Chapter 100 Attack Blockhead their also very much happy, can say that the water of nihility has pressed in their heart a piece big stone, moreover this big stone is heaviest a piece, a piece of most non-solution, suddenly was hearing now this big stone can melt, their naturally happy. Some little time can Green to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this Space Level Up? Is also as before, looks for some special plants to come in?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like this, now this is also the quickest Level Up means that I can find, but previous time Grandpa Green you looked for many thing, these thing let the Space liter Level 10, these thing that but you found, was some most common thing, thing that was easiest to find, Space wanted in Level Up, thing of this level feared that was inadequate, later Space Level Up feared that was not easy.” Green nodded, complexion ugly, after deep voice said : looks like, our show with emphasis do not place at other matter, first lets Space Level Up to two Level 10 is most important.” Merine nod of their simultaneously, they also believe before, most important uses the Space planter ability, as soon as possible can Buda Family make money, but now is different, now Space can the water of remove Zhao Hai nihility, that other all not be unimportant, the water of remove nihility is most important. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, has not said anything, he knows that Green their idea, his security forever is first, reason that to be honest, he has not opposed, he also thinks that the quick point own within the body the water of nihility solving, him had opportunity to study Magic and Battle Qi like this. In China, before everybody knight-errant dream, but along with emerging of online literature, present Chinese young man, everybody passes through the dream. Passes through does to different realm? Studies enchanting Magic, formidable Battle Qi, these are the person biggest dreams that these fantasies one day can pass through. But Zhao Hai although passed through, because actually drinks the Water of Nothingness reason, was impossible to study Magic and Battle Qi, this let Zhao Hai regret, now had the solution, Zhao Hai naturally also very happy. Now Green they did not have the thoughts to go to the tube garden they to say anything, they recover from this excited vigor, this information have not taken to their pleasant surprise are really too big. After two hours, Green they are genuine has calmed down, but each and every one is excited of face, made that Zhao Hai also very much not bears.

At this time on the screen had gotten dark, garden their in the tent has selected on the Magic lamp, several people were still chatting, but outside mercenary was preparing food. Saw that these mercenary are preparing food, Merine then thinks that have not prepared food, sets out to prepare food hastily, but Meg they also arrange the eating meal issues of these slaves. These slaves in have been used to it very much, how therefore did not choose a person look at that in Space stayed to know that must handle any matter, the present to does not use Zhao Hai their too heart. Had the dinner, Zhao Hai has made Zhao Qiandai Ghost Staff exit from Space, Zhao Qian point must find other these Dead-soldier, waited a while attack time, cannot make these Dead-soldier run. Zhao Qian is trying to find out in the canyon surrounding carefully, fortunately, he is Undead Creature, looked that thing almost does not use the eye, so long as Soul Fire, him can feel all around situation, no matter the darkness not black does not have what influence regarding him, a truer knot said that the darkness gets down, to him advantageous. These Dead-soldier appears on screen, these Dead-soldier has had obviously also the specialist training, every two person one groups, have formed a huge defense network in the camp surrounding, if some people want to enter camp, can by them presently. When comes out that 100 Dead-soldier position searching quantity finally, after is one hour, majority of mercenary in camp had fallen asleep at this time, that manages mercenary and garden three people have also rested, only then that three Advanced level Warrior also sit in there is motionless. Green sees the appearance of that three person, cannot help but complexion sinks, he presently that three person killing aura very sufficient, moreover is skilled in the [say / way] of assassination, such person is not best to deal with. Zhao Hai looked at that camp, is very obvious, the person in camp regarding own camp very feel relieved, besides Dead-soldier of these surrounding, in entire camp a guard has not remained, all mercenary ran up to their tent to sleep, this arrived has given Zhao Hai they exceedingly good opportunity. However Zhao Hai will not begin to these people at this time, now these people just went to sleep, has the sound to meet immediately/on horseback to rest, will increase the difficulty to their attacks. Zhao Hai looked at camp also nothing, turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, we rested, when the midnight time was attacking, at that time they rested was dying, we attacked appropriately.” Green looked at the camp appearance, nodded said : well, that rests.” Said that has stood, with has rested with Merine, Zhao Hai also called Zhao Qian, making Zhao Qian they monitor the garden in the living room they, has any change immediately/on horseback to call him, if to 12 : 00 o'clock at night times, he did not have, Zhao Qian must call him, explain/transfer ends these afterward, Zhao Hai on returned to own room.

Zhao Hai lies on the bed actually somewhat cannot fall asleep, today Space has given him a pleasant surprise, he had to study the hope of Magic and Battle Qi, this let some Zhao Hai really excited. Is lying down on the bed, after the head while is thinking, studies Magic and Battle Qi matter, unconscious fell asleep unexpectedly. Zhao Hai is resting fragrant time, suddenly was awakened by the prompt sound, the Zhao Hai opening the eyes eye looked that was the radish was unexpectedly ripe, Zhao Hai looked at the time not early, crawled from the bed, received the radish, in planting, the returned to living room looked at the time, is around 11 : 00 o'clock at night, Green they also got up. Green they are staring at the screen to look in the living room that although said present dark sky/Hei Tian, on the screen also compared with the daytime looks black, but in the situation regarding camp they can see clearly, this is also the magical thing of screen, no matter outside black, the screen can make you see clearly thing within this 500 meters in diameter. Green looked at Zhao Hai to come, busy said : Young Master, we moved, time not early.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at people said : Zhao Qian, your present immediately/on horseback exits, dives in that tent that Magician lives, has remembered, your target only then, that garden, other people you do not need to manage.” Zhao Qianying, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Drunk their said : Zhao seven, Zhao even/including, you lead 500 Undead Creature, copes with these Dead-soldier to the surrounding, has remembered, do not make them run.” Zhao seven and Zhao even/including has also complied with one. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, remaining this camp inside matters, on it's up to you.” Green nodded said : by Alien and Drunk their six hosts, they mainly cope is Stone Lingshuang, has Alien spiritual Magic attack, wants to cope with Stone Lingshuang people should not be difficult, remaining that three Advanced level Warrior gave me with Merine, these small soldier gave these Undead Creature to be OK, Young Master do not exit, waited to be OK in Space.” Zhao Hai to had not opposed that his mental age more than 30, have naturally not been able to impulse like young man, he knows that one now besides Space this Ultimate Weapon, anything does not have, is the honest point for good. Green looks at Zhao Hai unable to agree, this relaxed, he also really feared that Zhao Hai must not be possible, Green turns the head to Blockhead and Stone also has Meg said : your three also to participate tonight, a good soldier and formidable Magician, growth slowly in fight of keeping, tonight is good opportunity, but you are also careful, do not show off power.” Three people have complied with one. explain/transfer ends, Green then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, prepared, first made Zhao Qian exit.” Zhao Hai nodded, Zhao Qiansong, then he made Green mark several points of this main attack, a while he good to go to from that several point release these Undead Creature directly.

This is also a Zhao Hai new present ability, his present screen can demonstrate that enters Space that point is the center, all thing within 500 meters in diameter, but he must exit, can actually in these 500 meters optional chooses one to select, does not use as before, comes on to exit from there from there. This is also Zhao Hai presently, but this attacks to arrive is very convenient, therefore Zhao Hai made Green mark several main points that they must attack, met him to let these Undead Creature instantaneous appears in that several points, carried on attack to the enemy. At this time Zhao Qian had dived camp, moreover obviously Zhao Qian has used the magic of making oneself invisible, Zhao Hai they can only on the screen notice that a red point is diving toward camp, form that has not actually seen Zhao Qian. This magic of making oneself invisible not necessarily is Magic, white Magic has the magic of making oneself invisible in Black Magic and, but special preparation Dead-soldier, they also study the satisfying body technique, magic of making oneself invisible that but they study, is one type of Battle Qi changes to draw back the magic of making oneself invisible, is not Magic. This magic of making oneself invisible although very mysterious, however general Advanced level Magician and Warrior, will not care, Advanced level Magician and Warrior are not good to approach, magic of making oneself invisible although can unable to see your personal appearance, but the energy fluctuation of your Magic or Battle Qi actually cannot hide. A however specialist training Dead-soldier can actually achieve the situation in own aura completely hideaway, even if Advanced level Magician is also very difficult presently. Green they closely stare at that to represent Zhao Qian black spots, so long as Zhao Qian dives the Magician tent, their immediately moves. In Zhao Qian has dived outside that tent that the garden they live, immediately must enter in the tent time, suddenly lightens a white light in tent in front of the door, this moon's orbit is similar to a bomb same, has exploded fiercely, with also leaves with a bang sound loud noise.