Chapter 11 Arrangement() Green lived in the imperial capital for a lifetime, what magnificent scene has not seen, immediately recovers, he has not looked at thing on table, but is two eyes flash look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can you use Magic?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I unable to use Magic, you are know that any drinks the Water of Nothingness person, did not have the means to use Magic, this was only the one type of ability, he did not have aggressiveness, can only make me save thing.” Green nodded, has slightly disappointedly, this changed to the table, saw the radish on table, cannot help but gawked, immediately took, carefully looked, smelled, finally has also nipped one, nodded, has put on the radish the table, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this was Magic Radish, was the one type of very common Magic vegetables.” Zhao Hai said : what Magic vegetables? Also has other vegetables?” Green nodded said : is Young Master, the vegetables on Ark Continent are divided into two types, the one type is ordinary vegetables, these vegetables are commoner or the slave eat generally, but Noble eats generally is the Magic vegetables, this type of vegetables itself include some Magic energy, only then can grow in some specially good land, moreover wants some people to care carefully is good, Magic Radish is like this one type of Magic vegetables, he is most common, the present market price, is almost one silver coins one jin (0.5 kg).” In the head of Zhao Hai fast has calculated, oneself present has eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg), one silver coins one jin (0.5 kg), is eighty thousand silver coins, changes into the gold coins words is eight thousand gold coins, this compared with buying to Space much better, has bought for Space five hundred gold coins, on equivalent to each jin (0.5 kg) six copper coins many, compares the words according to the purchasing power of purchasing power and Earth of this world, in other words , he if gives Space these Luo Bumai, six Mao Duoqian one jin (0.5 kg), but buys to give the here person, can actually buy ten. Block money one jin (0.5 kg), has differed about 20 times, this business fool knows how must do. At this time Green also took that got up said : this Magic Radish to be somewhat strange, on Continent has not seen such big Magic Radish, moreover can his flavor compared with Magic Radish much better, Young Master, you get so far as this thing from there?” Zhao Hai has not replied him, but then said : that this thing leaf does Blue Eye Rabbit eat? We when buy Magic Radish, is leaf together buys continually?” Green shook the head said : we, if buys this Magic Radish, will not want the leaf, this thing leaf flavor is not much, but is actually Blue Eye Rabbit very food that likes eating, how did Young Master ask this?” One that Zhao Hai shouted has stood, a face happy expression walked two said : on the ground day unceasingly I, day I, fantastic, had this thing unceasingly, I can construct Ranch.”

The Green look at Zhao Hai appearance, felt that a fear, how his don’t know Zhao Hai this was, thought Zhao Hai crazy, quickly said: Young Master, Young Master, your What happened? do not frighten the old servant.” Zhao Hai one recovers, look at Green laughs said : Grandpa Green not to be afraid, my too happy, right Grandpa Green, I asked you, this was Magic Radish easy to buy?” Green looks at Zhao Hai to be all right, this feel relieved, immediately/on horseback nodded said : to be easy to buy, now on Continent the war are not many, the income of people are also many, many commoner will also buy some Magic vegetables to eat, but Magic Radish is in the Magic vegetables cheapest one type of, therefore the has plenty person buys.” Zhao Hai nodded, sat, making Green also sit next step: Grandpa Green, my in hand currently has eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) this Magic Radish, if you want the means to buy him, a low-cost point does not matter, but must buy as soon as possible, then buys up Blue Eye Rabbit, the more better, on the mountain that now we live, mine tunnel that has plenty beforehand Dwarf abandons, can become the Blue Eye Rabbit nest these mine tunnel transform, like this after us, had fixed receiving.” Green stares, facial expression excited stands said : Young Master, you say eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Magic Radish of? Will you how so many demons come fu?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : you first leave alone these many, your as soon as possible has carried out this matter . Moreover the buyer who you look for is certainly big, tells him, my in hand has is Magic Radish, similar two days have the eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg), so long as he wants many to be good.” said : that Green stutters Young Master, what you said is real? You really so many Magic Radish? Do you get so far as from there?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this you not to need to manage, so long as you have handled this matter as soon as possible on the line, is certainly quick, but is also low-key, presently these thing is we buys, can you achieve?” Green one calm, his although don’t know Zhao Hai gets so far as these from there, but he thinks that this has certainly relationship with that ability that Zhao Hai obtains, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : Young Master feel relieved, this point old servant can achieve, my immediately/on horseback arranges.” Zhao Hai nodded, stops by calling out Green said : that just about to outward walks Grandpa Green, making these slaves in tube these commodities, immediately/on horseback tidied up these mine tunnels, must tidy up in the shortest time these mine tunnels, we must raise many Blue Eye Rabbit, these commodities I will receive, you did not need to be worried.” Green two eyes twinkling brightly, to the Zhao Hai ability also some new understanding, although Zhao Hai said that his ability does not have no aggressiveness, but can install under that many thing depending on him, with can provide that many Magic Radish this point, was very great.

Green immediately/on horseback nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, I will arrange, protection good Young Master that Blockhead, Stone, from now on, one step leaves, I to go out several days, Merine, Meg, you favor these slaves, must make the Young Master arrangement in the shortest time the matter, heard clearly?” In this moment, Green demonstrated finally in a Great Noble family General Manager dignity and wrist|skill, in the shortest time what he arranged several to be most important, first was the Zhao Hai security, second was the key point of work, third bought the matter of radish to outside, moreover was very obvious, this third matter he wanted to manage. Merine they just listened silly, they have not thought really that the body of Zhao Hai really also has such secret, now was such shouted by Green, one recovers, has complied with one, Green then half step walking of outward. Zhao Hai looked at Green back one, nodded, it seems like Green is not does not understand, when he came Black Wasteland here before, reason that will squander money, possibly is that reason that because he guesses, to let Adam does not have money to spend, honest staying in here, but will look like he will not be being worried for this now. Merine looked at Green to exit, this turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, were you hungry? Arrives at you not to eat thing from the morning now? My immediately gives you to prepare.” Said that walks toward the kitchen. Zhao Hai quickly said: Merine Grandma, ok, I have eaten half Magic Radish in the morning, is full to the present, cannot eat thing.” Merine shook the head said : how that to be good hastily, how light eats this thing to eat to the full, Young Master wait a minute, my immediately does, quick good.” Zhao Hai looked unable to prevent him, quickly said: Merine Grandma, attains the kitchen this Magic Radish, prepared food with.” Merine has complied with one, took up that half to enter the kitchen, but Meg stood Zhao Hai side, Blockhead and Stone station one on the left and other on the right Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he knows that now he said any Blockhead and Stone will not listen, these two fellows stubborn very much, they only listen to Green now, therefore he has not said anything, but turns the head to Meg said : Meg, goes to take the point to me sub, I was a little thirsty.” Meg complied with one, turn around walked toward the kitchen, when arrived at Zhao Hai behind, actually secretly looked at Zhao Hai one, this half step entered the kitchen.

Zhao Hai bored sitting in there, now in castle the person who he can speak is too few, only then Green their several, these slaves now also impossible with Zhao Hai normal chat, if Zhao Hai goes to chat with them, may also scare them, therefore Zhao Hai can only a person sit in here now. Original Zhao Hai wants chats with Blockhead and Stone, but they are that type the person who does not have what brain, chatted simply unable to chat anything with them, therefore he can only a person sit in there bored dull. Meg taught to carry a pot to be possible luckily before long sub to come out, but after she gave Zhao Hai one cup to be possible but actually sub, drew back returned to Zhao Hai, does not make noise, this may go bad Zhao Hai depressed, but his also don’t know must say anything to Meg, because before Adam, to Meg has handled matter, let Zhao Hai, when facing Meg, felt awkwardness. The Merine movement is quick, before long the Zhao Hai breakfast prepared, on the western-style breakfast with Earth was similar, Merine to the breakfast that Zhao Hai prepared is also the bread, the meat gruel and several omelettes, this omelette fried naturally not with the Earth same egg, but was Ark Continent here the egg of one type of 1st level Magic Beast range chicken. Zhao Hai turns the head to Merine their said : Merine Grandma, you also sit to eat, after finishing eating, your also has plenty matter must be done, did not need to accompany me.” Merine nodded, this time she to has not refuted, because she also knows, after having eaten thing, their also has plenty matter must be done, therefore Meseng and Meg also took several breakfasts to the kitchen, had Stone to eat with Blockhead. Has the breakfast, Zhao Hai has not returned to the room, but to the first floor living room, sat in there is drinking sub, he knows after Green arranges all, certainly will come to look like him to report that therefore he has not worried.