Chapter 16 Proportion() Zhao Hai has thrown into Space spring water there water ball conveniently, this water does not have poisonous in any case, the water quality is good, made him return to the source to be good. Then Zhao Xin changed that pile not to deal with the vision Black Soil, that piled Black Soil is not many, half meter high one pile. Now Zhao Hai knows that can comes transform this Black Soil with the Space earth and Spatial Water, but he anxiously has not actually been carrying on transform, he wants to carry on to experiment, finds the best transform plan. Looked at that to pile Black Soil a while, Zhao Hai deep voice said : shovel, was divided into the Tenth Grade share him.” The order of Zhao Hai just issued, has not waited for the shovel to take an action, ground Black Soil automatically is divided into the Tenth Grade share, Zhao Xin looked at this situation, cannot help but one happy, so long as it seems like entered this Space thing, can defer to own will to move, this may really be fantastic. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai decided when experimenting, his deep voice said : Space, calculates improves Black Soil all Space earth and Space ratio best proportion.” Leaves the jurisdiction, is imponderable!” I depend, by the day by the place might as well by oneself, begins havingly ample food and clothing.” Zhao Hai has cannot help but criticized one, packed spring water to carry near the spring bucket, took up the small shovel to shovel Space earth of spade. Reason that Zhao Hai must calculate this proportion , because he feared the Space earth that if uses are too many, the earth in Space has tailed off, if in that case, that may really be the gain does not equal the loss. Now Space is Zhao Hai biggest taking advantage, if Space here were destroyed, his all plans are the bubble, simply do not have the means to be carried out, he meets returned to that poverty and blankness, defends region that this stretch of deathtrap is waiting for death. Stemming from this consideration, therefore Zhao Hai wants to calculate transform Black Soil to need to use the Space earth and Spatial Water best proportion, this not only can better improvement Black Soil, but can also let the Space earth and Spatial Water does not use many.

Now Space here although is the same with the game basic setting that Zhao Hai ends, but here actually has become the final dependence of Zhao Hai, he cannot like playing the game was casual, every step must complete the computation to be good. Zhao Hai sprinkles Spatial Water to Black Soil on first, then very attention the change of look at Black Soil, is calculating both's proportion at the same time carefully. Spatial Water drenches to Black Soil on time, looks like the immortal dew in Goddess of Mercy willow branch bottle is the same, Black Soil immediately lived the change, that is similar to grinding compound same Black Soil, retreat bit by bit that petroleum same black, turned into the one type of Black Soil equally unique color, thing of Tongli inside that sand shape also in disappearance slowly, turned into ordinary soil quality. Waits for that small pile Black Soil complete after being improved, Zhao Hai has calculated carefully, is almost 15 : 1 degree, in other words, with 1/15 water volume, can transform pile of Black Soil places. This result Zhao Hai is very satisfied, this on behalf of the improvement ability of Spatial Water to Black Soil is being very strong. Then Zhao Hai sprinkles the Space earth on another pile of Black Soil, this Black Soil fresh change with using Spatial Water time is somewhat different, after Space earth transform Black Soil, compared with using Spatial Water transform Black Soil to look like fertile, the Space earth and Black Soil that proportion but uses is actually 10 : 1. Zhao Hai the image rotation third pile of earth, this time he uses Spatial Water and Space earth improves Black Soil according to 9 : 1 proportions, the result is successful, but Black Soil after improvement with improves after Spatial Water Black Soil does not have what difference. 82 proportions, finally are then same, 73 proportions, are finally same, 46 proportions, Black Soil becomes with Space earth improvement Black Soil same was fertile, in then 55, with 64 proportions looks like does not have what difference. Has not used to present Zhao Hai in experimenting, uses Spatial Water and Space earth according to 64 proportions, to the Black Soil improvement effect should be most reasonable, will not result in too many waste, moreover Black Soil soil quality after improvement is best. Had a such test result, Zhao Hai was very satisfied, he returns the home position the bucket, puts the returned to ground these earth, this leave Space. returned to own room, Zhao Hai static sitting in there, reorganized the harvest of tour of this Space, land Level Up, can open, found has improved the best formula proportion of Black Soil place, the present should start preparing, started to improve Black Soil, now is in April, if in did not begin at this time, that farmer season. The although Zhao Hai grain does not divide, but these basic general knowledge he understands, spring sowing fall harvest, now just beginning of the spring time, should to farm. But now in own Space has gold coins 200, the forage grass seed six bags, the cabbage seed two bags, the corn seed two bags, the wheat seed two bags, in Warehouse are also saving a season, a eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish, this was now own family property.

What is good, all seed can carry over the Space use, in other words, so long as he has improved the land outside, he can plant seed that Space produces outside. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while walks outward, he must measure the land as soon as possible, is good to carry on the improvement to land. Just went out, saw Blockhead and Stone is standing in in front of the door guards the door to him, it seems like also nobody looked for him. Zhao Hai nodded said : to them Blockhead, looks one bunch of rope to come, the ruler, we measure the land.” Why wood and stone although don’t know Zhao Hai must such do, but he has complied with one, immediately/on horseback looked. The place that because they must come to is Black Wasteland, here, but anything does not have, to deal with this situation, Green almost thing that prepares all life to need, most is the grain, seed, various life use the mouth, like rope and ruler this class thing, has naturally prepared. Blockhead anxiously has not actually been looking for thing, but turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, now to the time of lunch, Merine Grandma came back to give you to prepare the lunch quickly, after we wait to have the lunch, is going.” Zhao Hai gawked, watched the weather, really to noon, by a Blockhead such saying, he was also felt was somewhat hungry, he nodded said : well, then had the lunch to say on.” Said that gets them to walk toward dining room there of castle. Three people just arrived at the dining room to see Merine and Meg are suspending the tableware in there, Merine are looking at Zhao Hai to come, is busy at bowing to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you got up, I am preparing preparing to make Meg call you to eat meal.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to get up, Merine Grandma, afternoon time, do not make these slaves clean cavern, waits for tomorrow to clean, Blue Eye Rabbit now is in any case impossible to ship, in the afternoon you prepare the ruler and rope, measures outside Black Soil place, every ten mu a piece, makes to symbolize that now soon plows in the spring? We must make the best use of the time.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion ugly said : Young Master, outside these Black Soil places, simply is untillable, although we have bought many seed, but these seed are actually used to plant on the mountain, plants in Black Soil in is the waste, measures also useless.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved Merine Grandma, I have the means to improve outside Black Soil place, can let the fertile soil that these Black Soil become can cultivate, so long as you were responsible for coming out the land zhang (3.33 m) good on the line.” Merine two eyes bright said : Young Master, what you said is real? Do you have the means to improve outside land really? Can make these lands can cultivate?” Her sound somewhat shivers, she was too excited. Black Wasteland here area is an entire Aksu Empire area biggest stretch of down country, has the Aksu Empire total area one third size, but here had not been calculated by Aksu Empire in Empire land area, because here is a stretch of deathtrap. But if here can cultivate, these Black Soil can grow the crops, what that will here turn into? That will turn into entire Aksu Empire to be richest, the most greedy place.

Although Ark Continent here is Magic Civilization, the people take seriously Magic, Martial Skill, with Magic Crystal ore this class thing, no matter in that time, that plane, the agriculture is a basis of country's, this is an indisputable fact. Food is what matters to the people, your Magic, also cannot work as the food to eat! Your Martial Skill in high, must eat meal! Even if a country in rich, is impossible not to plant, will not have that country grain relationship to the major event of national livelihood, complete will give other countries to come about, what if will be straight will be such, that this country will also leave perishes is not far. If Black Wasteland here all lands can cultivate, that without doubt, here becomes the entire Continent granary, on Continent could not be finding that place, like Black Wasteland here such smooth, such helped cultivating. But most most important, is the Merine excited reason is, for thorough made Buda Family not have turning over opportunity, Aksu Abo Your Majesty, in other Divine Palace the testimonies of messengers and under national messengers, achieved with Buda Family cooperates intent, under the testimony of god, Black Wasteland here will become Buda Family permanent fief. Does not want underestimated this to cooperate intent, this cooperates intent, because has the testimony of messengers, obtained the approval of Divine Palace, that obtained the testimony of god, anybody dares to violate this association intent, is disrespecting to the god, must receive on Continent attack and god's of all influences punishment. But this association intent also characteristics, because of the testimony of messengers, later were Aksu Empire perished, other countries have ruled this lands, Black Wasteland here was still Buda Family, any Empire did not have the authority to take back, including Divine Palace. Thinks that after Zhao Hai this lands complete improvement what appearance can be? Zhao Hai obtained on Ark Continent biggest piece of fief, moreover that permanent has, anybody does not have the authority to take back! Isn't Merine possibly excited? If Zhao Hai has improved land, that Buda Family becomes on Ark Continent, is richest, most formidable Clan.