Chapter 12 Shakes the head() Really, Zhao Hai just sat down not long after, Green walked, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, family's matter I have arranged, wait a minute my immediately left.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to need to worry, feel relieved was good, these thing are putting on my here, will not have the matter, even if will be puts ten years eight years not to have any issue, after you went, must find some big Merchant, will sign that long-term collaboration with them association intent, and has remembered, we later must breed Blue Eye Rabbit massively, this must work the line with them, if I will guess good, after our in hand impact of Magic Radish to the market, the Magic Radish price must fall possibly, this we must. Has the psychology to prepare to be good.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai has referred to nearby seat said : Grandpa Green, you sit down, you stood I not to be uncomfortable like this, sit down some of I also many words to you tell, Blockhead, gives Grandpa Green to carry a breakfast, today makes Grandpa Green eat in here.” Blockhead looked at Green one, Green nodded, the Blockhead then turn around likely kitchen walked, Green also sat, Zhao Hai has not expressed anything to this, beforehand Adam was any welldoing, he was clear, if before , did not have Green this Manager, Adam already died don’t know many to return, Green authority that now he naturally cannot be jealous. After Green sits down, Zhao Hai then said : Grandpa Green, we now are any situations, you also know, therefore I hope that you must remember, the low key, is certainly low-key, we now to this place, if making to let the matter that these Great Noble cannot bear, we also ended, therefore this cooperation, cannot certainly to know that is related with us.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai sighs said : why although my don’t know these Great Noble to let off our Buda Family, but matches such a place us, but I think that our in hand has certainly thing that they have scruples, they must cope with us, will pay very big price, but if makes them know now that our Buda Family also has possibility comeback, they will not count the price, must kill us, therefore we now are certainly low-key, although said that the low key very vexed, but can actually make our Buda Family continue, until comeback that day, therefore we can only be low-key now.” Green two eyes one red, stands to bow to Zhao Hai said : Young Master feel relieved, the old servant handles certainly this matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Grandpa Green like this, sits down, must remember, Magic Radish is only the first step, after a period of time I will be trying, can look turn into the normal land that can plant outside Black Soil, that was better, but we also on need many manpower, therefore you must through various types of channels, buy some slaves, no matter that race, so long as is useful, has the professional skill, can buy to come back, the average person our here will not look at one in any case, but we must careful the line.” Green nodded, he presently Young Master really changed, if beforehand Young Master, is impossible to think of these, now such change, regarding Buda Family, absolutely is the good deed.

At this time Blockhead also carried the Green breakfast, Zhao Hai looked at Green breakfast one, was very simple, this made Zhao Hai shake the head, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, after Magic Radish bought, you one must buy some Blue Eye Rabbit, two bought some long-tail chickens, three must buy some Scaleless Fish, now outside in the castle moat is emptying, I looked, that river water probably was the running water, can breed fish, we first do not manage to make how much money, must make our life be able to pass, you time, do not fear them to the Magic Radish quantity., They want many, we can provide, but I think that the Magic Radish market by our such impact, certainly will be made many people be damaged, they certainly will trace when the time comes, therefore no matter what, cannot make them look up us, buys some books, best is on relationship Continent moves the plants book, this is very big to our uses, I in any case now can think, only then these, remaining your their look at process, was right, our present defense capacity too small, you must pay attention to under one, best is the move some have the fighting strength slave, matter. Must bit by bit do, first takes changing our life as first target.” Green eats meal at the same time, a point is listening to the Zhao Hai words, he has taken down the words that Zhao Hai spoke, these matters must have a relative importance, but these were the matters that this Manager must do. Before long, Green finished eating the food, making Blockhead receive the kitchen the tableware, he then stands, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, the old servant went, old servant not in the several days, if there is any matter, you must say to Merine that Young Master you must look after itself good, you were Buda Family have hoped finally, if you had an accident, the old servant had Old Master that what appearance saw to pass away.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Green feel relieved, I know how should do, I will not have deliberately created trouble like before, your go early return early, so long as has completed the matter on the line, was right, our Magic Radish transport outward is a major problem, I looked that after wait for you the matter decides, I personally thing deliver, will not bring to the attention of person, did you say?” Green thinks that after said : this matter and other old servants the matter decided that were saying, Young Master feel relieved, the old servant will arrange all.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Green, suddenly bows to Green said : Grandpa Green, I for Buda Family thank you, starting today, you were my family member.” Green two eyes one red, actually received a Zhao Hai ritual, has a good laugh said : Old Master, Elderly Gentleman, you may see, the Young Master prospect, Young Master was sensible, Buda Family was hopeful, the old servant has put together this Old Bone, must make Buda Family in one time prosperous.” Said that to a Zhao Hai ritual, turn around walked, however this time Green could not be looking at a point lackey type, the body heroic spirit soared to the heavens, the 8th level warrior power and prestige completely revealed. The Zhao Hai look at Green back, shows a faint smile, turn around walks toward own in the room, Zhao Hai knows that must make others adapt to his change, must need a process, now he displays was very outstanding, should be honestly honest, family's matter Green has arranged in any case, the matter that saves also has Merine and Meg look at, does not need him to worry, he returns to the room to go to Farm to have a look, there is the basis that he settles down and gets on with life. However Blockhead with Stone these two stubborn fellows, looks like two spectre same following in his, no matter will arrive at there with, will call thorough Green of words execution, will let also Zhao Hai is very helpless. Now Zhao Hai has not wanted to let Green they many understanding Spatial Farm matter, but there is Blockhead and Stone these two stubborn, does not allow them to understand that feared is not good.

Entered own room, Zhao Hai turned the head to Blockhead and Stone said : Blockhead, Stone, you returned to the room, I want to rest a while, in the castle nothing, you did not need to be worried.” They actually also shook the head, did not speak, said : that Zhao Hai not bore I must rest, do you help Merine Grandma?” Shake the head! I must sleep, can't you stand in the bedside? Is standing going to out of the door!” Shake the head! I am Young Master, you exit to me!” Shake the head! Two Big Brother, calculate that I asked you, gave me to select free Space, you act charitably, exit.” ...... Zhao Hai looked that really does not have the means with two, has said : Blockhead, Stone, I know that you are adopted by my father since childhood, to the Buda Family absolute loyalty, but I really must go to a place now, that place relationship to our Buda Family later show, therefore you should better not, you must with unable to follow, therefore a while, I, if suddenly did not have the shade, do not worry, do not shout, this general headquarters?”

The Zhao Hai voice just fell, two brothers both put out a hand, extract Double-handed Broadsword that oneself have after death carried, on neck, you have not let us horizontally, appearance that our immediately dies. Zhao Hai taps the head, meets such stubborn person, he is also the headache awfully, but does not have the means that looked that Blockhead and Stone appearance knew, if not let them, they really will possibly commit suicide, this is few, absolutely loyal in the Buda Family person, cannot make them die. However such leads them to Space, that Space secret they also knew, Zhao Hai some have not wanted. However now the matter in Space, Zhao Hai did not have complete understanding, the radish is also the before sunrise time has planted, now the sky has shone greatly, what also don’t know grew into, he must have a look, when the radish was mature, must receive, that was money that. What most important is, how outside Zhao Hai also wants to have a look at to be able the water and earth in Space gets so far as, the Space earth and Spatial Water can the transform land, perhaps if can the transform land, that outside Black Soil be able to turn into the fertile farmland, this is Zhao Hai most needs now. Zhao Hai is thinking the Space advantages, Blockhead and Stone sword had not actually put down, look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, feared that Zhao Hai one vanished. Some little time, Zhao Hai recovered, looked at their one eyes well, forced smile said :, you must with also good, the matter that but you see today, cannot say absolutely outward, if said that most also can only tell Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma and Meg, except for these three people, anybody asked you unable saying that feared was talks in a dream unable saying.” They also nodded, however the in hand sword has not actually put down.