Chapter 17 Lunatic() In Ark Continent here, had person of research before Black Wasteland here, probably more than 1000 years ago, at that time very famous Wood element Advanced level Magician alliance several several Water element Magician was adding on Alchemist, several about Elf that plants most knows, carries on research to Black Wasteland, wants to change Black Wasteland soil quality, making here turn into the entire Continent biggest granary. However they passed through entire 20 years of research, actually still cannot make on Black Wasteland that fear to grow a grass, finally has to give up low-spirited. From then on also nobody research Black Wasteland, the people think that did not have what value in research there, but is wasting the time. Actually this has big relationship with the Ark Continent here basic situation, Ark Continent here person although are many, but area even bigger, arable land also has plenty, therefore simply does not worry the grain question, therefore agricultural aspect had not directed on Continent attaching great importance to of people. However because these years on Continent compares calm, not having what big soldier to live, the population growth is quick, therefore now some small countries already appears grain question, because on Continent five big Empire good crop weather, do not have appears this situation, therefore has not aroused the extensive interest. Moreover do not forget, has the slave on Ark Continent, the price of grain grew, this does not have anything, so long as also reduced slave things to eat were good, hungry undead they were in any case good. These slave-owners were certainly impossible to exit saying that their slave was reduced the food, in fact these slave-owners in together simply will not discuss that discussed these slaves, they rather discussed the woman person, rather discussed moon, will not discuss discusses the slave, therefore people simply on Continent does not have the present food crisis to leave them now already getting closer and closer. Now Continent is peaceful, each every economical show of country is very good, therefore the price has been rising, but these people in power do not have presently, although said that the economy of country is rising, however the living standard of majority of commoner has not improved, conversely, but also reduced, do not raise these slaves. The economy of country unfolded, the price will naturally rise, but the price rose, but these commoner income have not actually increased, this naturally made many commoner not have the ability to support itself, could not eat meal, had more people to degenerate into the slave, the contradiction of society was intensifying. Naturally, these matter Merine and don’t know, she only knows that now the grain on Continent is very expensive, Black Soil that if Zhao Hai can really Black Wasteland here anything also steadily, turns into the fertile land, that Buda Family wants unable to unfold not to be impossible.

The Zhao Hai look at Merine excited appearance, shows a faint smile said : „, Merine Grandma, this is the one type of ability that I obtain, but everyday can only the transform ten mu, therefore you must organize them in the afternoon, land as far as possible many measures, we take 1000 mu as the standard first, are many we to be also unbearably busy, measures 1000 mu to stop.” Merine excited nod said : good Young Master, my immediately arranges.” Said that Merine must walk outward. Zhao Hai blocked her said : hastily well Merine Grandma, you left such worry, when finished eating the food in also with enough time, was right, our not energy were too many, moreover do not leave the castle to be too far, cannot let the bystander presently my ability, otherwise, at the present our Buda Family ability, cannot block these fellows.” Merine is also the person who sees the oversized world, one hear of Zhao Hai said that one calm, she nodded said : well, I knew Young Master, this matter gives me.” No matter Zhao Hai or Merine presently, have not stood in Merine behind Meg, now look at Zhao Hai, in the eye full is the infatuated color. Before Meg, so long as Zhao Hai appears , she low, but she actually has lifted the head now, careful look at Zhao Hai, when has not seen Zhao Hai the appearance of that atrophy. Meg grows up from small together with Adam, because Adam was older was two years old than her, therefore they play from small together, at that time Meg was Adam small tail, Adam arrives at there, Meg follows to arrive at there, Meg, if received bullying of other children, Adam will fight for her, therefore she had the favorable impression to her Young Master Elder Brother since childhood very much. However along with age increasing of slowly, they also slowly was sensible, Meg knows that Adam is his Young Master, she cannot manage Adam to call Elder Brother, because she is a girl, Adam is not willing to play with her together, therefore she is very sad. In, Adam knew many Noble Young Master friend greatly, starting from that time, Adam started to fail to study, moreover probably this playmate since childhood forgetting. Along with getting bigger and bigger of age, Adam more and more does not make sense, Meg is longer is more attractive, is getting more and more sensible, moreover displayed good Magic innate skill, she has taken the completely different two roads with Adam. However Meg more and more is unhappy, sees Adam daily deliberately creating trouble, she wants to prevent, is simply is useless, her grandfather's words Adam does not listen, do not say her, she hopes that the time can returned to formerly, returned to in childhood, that daily accompany her to play, that can for Young Master Elder Brother that she fights in returned to her side. The people said that the mood always poem of young girl, Merine is this, she has hoped one day of Adam to change the original appearance, but crushing of reality actually Wuqing/ruthless her dream, Adam actually wanted to rape her.

direction when Adam hey smiles obscenely she, she felt that own world loudly avalanche, that once good memory one has been far away from her, although she escaped, but she actually lost the soul like one, her world lost the color since then, everyday crossed ignorantly. At this time, disaster descend, Buda Family to the time of life and death, her with own eyes look at since childhood lived with oneself in together these person of each and every one leave Buda Family, look at from small living place, were taken away by King with own eyes, look at Adam was fed Water of Nothingness, then started unconscious, look at own family vanishes within the short time. Then they arrived at Black Wasteland, to this stretch of deathtrap, but Adam had not actually awaked, look at own grandfather Grandma day-by-day is bustling about, can continue for Buda, effort that they keep, looks like person who soon is drown to death, is making final struggling. Meg is only one has not passed through the young girl of any matter, suddenly attack between one after another, making her somewhat unable to bear, if no grandfather Grandma also to accompany her, she possibly already could not bear to commit suicide. However arrived at the Black Soil original uncultivated land not to have how long in them, Zhao Hai came, Merine although present, Young Master changed, before was not that anything does not understand, a day only knows Young Master that stirred up trouble, became mature, knows that tried hard for this family. First is Magic Radish, is Blue Eye Rabbit, now is the Black Soil improvement, her suddenly presently Young Master becomes is great strange, but actually slowly gathered with her perfect Young Master image dissolving. Meg present, currently the body of Adam has probably any thing to attract him, his temperament is not that type frivolous, making people feel fear temperament, moreover turned into one type of to be calm, natural temperament, making person unnatural wish be intimate with him. She liked seeing Adam that self-confident type, he also liked favoring his temperate smiling face, she also liked Adam, when saw her, on face that type of non- nature, somewhat guilty expression. In unknowingly, the heart of young girl, in a time department body of Adam. Merine has not actually paid attention to the change of Meg, in spoke after Zhao Hai, immediately walks toward the kitchen, these also makes Meg recover, her immediately/on horseback lowered the head, blushes walks toward the kitchen with Merine, took things to eat. Several people in the food that together has, quick that but Merine they eat today, 32 finished eating thing, then Merine and Meg immediately walks toward outside, was prepares to organize the person to measure the land evidently. Zhao Hai look at Merine appearance, smiling of also can only not bear, he can manage the corner/horn Merine mood, Merine they have believed that Black Wasteland is a stretch of deathtrap, now some suddenly people tell her, he can turn into the deathtrap exactly, this probably people told one to result in the incurable illness patient, your sickness could be saved, how they can not be excited.

Zhao Hai slowly finished eating the lunch, this was leading Blockhead and Stone went out of the castle, arrived at outside of castle, they present, Merine they have gotten these slaves to measure the land. These slave although do not have what skill, but before them, has planted the earth, if makes them do other possibility not to be good, but makes them measure a land, plants place anything, they can definitely be competent. Ten mu land immediately measured, Merine they actually not in zhang (3.33 m) good, but was look at Zhao Hai that each and every one decided that having a look at him really to improve the land. Zhao Hai look at that ten mu land, actually in there, ten mu place big, he has seen in Space, but there no matter the type receives, does not need him to manage, now makes him improve these ten mu places, his real don’t know must do, the Space earth and can Spatial Water also receive his control in leave Space? Just he in Space, was patronizing the computation proportion, this matter forgetting, him has can handle now? Difficult path 0.1 points sprinkles the ground the Space earth and Spatial Water? In Zhao Hai anxious running around in circles time, among suddenly Space prompt in one time resounds: „Can you improve front land? Yes / no.” Along with the sound, his front appears projection of screen, above had demonstrated two buttons, on writes is being, on another writes otherwise. The Zhao Hai great happiness, immediately/on horseback put out a hand to select is the button, actually presently own hand directly passed through from that screen, any thing has not bumped into, but that screens and that two button fortunately good staying in there, instead to was he probably turned into dancing with joy Lunatic.