Chapter 18 Electricity() Merine their look at Zhao Hai, don’t know he in doing that there gesticulates, his simply does not have the means improvement land. Merine cannot help but sinks at heart, she presently the change of Zhao Hai in recent time is also very big, but actually changes toward the good aspect, therefore she has not thought that but thinks that Zhao Hai was mature after the great change, but looks at the Zhao Hai appearance now, she cannot help but is worried that feared Zhao Hai pressing by the huge pressure silly. Zhao Hai is also very embarrassed, he used computer to use, saw such scene, could not bear want to come up 0.1, because did not have the mouse, therefore can only select with the hand, completely has actually forgotten, before him, simply was not the screen of entity, was only projection. Flexure scratching the head, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback shouted in head sound is. Then among Space prompt in one time transmits said : „to input to improve area, you in a big way improve area now are ten mu.” Then in front of him appears an input frame, a cursor in dodging that there kept, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback in the brain has been thinking ten mu. Then, input on the frame appears Arabic numerals 1 o, behind also brought a unit, the mu. The Zhao Hai book thought this to be able transform, but has not thought that the prompt sound in time transmitted said : „to choose to improve the method, Space earth improvement / the Spatial Water improvement / customizing.” Zhao Hai is mad crazy quickly, he also present, Merine they looked that now his look was not right, is Space there also these many terrible business, his immediately/on horseback has selected the customizing, he has calculated the best improvement formula, naturally wanted the customizing. Really, after he chooses customizing, his front immediately/on horseback springs an input frame, the Space prompt sound in prompt said : please input Spatial Water and proportion of Space earth.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback inputs to Spatial Water six, Space earth four. Fortunately he now only with thinking can toward inputting in the frame inputs, simply does not begin to write with oneself, will otherwise make people regard Lunatic him. After this input is completed, Space finally in transmitting any prompt sound, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, then sees his side suddenly to emit a pocket size cave entrance, then piece of dusky thing departed to drop down the Black Soil ground before Zhao sea surface from cave entrance.

That dusky thing simply cannot see clearly is the Space earth or Spatial Water, probably is a piece of dust, when these thing fall to the Black Soil ground, that piece of Black Soil actually by naked eye obvious is living the change, that black was similar to the petroleum general color has shoaled slowly, turned into the normal Black Soil color, has formed the first bright contrast with the land of surroundings. But comes out that piece of dusky thing that from Space, place that falls also very interesting, unexpectedly is an upright ten mu place range, are not many, a point are also many . Moreover the land that they measures Merine is uprighter . The nearby also has gutter together, improving the good ten mu place has separated with the land of surroundings, making the person be clear at a glance. Ended to ten mu place all transform, side Zhao Hai that cave entrance slowly vanished, Zhao Hai arrives at improvement from now on land, has worked on a ground earth with the hand, carefully looked, this earth with is the same, turned into the fertile Black Soil place that he imagines. Zhao Hai grabs that earth, laughs, oneself have succeeded finally, these ten mu places can plant thing, so long as there is this ability, is adding on this big lands, later he thinks that was starving is also difficult. The Zhao Hai laughter also one awakened. all people, just they when Zhao Hai appears that cave entrance were shocked, they have not experienced this matter, all people one lost the ability of speech, dull standing in there look at front Black Soil in the change of a little bit Laughs to Zhao Hai, they recover, almost all people cannot help but have made one with the Zhao Hai same movement, no matter these slaves or Merine they, all people went forward to grasp land in hand careful look at. Merine they to , the family background that these slaves farm, their eyes saw that these lands were entirely different from before, before them type of these earth were the same, even is better. Then cannot help but, all people have cheered, although these people majority have the slave, but slave equal to fool, they after arriving at Black Wasteland here, knows one are any situation, but they have not thought really that some day can see this mysterious matter unexpectedly. Merine grabbed that flowing that could not stop the earth tears, although she has not farmed, but has improved the difference of land with not having improvement land she was one looked, this lands, not only lands were so simple, he was the hope of Buda Family. Meg excitedly has also shed tears, she has not thought this happy a day can come is so quick, suddenly such, before although, she has thought of these, when this moment approaches, she was shocked, among suddenly lost the ability of ponder, lost the verbal skill, the whole person turned into a Blockhead statue probably, but tears actually cannot help but from her eye average. Meg suddenly threw down in hand Black Soil, turn around ran toward the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai at this time already calm, because there is existence of Space, therefore he to improving the land did not have Merine their types to attach great importance, most rapidness that therefore also restored.

In this time, Meg suddenly is running up to the Zhao Hai side, grasped Zhao Hai, then Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought Meg can hug him. Before these matters of Adam with Meg, Zhao Hai is knows that the memory of but the sentiment of his don’t know Meg to Adam, in him from Adam that obtaining, has one type of to Meg **, can say that beforehand Adam suffices the bastard, he has not cared Meg completely, the childhood memory already blurred, but in memory that he grows up, has not loved to Meg, only then **. In this case Zhao Hai is certainly impossible to know the sentiment of Meg to Adam, therefore Meg such hugs him now, he was shocked, don’t know Meg this is What happened? The Zhao Hai ancestors were nerd, feeling inferior of a little bit, therefore he has not looked for the girlfriend, girl's hand he has not traced, it may be said that was Top Grade in nerd, the model in stuffy show. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai matter that in knowing Adam handles after Meg, does not dare to face Meg, he fears facing Meg, his don’t know are should shoulder the responsibility to Meg, should be far away from Meg, the farther the better, so as to avoid Meg saw that he will remember these not happy matter. However Zhao Hai never expected Meg will come to him today such all of a sudden, this somewhat frightened him, Zhao Hai helpless in there, don’t know should shove open Meg to hold Meg. Merine also noted unusual of Meg, as most understood the Meg person, the sentiment of Merine very clear Meg to Adam, but also because of this, therefore Merine very clear, before Adam procedure, injury to Meg deep. During that time Merine daily look at Meg, feared that Meg will commit suicide, but Meg has not actually committed suicide, actually like was one lost the person of soul, let Merine look at on the heart pain. However she does not have any means that because of his very clear, the worry must anything that sets one's mind at ease medicine, everyone unable to help Meg at this matter, can help makes her return to normal except for her to have Adam. However regarding beforehand Adam, Merine does not hold any hope, to be honest, she passed to then Adam disappointedly, if not because they are raised by Buda Family since childhood, no matter she already Adam. However when Adam after Black Wasteland here wakes, probably changed a person, became sensible, was steady, moreover obtained the one type of very unusual ability, what most important was, he before has not looked like deliberately created trouble, the starting matter came is also methodical, had the wind of senior general very much. Naturally, she and don’t know now that is not Adam, but is Zhao Hai. Merine also noted the change of this several days Meg, Meg this several days always unconscious peeping Zhao Hai, moreover Meg also often appears in Zhao Hai , but also was is impossible to live before.

When living that afterward, Meg is always sees Zhao Hai, can hide hides, if really cannot shunt, stands on lowering the head in there, as far as possible does not bring to the attention of Zhao Hai. However this several days she actually once for a while appears in Zhao Hai, but also carries the water for him, asking him to get out of bed, considers his life, this made Merine itself feel very puzzled, but sees now the performance of Meg, Merine finally understand Meg thoughts. Some little time Meg lets loose Zhao Hai, the face of Zhao Hai was red, from the ancestors to the present, he so has not been intimate with that girl, although he obtained the Adam memory, but is in control in the memory now the status after is the Zhao Hai memory, therefore he does not adapt to Meg to be so warm. After Meg lets loose, face is also red, but she obviously be much better than Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai complexion becomes flushed now, the mouth opened has gathered, gathers opened, has not said a character. The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, suddenly bu smiles, charming horizontal Zhao Hai, turn around ran, Zhao Hai look at Meg background, felt one drank to drink ten jin (0.5 kg) white wine probably, been drunk lost the ability of ponder. Meg is a pretty girl, Zhao Hai likes seeing Meg very much, the matter that because Adam handles to Meg, making Zhao Hai see that Meg has the one type of guilty mood, therefore his these days he also in trying to find the solution is hiding Meg, even if with Meg in together, is not together as far as possible alone, always lets the side with the person. However just Meg that hugged with that electricity to Zhao Hai, having made Zhao Hai know that he and between Meg is not impossible.