that ceiling in vain, but was a gauze account. Zhao Hai has gawked, transferred under one, presently lies down on a big wooden bed, the bedside is standing one over 50 years old, meticulosity of grayish white combing, stern-faced, calm look at he. Zhao Hai dull look at this serious old person, then vision image rotation all around, this is a made from stone house, very crude, except that he is lying down beside the bed, only then a desk chair was a furniture, the ground and wall just had cleaned probably, on the window was the wooden window frame, on was battering the one layer white paper, in the top of the head had sparkling light Stone to make the illumination to use, entire house in not other's thing. At this time that old person in said : Young Master, you have been all right, please as soon as possible get up, as Noble, should have the law of life, the present is the breakfast time, invited Young Master getting out of bed as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai eye image rotation that old person, in the brain suddenly flashes through a thought that put on! Then feels in the brain a severe pain, one on fainted in the past. Green Buda looked at Zhao Hai to faint, gawked slightly, walked hastily outward, was standing four people outside the room, two male two females, young of two men, looking at the look should be only several years old, looked is the height actually all before two meters, skin meat likely strong general, black skin, short, their long was exactly the same, unexpectedly was one to the twin, the expression was a little silly.

Two women, old, there are over 40 years old, the stature is very fat, blue, benign countenance, now an anxious color of face. The young point girl, has sixteen or seventeen years old today, is actually long of cyan, the small face of goose oval, the petite stature, the fair skin, is the rare beautiful woman silkworm embryo, now is lowering the head, wooden of face. Looked at Green to come out, old woman immediately/on horseback said : Green, how? Did Young Master awake?” Green nodded, shook the head said : to awake, but just woke and fainted, Merine, your doesn't Magic have the effect? Do these medicines have the issue? Were some people up to mischief in the medicine?” Merine is cold face said : „, if is really this, the old lady has spelled with these fellows, although said that Young Master was the bastard a point, but he was Buda Family final bloodline, did Empire these bastards, forget Old Master are Empire had done how many matters in the past? This group of ungrateful bastards.” Green serious said : you go to have a look, the incorrect words are giving Young Master to treat with Water element Magic, no matter what, we want protect Buda final bloodline.” Merine nodded, but then wicked look at Green said : „, if Young Master were good, you do not permit to press the request of any Noble to request Young Master, arrived at this damned place, but also the etiquette of any Noble, lets them damn, has a look at these Noble countenance, thinks that I am disgusting.” Green helpless looked at Merine one, but is serious said : is not good, how Young Master in said that now is also a status of viscount, must like Noble, I probably teach that Young Master true Noble, does not lose Buda Family to our great kindness.” Merine maliciously is staring Green said : you, if in dares to Young Master, I not to prepare food to eat to you, starves to death you, now we in this place, but also don’t know can insist how long, is adding on these people in imperial capital, you think that Young Master will have opportunity returned to Empire to go? Little had a dream.” Green smiled bitterly was not speaking suddenly, he also knows what Merine said was the truth, reason that this time they by the minute to the barren land that this bird will not lay an egg, was because Empire King was adding on these Great Noble to take the lead to do, if were not because the Buda Family beforehand success was too magnificent, feared that will be they will extinguish Buda Family directly. Now although Buda Family still exists, but later wants to enter the Empire Noble circle, that is impossible, even the people will forget also to have such Clan to exist desirably.

But most makes Green feel what is dejected, Empire King feared that Buda Family in time turning to pick, gives their Young Master unexpectedly, the Buda Family last successor, the Buda Family final hope, Adam Buda drinks Water of Nothingness. The water of this nihility is unsurpassed Magical Treasure, each drop of value, cannot weigh with gold coins, but this nihility Potion only then one type of does to use, making your strength change into the nihility. The water of nihility, so long as a drop, can make one have Magician of law Divine Power quantity, or has Martial God strength Warrior, God Rank Knight turned into an average person instantaneously, after this is not having the means to use any Magic or Battle Qi, moreover does not have the medicine medicine. This Potion although can unable to use Battle Qi and Magic, but will actually not have other influence to the body of person, he turns into an average person you. If this person originally is average person, that this Potion does not have what difference with the ordinary water, but if this person is Noble, or is in itself Expert, he will make you turn into an demon military disabled person instantaneously, a waste, making you fall into the bottomless abyss from the high clouds. But Adam Buda was ordered to drink this Potion by King, he was for a lifetime impossible to study any Magic and Battle Qi, can only work as an average person. If this matter lives in other Noble family, that does not have anything, at the worst later works as an average person, mixes to eat to wait for death, in do not think the matter of any authority on the line. However this matter lived on the body of Adam wants to assign, he was the Buda Family last successor, he needed the strength from inspiring the Clan strong wind, making Buda Family in one time enter the Aksu Empire historical arena, but he actually drank Water of Nothingness, from now in cannot study any Magic and Battle Qi, impossible in having the strength shook is popular Clan, the Buda Family final hope, exterminated. If no strength, Green did not fear how to say he is also 8th level Warrior, his wife Merine is also 8th level Water element Magician, granddaughter Meg is also 6th level Wind element Magician, has them , the strength of Buda was also enough, if they in original fief, that Buda in one time prosperous are not the difficult matter, after all fief of original Buda is in Empire south, there are in place Main City and four places the shape city, is populous, the land is lush, so long as show several years of their low key, the Buda family will be the same prosperous. However has not thought that King unexpectedly fief of their family trading, has traded Empire north Black Wasteland from the Empire south. Black Wasteland that is the deathtrap that on Continent became famous, although area is very big, has the Aksu Empire total area one third size fully, but here simply not long plants, any plants is not long, even if will be these long same will have lost plant plants in desert to here.

according to legend Black Wasteland here is also fertile lands, afterward here lived a battlefield, several law God Rank other Magician, the use of alliance large-scale casting a spell, having made this lands turn into a stretch of deathtrap, in not long thing. If only the deathtrap, Green did not fear, so long as the good communications, they can do some business, most at least can support itself, Dwarf Iron Mountain that but Black Wasteland here by abandoning is surrounding, crossed the mountain is of Carrion Swamp Continent five big forbidden areas, but this Carrion Swamp, belongs to fief of Buda, fief area of Buda, but entire Aksu Empire is biggest. But exit / to speak of here sole, next to the Purcell Family territory, although said that Purcell Family has the engagement with Buda Family, but now Buda Family to this situation, but also most has Purcell Family of power and influence to be married with Empire? here also has become worthy of the reputation the deathtrap. Is good before here also in the Empire control range, on Dwarf Iron Mountain that therefore in that abandoning , the small town fort, in adding on this mountain has not received affect of casting a spell, therefore on the mountain some lands can cultivate, they are hungry undead. But Green after knowing their fief was traded here, immediately changed into the slave and living materials Buda Family all money also has some seed and tools, then after led was drinking the water of nihility, unconscious Adam to arrive at here, was abandoned in that in the small town fort that but can also use lived. Comes with Green together, his wife Merine, with his granddaughter Meg, twin orphan Blockhead and Stone that a pair of Adam father adopted in the past, is adding on 100 slaves, in not anybody. But from Empire to the Black Wasteland process, Adam unconscious, has been good because of Merine is Magician, can often treat and cure Adam with Magic, this can let Adam safe arrival here, moreover yesterday she examined the Adam condition, thinks that he can wake today, therefore Green will call Adam to get out of bed in the bedside, but they have not thought that now lies down that Adam on bed, is not Adam, that is only one is throwing over Earth nerd Zhao Hai of Adam skin.