The tenth chapter We hope that() Zhao Hai all emitted ground to Sun, the mood calm has gotten down, yes, this was he at the first sunrise that different realm saw, that grand landscape, making him completely relaxed, the heroic feelings was big, therefore could not bear say these words. Waits for Zhao Hai this turn around present, Green they stand under city wall, is also standing that 100 slaves, can look, these slaves after careful choice, various male and female half, moreover is very strong, has not fallen ill, now also combs the hair and wash the face is very clean, clothes are also very clean, but on the face of male slave is ironing a mark, that mark on their foreheads, is making threatening gestures Wild Dragon, the Buda Family badge, is with according to the name manufacture of their handed down in the family Battle Qi. Green looked at Zhao Hai to see them, his immediately/on horseback bowed to Zhao Hai, said loudly: Young Master, the Buda Family glory certainly shining entire earth, asking Young Master to admonish for us.” His words said that his behind these slaves, one has all knelt down, knocks the ground, nobody dares to gain ground to come to see Zhao Hai one. On Zhao Hai first is only ordinary nerd, that has seen this scene, in there, helpless, solid however don’t know must say any good at once. Some little time the mood calm slowly, looked that Green they also bend the waist not to have, his quickly said: Grandpa Green, you get up, other people also get up, we went to this kind of place, this place anything does not have, the land does not have the means to cultivate, in the mountain did not have the ore, we only then such a abandoned castle take our shelters, but you, had common natural, Buda, no matter you do want, your bodies have gotten Buda Family branding, you are the Buda Family people, Buda Family exists, you on having necessary of existence, Buda Family disappear, you will also disappear, this is unmodifiable. Fact, yes, now we are anything do not have, but our actually pair of hand, all of this world, are create by the both hands of humanity, our pair of hand, we will not starve to death, we will let our life happy, in you most people are the slaves, you believe that life is happy with you do not have no relationship, because in how happy, your slave, no matter lives, today what I must say, so long as your working diligently, so long as you can make to supply to offer for Buda Family, that I. Can exempt the status of your slave, making you commoner, your children will not be the slaves, he perhaps one day can the join Buda Family army, become an honorable soldier, good that if he will display, he may become Knight, Noble, I will request you to achieve well, I will be also best to you, so long as you will try hard, my Adam Buda will use the honor oath of my Clan in here, certainly to presently my today's commitment!” A slight disturbance produces in these slaves, must know that these slaves before being bought, has had the specialist training, when Master admonished, they did not permit, that feared that wants to break wind must endure, like this disturbance should not appears . However the Zhao Hai words too have actually shaken, on Continent never has that Noble to turn into commoner the slave, you one, but became the slave, then on the generation after generations is the slaves, the generation after generation are the slaves, this is unmodifiable.

If Zhao Hai were only the idle talk said that these slaves do not believe that but Zhao Hai actually took an oath with the Buda Family honor, must know that Ark Continent here Noble did not vow easily, even if the oath generally not with the honor oath of oneself Clan, that was all Noble attaches great importance, so long as with the Clan honor the oath, they certainly will achieve, these words that also in other words, Zhao Hai spoke, all real! What is the slave biggest desire? One day can turn into commoner, can restore their free status, can make their posterity not receive the pain of slave, for this reason the has plenty slave has carried on the resistance, they revolt, revolt, but quickly had actually been suppressed by these Noble, because they are only the slaves, they do not have weapon, they do not have full body armor, their Battle Qi, in this case, they will not be will be impossible to be victorious these military equipment the Noble army of tooth. Now Zhao Hai tells them, you do not need to revolt, working that so long as you try hard, so long as you can be Buda Family make for offering, you can obtain the commoner status, this regarding these slaves, really like having a dream. The slaves try hard to work must, if they do not work diligently, by person present, will be executed, even if were not executed, will receive the severest punishment, therefore their simply nobody dares to be loaf, now some people tell them, working that so long as you try hard, I can thing that you most want, this regarding them, the vibration was too big. Green they were also shocked, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will say such words to come, to be honest Green too did not agree that Zhao Hai said that because of these slaves must working well probably, moreover on Continent does not have that Noble to make a slave turn into commoner, the here surface involves too many thing. However now the Zhao Hai words said that he does not have the means to refute, can only , in after returned to fort, is saying this situation to Zhao Hai well. Looked at following person one eyes, Zhao Hai also knows that they can have such response to be good, from the Adam memory he knew the status of these slaves, because knew this point, thing that therefore he most wants to obtain with these slaves was to tempt them. The creativity of humanity is infinite, so long as hopes to them, energy that they explode is your difficult imagination, but now Zhao Hai needs them to explode this energy the time, therefore he such will do.

Zhao Hai is very satisfied to their responses, therefore his then said : you can try to find various solutions, so long as can make Buda Family gain the benefit, or makes to improve the life thing, useful thing, you can attain Green Manager there to go, so long as I recognized thing that you make is useful, is good, I will take down the merit to you, so long as your merit achieve a certain degree, you can turn into commoner, that feared that will be your anything will not do, so long as your working diligently, good that very so long as you will display, you on can obtain a merit, so long as this. The merit accumulated a certain degree, you can become commoner, became our Buda Family, the juniors in Black Soil territory.” These slaves were more excited, they simply must regard the god Zhao Hai now, because only then god such benevolent, the body storms of all slaves left imposing manner unexpectedly, this imposing manner letting stands in front of them unexpectedly, had Green of 8th level Warrior strength to feel that some hearts are startled. Green turned the head to look at these slaves, he bodies of these slaves probably one were presently many one type of thing, before he saw these slaves time, always feels their spiritless, like a piece Stone, but now they actually likely were a person, were many such vigor, were many a working zeal. Green shakes at heart, his suddenly understand Zhao Hai the procedure, if Buda Family must unfold, the just by 100 spiritless slaves, that is impossible to unfold, but if were 100 has filled the working zeal person, then on complete was different, person who 100 had the working zeal, what matter can make to come, Green don’t know, but 100 slaves can handle any matter, he was clear, Green long vented anger, on the face has shown the sincerity smiling face, at the same time are also many a silk to be firm and resolute, he believes that Buda Family opportunity that from turned to pick newly on must. Zhao Hai also felt that many slave's changes, he shows a faint smile, knows that own words got up to do with, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : good, you worked, first arranged these commodities, tomorrow will have new duty to you.” These slaves complied with one, the looks like these commodities of half step walked, their footsteps is more powerful than before, whole body has been full of the working zeal. Zhao Hai satisfied nod, from city wall, has arrived at side Green slowly, to Green said : Grandpa Green, we go back, my something must ask you.” Green has complied with one, is leading Merine they, follows in Zhao Hai walks toward in fort , the look at Zhao Hai back, Green knows that Zhao Hai really changed, he before is not that only knows Young Master Adam that deliberately creates trouble, he now was Buda Family Patriarch, true Patriarch. Several people quick to fort dining room, after sitting down, Zhao Hai turns the hand, under he leftovers that half radish on appears in in his hand, he has put on the radish the table, to Green said : Grandpa Green, what thing you looked at this is?”

Green has not made noise, Zhao Hai strange looked at Green one, presently Green look at his hand, why he is also knowing Green expression like this, because he just put out the movement of radish. On this Continent, has Space Magic, but Space Magic very difficult study, moreover condition that requests very harsh, therefore does not have many people to study, although has to be used to store up thing Space equipment, but must open these equipment, actually needs energy, no matter Magic or Battle Qi, so long as has energy to open, but this drinks the Water of Nothingness person, even if has such equipment he unable to open, let alone he also not. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Green, what thing do you look at this are?” Green one recovers, stood excitedly got up said : Young Master, you just? You just......” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : what not to have, that is the ability that I obtain, so long as you know that was good, do not say that what thing you do come to see this are?”