Chapter 13 Change of mental state() Zhao Hai look at their appearances, are actually speechless, it seems like they are not really silly, feared unexpectedly one deceive them, it seems like also can only lead to go to Space in them, but is also good, Space matter sooner or later must make them know in any case that takes into goes on the belt. Zhao Hai forced smile said : was good, puts down the sword, do you take are not sinking? Prepared, we must go.” Said that read moves, three people of forms disappeared in instantaneously same place, next one passed through appears already in Spatial Farm. Blockhead and all in Stone look at Spatial Farm, see that in already the grow out radish, look at that several thatched-roofed huts, before that is putting one pile of thing. Zhao Hai looked that they are also lifting sword, patted their shoulders to say \; Puts down the sword, wasn't this went to the place?” Blockhead and Stone one recovers, they cannot help but have put down the sword unexpectedly, does not dare to violate the Zhao Hai words, now they felt that the Zhao Hai words are the imperial decree, they have no alternative but Venerable the line. Zhao Hai also felt that two people of changes, he felt probably that they have regarded Master to be the same him now, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai stare. However he has not thought that carefully looked at the growing trend of radish, looked at thing in room, to does not have any change, now his only remaining 200 gold coins, moreover he remembers, when plays the game, when game often renovates the weed and insect automatically, this different thing, archenemy but who the crops grow. Is good in does not have long these thing because of the present, this is also why Zhao Hai must the reason that comes here to have a look, although say mature time, Farm has given him prompt, but Zhao Hai don’t know grows the weed and gives birth to moment of insect, Farm gives him prompt. Now these may be the money, but if he wants in here good, the leave money is incorrect, he needs money, needs a lot of money, therefore cannot have a points mistake. Blockhead and Stone also following as always in the Zhao Hai side, but their mental state actually by however has changed now, before they only listened to Green, but after here, Green in their status, was far from Zhao Hai being high, now their all by Zhao Hai give priority to.

Zhao Hai don’t know, this Space is variation Space, actually here all are them, but this Space was equipped with Level Up this saying, now his level is too low, therefore must Level Up, after his level high, this Space completely was him. Because this Space completely belongs his, therefore he, no matter gets so far as in any thing this Space, that this thing recognized him as master cannot help but, his order will be the imperial decree, in this Space, he will be the god, therefore Blockhead and Stone will have such idea. Zhao Hai did not have present this point now, he was only inspects Space earnestly, look had anything to change, no, complete has not changed, all were very normal, although rose 1st level, but besides seed, his anything has not obtained. However Zhao Hai to not depressed, now although he does not have remaining many gold coins, but can also in planting a radish, if after this radish leaves receives, Green did not have, he can only buy some first, then takes that money to plant. For those not Zhao Hai does not think classification, but is his vegetables understanding this world were too few, he feared has planted other cannot buy, now he is at the primitive accumulation the condition, if causes the dish that one pile cannot buy, his fund must be suppressed, now this time is not good. The radish is easy to buy in this world, that plants the radish, this is the safest procedure, but now Zhao Hai actually cannot miss good treads the cona to fear one step, not only this relationship to his lives and properties, but also relationship to the entire Buda Family future. Zhao Hai clear awareness, oneself, not only inherited the body of Adam Buda, same inherited Buda Family, inherited that responsibility, therefore he rather all strives for now steadily, asked to be possible the low key to cultivate the behavior, does not want to go astray one step, lets others presently their trend, if made people present, they feared that did not have including the life. Presently Space here does not have what change, Zhao Hai to nod, has stood, turned the head was good to Blockhead and Stone said :, here nothing, we exited.” Blockhead and Stone they gaze by the Zhao Hai horse now, naturally cannot oppose that immediately/on horseback should said : be, Young Master.” This to is makes Zhao Hai stare, since this is Blockhead and Stone with the first few words that him had spoken, he cannot help but curiously looked at their one eyes, does not have presently any difference, the thoughts to move, left Spatial Farm with them, returned to own room. Looked at room one, gate has been closing, nobody has come, Zhao Hai relaxed, turns the head walks to Blockhead and Stone said :, we had a look to the castle outside, I want to take a look at that Black Soil what kind, moat there must carry on transform, we must breed fish in there.” Was saying while gets them to walk outward. Blockhead and Stone, if will certainly prevent before, because Green does not let the Zhao Hai leave castle, but they have not said anything now, but following silently in Zhao Hai.

Three people went to square there of castle, Zhao Hai the square these have not admitted the commodity in room to receive in Space in conveniently, simultaneously searched toward Space in Divine Sense, present many thing have put in Space Warehouse, moreover already by the Warehouse classification placed, and demonstration that prepared the quantities of these commodities, this arrived lets Zhao Hai very happy. Zhao Hai also present, actually he does not need Farm Space also to be able control there all, when he wants to look at any thing in Space, his front appears that thing projection, but this projection probably behind Blockhead and Stone cannot see, this arrived is the convenience are many. Three people slowly left castle, the main entrance of castle opened, Merine and Meg look at these slaves were reorganizing the mine tunnel that these before abandoned. Actually their look at, these slaves will not be loaf, because Zhao Hai has given them target, so long as they try hard, sooner or later some day they will not be the slaves, this regarding the slave, will be they biggest power. Merine also presently today these slaves specially has the working zeal with Meg, on everyone has the exhausted vigor to be the same probably, living that originally one hour can do, now be only a half hour can be completed. Zhao Hai has not arrived at there to go, the person who now he can believe are not many, but Merine they, he can believe that absolutely, since believes them, that not the necessity that went to there to look, he wants to have a look at these Black Soil places now, whether looked at Space transform these Black Soil places. However Zhao Hai first has arrived at side of moat, this moat is not very wide, but can actually look, constructs very good, even entire river channel has built with Stone, therefore although many year of nobody lived, but the here river water is very limpid. Zhao Hai looked, this moat cultivates, two water source, one is this moat himself has two spring, this spring stay up till dawn toward leaving the spraying of water, another underground river that flows from the mountain. Normally is also strange, in this mountain really also has underground river, this river water happen to flows to the moat, but in another side of moat, cultivated water outlet, therefore the water in this river absolutely is the running water, can breed fish. However such breeds fish, he affirms to compensate, but here running water, if puts the fish directly, the fish already with the current ran, to breed fish, but must carry on transform to be good to the moat. However the issue came, this moat in sewer system with castle is connected, such as wants transform, sewer system of that castle also modifies, related to issue are many.

The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, has put down this matter first, he thought that first looks at the Black Soil place, if Black Soil the matter that if can transform, he handle are really more, the cultivation, the water conservation, the crop that same recorded to plan. The farm looks like simple, if wants the place type, actually to be very difficult, Zhao Hai beforehand although has not farmed, but regarding the farm or have some understanding, he looks at the person family to farm, is adding on the country to attach importance to the agriculture, every year information about farm are many, the drought, the waterlogging, these information have been able to hear every year, is adding on him quite to like some history classes the book, naturally also knows, this farm is how is not easy. But water conservation word, in China historical not only time mention, very much attaches great importance to toward each generation of emperors of every time, but Zhao Hai territory here, simply does not have what water conservancy facilities now. Must say also strangely, this Black Soil ground originally anything is not long, after these many years, should be been already right by the desertification, but here that Black Soil place, the sandstorm does not have to his probably influence. Zhao Hai was leading Blockhead and Stone has arrived at Black Soil side, this piece of Black Soil was not far from the castle, arrives at dozens steps to arrive, Zhao Hai has squatted slowly, has worked on Black Soil, these to was makes Zhao Hai stare. Before Zhao Hai, lives in the oil city northern China, there has one type of Black Soil, was called the grinding compound, this type of grinding compound looked like in the sand mixes the petroleum to be the same, simply not President thing, but looked like is actually black, before Zhao Hai had also seen this type of grinding compound, but as soon as he touched this Black Soil, had one type of to touch the feeling of grinding compound unexpectedly. Zhao Hai cannot help but sinks at heart, if these are really the grinding compounds, that ended, his anything could not plant, hoped to touch likely the grinding compound. Zhao Hai turns the head to Blockhead said : Blockhead, digs out some Black Soil, after we go back, research slowly.” Blockhead has complied with one, extracted own Great Sword to dig on the ground, has dug before long big pile of Black Soil. Zhao Hai nodded said : to be OK.” The hand moves, piled Black Soil to receive in Space Warehouse that after the preparation went back, research slowly. After receiving good Black Soil, Zhao Hai looked at this big Black Soil place, cannot help but lightly sighed, this actually did not have the means to plant by big lands, too has wasted, hopes that Spatial Water and Space earth can transform here, otherwise they want to unfold, on slow many, moreover his secret quickly is also known by the entire world person, in that case, Buda Family also ended.