Chapter 14 In has the universe() After receiving Black Soil, Zhao Hai was leading Blockhead and Stone they walks toward Merine and Meg there, wants to have a look at their there to tidy up how. On this Iron Mountain the although has plenty Dwarf mine tunnel, actually is actually a big mine tunnel, almost entire mountain by these Dwarf hollowing out, but structure very unusual of this mountain, is adding on has many years of mining experiences short, the entire mine tunnel constructs very firmly, to does not need to be worried that can have the danger of landslide. Merine and Meg although is two women, is they have been serving for Buda Family, is the Green good helpers, does this matter naturally not to be a problem. But these slaves received Zhao Hai to resume the free agitation, a person is competitive, simply does not use their look at. However when tidies up the mine tunnel, they presently present, the place that this mine tunnel, can use is not many, mine tunnel most dozens meters from the beginning are the residential districts that a stretch of open area and pit hole compose, these Dwarf food and lodging in here, but this place well tidies up, can be used to raise Blue Eye Rabbit, however is walking toward inside is not good, in toward inside is actually slanting downward, moreover in accumulated the water. However the light is these places that outside tidies up, enough has raised many Blue Eye Rabbit, has most at least raised tens of thousands not to have the issue. Because these Dwarf must live in the mine tunnel all the year round, therefore this mine tunnel design is similar to the general small town city, is not far from water source, there is a certain drainage facility . Moreover the place is spacious, is also close to cave entrance, in the although mine tunnel has the water in storage, but here also is actually very dry, it can be said that is used to raise the Blue Eye Rabbit best place. Zhao Hai is also first time sees clearly this Dwarf Iron Mountain portrait, entire Iron Mountain is not very high, elevation also about one kilometer, be continuous is about several thousand li (0.5km), becomes a half-ring shape, encircles Black Wasteland in middle, comes and goes out Black Wasteland, only then a road, exits from the half-ring shape mountain range jaw opening. But Zhao Hai their castles hillside construct, the part above the hillside, the back is Iron Mountain, but the Dwarf mine tunnel in the halfway up the mountainside of this mountain, the topography is not low. In Iron Mountain behind, is ominously, is called on Continent becoming famous Carrion Swamp Continent five Great Forbidden Land. The land on this mountain becomes the one type of seal brown, above is growing some weeds, but the growing trend is not quite good, the appearance that soon dies of illness, although has several crooked neck trees, is a malnutrition adds the children/my son appearance lacking in vigilance. Sees these, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, he was knows why these Great Noble matched here him, but why Green before has not come here, cleared the family property to buy the commodity, here was a stretch of deathtrap, even if after were them, in how laborious, can mix to one sates the appetite to eat was good, if Buda Family wants to build up by here, that equal to was dream of a fool.

The look at distant place busy happy mine tunnel, the Zhao Hai half step proceeds to walk, was quick he to arrive at mine tunnel there, but command(er) these slaves of Merine and Meg in the mine tunnel, have not been noting the arrival of Zhao Hai, This mine tunnel although is Dwarf Race constructs, but cave entrance is actually very big, fully more than three meters high, more than five meters widths, inside is a big stretch of open area, each and every one every large or small cavern secretly arrange on entire Space cave wall, this simply is Yamanaka Castle, even if lives in the words of person, can live over ten thousand people not to be a problem. Zhao Hai by present scene shaking, him has not thought of really that these Dwarf can create a such cavern city unexpectedly, this is really shaking too. In looking at that mine tunnel, in that mine tunnel all built the arch with Stone unexpectedly, this there or the mine tunnel, obviously were a underground base. Zhao Hai nod of cannot help but, here is really fantastic, so long as here reorganization well, not only can be used to raise the blue ear rabbit, can definitely regard a secret base to use, but this reorganization also requires time, now they did not have that time to make this. In this time, Merine is also seeing Zhao Hai, walked hastily came said : Young Master, how you arrived at this to come, here dirty very much, you returned to the castle.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, what is comes to see here is, Merine Grandma, on this mountain like cavern, how many?” Merine quickly said: On mountain such big cavern, only then two, in castle, another in the mountain other aspect, the there scale is similar to here, remaining is small passage, altogether has dozens like small passage.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : among these cavern is interlinked? This mine tunnel deep? We want to construct in the here surface are the barricades, otherwise raises Blue Eye Rabbit in here, simply does not have the means to grasp.” Merine look at said : Young Master feel relieved, these cavern are possibly interlinked, this is a custom of Dwarf clan, but passage usually constructs under this mine tunnel, to guarantee this mountain cannot the landslide, outside they will not dig crosswise passage, but in cavern saves completely the water now, don’t know had many deeply, therefore there turned into a blind alley, Young Master can feel relieved use here.”

Zhao Hai then with a smile nodded said : that to be good, mountain that cavern, we cannot attend to temporarily, this cavern is just right, leading to the here road well cultivates, blocks that ore, in although is the water, does not need to be worried that Blue Eye Rabbit will run, but must prevent these Blue Eye Rabbit to be drown to death.” Merine nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, I know how should do, this place is not Young Master should come, you go back.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, I do not worry, Merine Grandma, you are busy, I have a look at these water in storage in mine tunnel, has a look at these water whether to use.” Merine nodded said : that I to accompany you to go, I am Water element Mage, the water very much found that believes can help Young Master.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, here nothing, Merine Grandma you did not need to be too laborious in any case, followed well also me.” Said that takes a step to walk toward the mine tunnel. Merine follows in Zhao Hai, Blockhead and Stone with at their back, but Meg has not actually moved, she must keep look at these slaves. Four people entered the mine tunnel quickly, this mine tunnel is slanting downward, but the gradient is not big, above had the railway rail evidently, but the railway rail got up now, ground that only remaining brown Stone spread. Downward walked several hundred meters along the pitch, Zhao Hai saw a underground lake, yes, here can only describe with the underground lake that here area was really too big, taking advantage of radiance that shot from ore Daoli, his simply could not see this piece of water surface in a big way, only heard intermittent underwater sound. At this time, suddenly one group of white light have shone in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai curious looked at one toward side, presently Merine in hand is holding one group of brights, looks like in takes a lamp to be the same. However his immediately understand, this is Magic, but in the memory that Adam keeps can know that this is the Magic illumination technique of one type of Light Element, without any ability of attack and defense or treatment, doing of its sole with is when the lamp causes, is on Continent any Magician, that feared that is Magic that demon magic studies people can use, because only then illumination technique Magic not any attribute limit.

Zhao Hai looked at one, turns the head, taking advantage of the light of illumination technique careful is sizing up this underground lake, Zhao Hai now present, is called the underground lake here not wrong, here area of water surface, is much bigger than the general underground lake, can with come the shape to be spatial vast, but most makes Zhao Hai feel what may not the meaning is, really also has several small island in this lake, these small island area is not big, only then about dozens square meters, moreover on the day, under is well-grounded continually continually, looks like a root root pillar is the same. Zhao Hai puzzled to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you knows why these column samples thing uses?” Merine smiles said :Young Master not to misread, these are the pillars, is Dwarf keeps the support entire mountain range pillar, the there platform, is the each and every one command(er) stage, Dwarf in working, that above will be standing the person, carries on command(er) to the following person, water surface here that you see, had hollowed out actually completely, can say that here is a lake. Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, then laughs said : fantastic, this may really be fantastic, like this we can breed fish in here, raises many fish, this is really a natural treasure house, HaHaHa.” Merine looked at all around said : „the idea of Young Master to be very good, but must have a look at here to be good well, if here were the stagnant water, that was simply does not have the means to breed fish, but here probably was not the stagnant water, I felt that here water element was very active, but the background of this water was a problem, if had river water current to come, that also certainly had an exit / to speak, otherwise this water was impossible to maintain at this water level, but if this water had the exit / to speak, how many no matter that we invested fry, may run away following a that exit / to speak.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this is a major problem, moreover I in moat there also present this issue, it seems like it was first good this problem solve.” Said that turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you make water to come out, I want to receive to make research.” Merine although don’t know Zhao Hai is any meaning, but she has complied with one, meets to begin to move, diameter one meter water ball on slowly raised from the water surface, stops the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai at heart in a sigh a mystery of Magic, but has not actually been idling, the thoughts moved, that big water ball entered Space Warehouse. After water ball receives, Zhao Hai felt, presently in Space has not transmitted any prompt, it seems like water ball saved, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed that this Space Warehouse was really enough mysterious, can deposit including water ball unexpectedly.