Chapter 15 Level Up() However what Zhao Hai don’t know is, Merine with amazement could not speak now, Merine is Magician, moreover is 8th level Water element Magician. On Ark Continent, Magician is divided into Level 10, arrives at 3rd level is called the demon magic studies disciple, 4th level and 5th level are called Inferior level Magician, 6th level 7th level is called Intermediate level Magician, 8th level and 9th level are called Advanced level Magician, but Level 10, that exists in the legend, god like existence. But Magician is not good to work as, must first have Magic innate skill, the perception is good, in ten Magician, five this for a lifetime are the demon magic studies people, remaining five in which three for a lifetime are Inferior level Magician, the remaining two possibility this also arrived at Intermediate level Magician to halt for a lifetime, had 1% probabilities possibly to be able appears Advanced level Magician. This also says the proportion in Magician, but on Continent had the Magic innate skill person, in ten thousand chooses one, such proportion fearful. Therefore on Continent Magician is few, but Advanced level Magician are less, 8th level Magician like Merine, then in that country, can the honored guest treat, but Merine and Green come Buda Family, therefore wholeheartedly is helping Buda Family, because of this, therefore Aksu Empire King has not harmed Clan to be ruthless to the cloth, only matched here them. Advanced level Magician like Merine, regarding the change of Magic element is very sensitive, some people use Magic in their kilometer, their immediately can presently. But on Ark Continent, can have one type of Magic that thing such one receives, Space Magic, can study the Magic person is in ten-thousand does not have one, can study Space Magic is ten thousand in ten-thousand does not have one, now on Continent also few Space Magician, moreover level is not high, but also does not have means to open out-of-the-way Space. Currently on Continent really has some Magic apparatus of beforehand Space Magician manufacture, these Magic apparatus are used to store up thing, Space Magician with own Magic, opened the out-of-the-way Storage Space, then with various unusual materials in adding on the help of Magic Formation, this Space seal to Item on, this has formed Chu apparatus, wanted to achieve this point, Space Magic energy, minimum obtains Advanced level Magician degree, moreover this life were most also can only manufacture five Chu apparatus, therefore this type of Chu apparatus on Continent were very scarce, nature also on precious.. Garnett Clan such Chu apparatus, this point Merine very clear, that in other words, this ability has not been Zhao Hai itself has, but Zhao Hai is actually one drinks Water of Nothingness, is impossible to study Magic with Battle Qi, naturally possibly was not Magician of Space department, Merine just had not felt that a Magic fluctuation, that water ball one vanished probably was the same.

appears this situation, only then two possibilities, one type is Zhao Hai Magic energy is higher than Merine, can own Magic fluctuation complete hideaway, not let her presently, but this is impossible, Zhao Hai drinks Water of Nothingness, was impossible to study Magic. one type of possibly is simply of Zhao Hai use is not Magic or the Magic apparatus, he not with Magic or the Magic apparatus, Merine naturally could not feel that Magic fluctuated. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Merine one, looked at the Merine appearance, showed a faint smile said : Merine Grandma not to worry, crosses several days I to tell you what's the matter, this possibly was the heaven bestows my ability.” Merine nodded, had not asked that so long as Zhao Hai does not have what danger to be good, said it, Zhao Hai has such ability, to him, only then the advantage does not have the fault. Zhao Hai looked at this water surface, presently here does not have what attractively, this turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, we go back, when so long as Grandpa Green comes back, our immediately can carry on these to plan.” Merine nodded, Young Master goes back to Zhao Hai said : earlier, the here matter you do not need to worry, have me and Meg.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, but Merine Grandma, should not be too tired, these matters made these slaves complete, you and Meg look at on the line, did not worry in any case, so long as before Grandpa Green came back, this cavern tidies up on the line.” Merine smiles said : Young Master really to grow up, will care about the person, Young Master does not need to be worried that my this can also support Old Bone, Young Master returns to the castle first, a while I go back to give you to prepare food.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, I first went back.” Said that is leading Blockhead and Stone turn around walks outward.

The Merine look at Zhao Hai back, muttered said : ancestor to bless Buda Family, has not thought ability unexpectedly that such Young Master obtained, Buda Family shook is popular hopefully.” Zhao Hai was leading Blockhead their returned to the castle, entered own room, he thinks that the quick point had a look at Black Soil and these water has anything specially. Entered in the rooms, Zhao Hai turns the head to their said : Blockhead, do not go in me, keeps here look at, if Merine Grandma came, your keeps off for me, said that I am sleeping.” Zhao Hai also wants to give a try, having a look at Blockhead they to listen to his words now, because brought they enter Farm the time a moment ago, felt that they to his manner big change, had the heart of one type of awe to him probably, moreover he also felt that probably will be they will listen to his words, therefore he thinks that will be trying, looked that they can remain. Has not thought that they have not hesitated, bows to Zhao Hai said : is, Young Master.” Said that they left the Zhao Hai door, but also convenient has closed the door, then on station one on the left and other on the right outside the Zhao Hai door, has acted as door-god. Zhao Hai has not thought, they being obedient such, but this arrives is also the good deed, his immediately sneaked in Spatial Farm. Entered Spatial Farm, a Zhao Hai thought revolution, Black Soil on appears in his front, has not waited for him to speak, prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently new Item, was the variation soil, in earth included the massive deleterious substances, available Space earth or Spatial Water carried on transform, the everyday transform quantity, ten mu, because of presently new Item, Space Level Up are 3rd level, bestowed the corn seed two bags, each bag may farm, one mu, may carry over the Space use. New Item is the soil, in Space the land rises 1st level automatically, presently is the 2nd level land, may promote to make the thing to rise length ten double.” Zhao Hai stares, then one happy, does not have to think one such on Level Up, is really fantastic, but must two mu place corn seed, the corn but good thing, the output is very high, if plants the corn in Space, their eating meal issues almost can be solved, what most important is, these Black Soil can comes transform with the Space earth and water, this may really be fantastic. although said everyday only to be able the transform ten mu, but this is also very good, Space in a little bit Level Up, although said that now the Spatial Farm liter 3rd level, however land area actually has not increased, the land in don’t know when Space can in time increasing.

Is thinking, does the Space prompt sound in one time transmit must open up the new land? The reclaimed land needs level 3rd level, gold coins 200, may expand land area, two mu, will open up the new land to need level next time, 5th level, needs gold coins 500.” The Zhao Hai great happiness, is really is knocking to rest some people to deliver the pillow, thinks that anything comes anything, but he then worried, if this time he has opened up the land, did not have money to buy seed, if has bought these radishes, he has not given somewhat up, if type these corn, were then buying the corn for Space, probably also a little suffered a loss, now the essential issue is makes this seed to there. Thinks of this, Zhao Hai does not have the immediately/on horseback extension land, but took corn seed first, small bag of corn seed appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai opened the pocket gently, has poured some corn seed, golden seed, the each and every one build is gigantic, the pellet is full, understands at a glance on most high grade seed, if these corn not mature times, the flavor is certainly better. Zhao Hai suddenly has gawked, then in the brain flash of intuition, pats own head said : with the hand right, I have forgotten, all plants can the seed, be also good, can in don’t know Space the grained out? If possible, I did not buy seed with myself, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai received corn seed, did not have immediately/on horseback to open, but looked in place, in his don’t know Spatial soil type thing, can have the grained out time, if like the game, cannot the grained out, his trouble be big, therefore he did not have immediately/on horseback to open, but wants in wait a moment, after and other Luo Bu to be mature , and other time, if can the grained out, he be able immediately to open , the time that if cannot the grained out, he also only be able opening will push in the future. After having thought through this point, Zhao Hai sharply is not opening, instead to hands over, took that big water ball, that water ball appears when Zhao Hai in hand, but also is maintaining the water ball appearance, this is also the Zhao Hai ability, he possibly does not have the ability to turn into this appearance outside Space the water, however in this Space actually yes. Big water ball takes, prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits: Presently new Item, Item is the underground river water, in the excellent in quality, available Spatial Water promotion water the nutrient, because of presently new Item, Space Level Up is 4th level, rewards the small wheat seed two bags, each bag may plant the land, one mu, because presently new Item is the water, Spatial Water Level Up is 2nd level, may enhance crops to live long time ten double.” Sees this prompt, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, this may really be fantastic, has not thought that from outside taking to bring in different thing, made Space rise unexpectedly two-level, and has resulted in four bags of seed, but also let the land and water Level Up in Space, this may really be fantastic.