Chapter 19 Chooses crops() Zhao Hai was leading people returned to in room, Merine they naturally, to the living room, Zhao Hai have made Merine sit down, standing that Meg actually in Zhao Hai, but this time she has not actually lowered the head, but stared at the Zhao Hai back to be lost in thought. Zhao Hai restored calm now, although said that the Meg electricity his, has let his cannot help but have this girl's form at heart, but he currently has too many matters to do, therefore he sharply has not been going to talk love with Meg, the entire Buda Family future presses on his body, first he presently must think should be more than 100 people of survival issues. Merine also has been used to Zhao Hai the handling matters way now, therefore she has not declined, sat, face excited look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what to do then can we?” She started the opinion of unconscious questionnaire Zhao Hai now. Zhao Hai thinks that said : Merine Grandma, a while you arrive at outside, electing the person who some most can farm to come out, making them plant that ten mu place, asked that what planted to be most appropriate at this time, was right, did we have seed?” Merine nodded said : right, we presently in hand has plenty seed, but these seed majority are some grain and ordinary vegetables makes the thing, moreover most suits on the mountain the type, outside place is so good, if type these thing too wasted.” Zhao Hai nodded, he turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, now we light a fire to prepare food, now the weather somewhat is cold, do these slaves warm up with what in the evening?” Merine looks the embarrassment said : Young Master, we only have thought at that time must buy some applications thing, like preparing food and warming up originally in palace with the Magic furnace, but now our Magic Crystal are too few, therefore cannot use the Magic furnace to warm up to prepare food, now prepares food and warms up with is the dead tree and hay on mountain.” Zhao Hai nodded, obviously is at Noble High level Merine they, although is preparing all diligently, but an old saying of their actually don’t know China, opens the door seven matters, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. These seven matters the life with people closely are related, the special person is daily necessities these four, is the people must, Chai Pai can look at its importance in first. Because has been the high-ranking, therefore to these matters is not completely understand, Merine their although brought many living materials, but is simplest regarding the life , is also most important must, the firewood, actually be the insufficiency of preparation.

Actually this main reason or Black Wasteland here is really too barren, the grass long belt refuses stubbornly to live, this is Merine they have not thought. The Ark Continent here population are many, but area even bigger, the firewood in here simply is not precious as gold thing, in the pole of crops, the branch in grove, rich others can use the coal, Noble with the Magic furnace that Magic Crystal drives, simply not to have artificial Chai Guochou generally, even if poorest person not for firewood, but Gu Nao. However this burnt with firewood Black Wasteland here actually has become precious as gold thing, here was only growing some small short trees, some weeds, besides these thing, in not having what available thing, full that very therefore Merine they presently, although they prepare, but on this Continent most common thing they have not actually prepared, but Black Wasteland here did not have this thing exactly. Merine looked that Zhao Hai did not speak, has said : Young Master, what do you want on outside land?” Zhao Hai now also in thinking this matter, presently in his hand several types of seed is suiting in the outside type, the wheat, the forage grass, these, cabbage although also has, but now the season is not right, was unable to plant, but the wheat and forage grass not suitable, the forage grass were needless saying that now cannot use that thing, wheat although was good thing, but he actually cannot produce how much firewood, what most important was, the output of wheat was not very high, therefore Zhao Hai does not want this thing, not to be he adjusts now the life savored, he first wants how. Solves the Buda Family problem. That Zhao Hai only remaining have chosen now, corn! But corn good thing , before is Zhao Hai, most familiar one type of agriculture crops, to did not say that he personally has planted, moreover before him, around urban many rural areas that is at plant the corn, the corn not only the output is high, but also most important is, he also produces the firewood main agricultural crops, now the northern rural also has plenty place, the winter firewood mainly depends on the corn stalk. However presently in his hand, only then can plant two mu land corn seed, but the land of this improvement is ten mu, simply is insufficient. Zhao Hai frowns in counting in hand available thing, total has Space gold coins 200( unable to bring use the forage grass seed six bags( to farm six mu) to Space outside), the cabbage seed two bags( may farm two mu), the wheat seed two bags( may farm two mu), the corn seed two bags( may farm two mu), in Warehouse has a season radish, may buy gold coins 500, but gold coins is impossible to carry over the Space use. But now he can also start out two mu place in Space, these two mu places, are actually need gold coins 200 to be good, if he opened, his in hand sub- did not have. Merine looks at Zhao Hai to frown, don’t know is thinking anything, she has not spoken, she knows that now pursues Zhao Hai to be also useless, she to is hopes that this nearest/recent has been creating miracle Young Master, can probably create miracle.

Meg also lost look at Zhao Hai, she now ponders now time, Zhao Hai is specially attractive, that deep feeling, lets her special being in a stew. Zhao Hai has calculated own in hand thing well, finally had designated a plan, he turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, a while you to organize these people to tidy up the mine tunnel, must tidy up mine tunnel earlier, tomorrow I will be improving ten mu land, was telling you to plant anything, I rested first.” Said that stood got up to walk toward in the room. Merine although don’t know Zhao Hai has any means that but she chose to believe Zhao Hai, nearest/recent Zhao Hai performance fantastic, moreover obtains ability that one type of she was unable to understand, she believes that Zhao Hai will have the means. Blockhead and Stone walk toward his in the room with Zhao Hai, but Meg does not have, she must organize these slaves to tidy up the mine tunnel with Merine, a only depends on Merine person is unbearably busy. Zhao Hai by quickest returned to room, lets Blockhead and Stone acts as lookout in out of the door, his servant sneaked in Space. In Space the original appearance, although said the land and water Level Up, but could not see anything to come from the semblance, Zhao Hai carefully looked at Space, presently the here Space earth and Spatial Water any change, has not tailed off because of the improvement land, this relaxed. Improves Space outside land to him is the has plenty advantage, if Space one day of suddenly to vanish, he also had the big piece land outside, will not starve to death. However now he at accumulating Stage, but existence of Space, to his help even bigger, if because of improvement land, but lets words that in Space appears anything changed, he was really the gain does not equal the loss. Also looked at the radish, was quickly mature, Zhao Hai then whispered: Sells out the radish in Warehouse.” The Space prompt sound transmits said : you to determine that can sell out Item in Warehouse?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : determination.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : „to sell out Item in Warehouse, obtains gold coins 500, has put in the gold coins bag, in your Warehouse does not have any Item, please diligently cultivate.” Zhao Hai does not have the means that he was thought now in this batch the mature radish he to be soon motionless, after waiting for this batch of radishes to be mature, he wants to have a look at these radishes to make the child to come, but looks like this experiment is too now early, what his present need was gold coins and obtains to oneself useful thing, after this experiment can only , was doing.

Now the Zhao Hai sale price turned, gold coins 700, forage grass seed six small bags, cabbage seed two small bags, wheat seed two types of bags, corn seed two small bags. After having calculated existing thing, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : reclaimed land.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : to open up the new land, needs level 3rd level, gold coins 200, you have achieved to open up the request, wants to open up wasteland now?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is.” Along with his sound, in Space a fluctuation, gathers round the land that mist, flashing, after flash, by original ten mu place, appears a flake open area. Zhao Hai looks at two mu place that a Xiaxinkai has cultivated, with Space most land from the beginning does not have what difference, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : to plant the corn in the place.” The seed bag, the shovel, bucket immediately/on horseback in a cooperation, starts to plant the corn on that two mu ground, this is the plan of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to the corn is knows that the corn and radish are different, what the radish eats is root, but what the corn eats is seed, the corn was mature, was seed of corn was mature, the radish has stayed behind, the corn, now he has also opened up two mu place, happen to was used to plant the corn, when these corn were mature, he not only obtained corn seed, and obtained could be the firewood the corn stalk. Plants one mu place corn too to need about three kilograms seed generally, but output of one mu place corn probably about one ton, in other words, he has planted the corn of two mu place, minimum can obtain 4000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, if these corn can regard seed, his minimum can plant more than 600 mu lands, this absolutely is the cost-effective business. Now Zhao Hai only hopes that the corn in Space like these corn on former Earth, type that the type that oneself keep might as well buy, if the corn in Space can regard seed to use, that has solved his major problem, he can a radish in Space, turn into money the radish, plants the corn outside, this had the firewood, had the grain, on can build the foundation for his future show.