The second chapter Bad luck status() Zhao Hai in that flash of corona past, did not belong to his memory, suddenly appears in his mind, probably was one is not the procedure in your computer, suddenly is installed, one made the brain of Zhao Hai almost halt, now although has not halted, but also made his brain work as the machine, digestion bit by bit the information in his brain. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had waked, he felt that in own brain suddenly are many completely not to belong to his memory. In this memory, his name was called Adam Buda, was born on Ark Continent Aksu Empire a Military General aristocratic family, was Aksu Empire has worked for three generations, situated in the Marquis top digit, but actually declined to Adam this generation, Adam was playboys, was adding on the morning that mother died, father year to year commanding troops of outside, he was lawless to the extreme, terrorized men and take their women to stop at no evil, but his father was the person who hid shortcomings very much , the hand grasped with large army, therefore nobody moved him. However his father has actually made the mistake a matter, when new and old King changing positions of Aksu Empire, he stood mistakenly the team. Aksu Empire old King is 47 th, he altogether has 15 Prince, five can succeed to the throne, separately is Crown Prince, Third Prince, Fourth Prince, Seventh Prince and ten Third Prince. Aksu Empire legal regulation, the child who only then the King empress and noble concubine have the authority to succeed to the throne, naturally, is not the noble concubine fresh children of all empress and can succeed to the throne, only then this child is labeled as the talent of Grand Duke above title. A person birth of Royal, the title of count, if he does not have to be Empire performs any merit, their life can be only a count, does not have the fief count, only then they rendered meritorious service, their title will rise, highest is Crown Prince.

Naturally, like the child of queen and noble concubine, is impossible, only then a title of count, they generally are labeled as the dukes, so long as then establishes a minor mourning, or casual finds an excuse, can rise is Grand Duke, finally rises is Crown Prince, they can succeed to the throne. But the children who 47 th Aksu King five can succeed to the throne are Crown Prince, Crown Prince, Fourth Prince is the empress lives, Third Prince, Seventh Prince is Madam Karin lives, but ten Third Prince are likes micro Madam living, is strength weakest one, was not favored, the people have thought Crown Prince is the empress lives, he is legitimate, but three imperial princes have also worn pants with Crown Prince, therefore in Empire many Noble support Crown Prince to succeed to the throne, but Fourth Prince and Seventh Prince is a partner, Seventh Prince has the support of Fourth Prince, has the support of card Lin Clan clan., Also high in the Imperial Court call, only then ten Third Prince, youngest, the strength is weakest, the manner is lowest-key, therefore nobody has favored him. But the Adam father is the Crown Prince party, this is also normal, because Crown Prince was highest in then call, but Buda Family was not established Noble, they in Buda great grandfather that generation of talent relying on military exploit, step by step rose the Marquis position, they thought quick point infiltrating to these established Noble ranks, therefore he chose the support to be most likely to become King Crown Prince at that time, so long as like this Crown Prince has become King, Buda Family on being possible to infiltrate to the core of Aksu Empire authority, became in Empire truely by recognize Noble. Must know on Continent, any King Noble is divided into two types, one type is established Noble, another one type of was recently Noble, the disparity between new and old Noble is very obvious, new Noble generally will be considered as suddenly Hu, will not obtain the approval of established Noble, cannot enter the power core of country. On Continent passed through these many years exhibitions, Noble played in a country does with is very enormous, has sometimes, they even can the rise and fall in left country, especially these exhibitions the millenniums, dozens generations of established Noble, be in Empire including the imperial authority must feel that fear strength, can say that these established Noble are the entire Empire power cores, any new Noble wants to obtain their approvals. To obtain the approvals of these established Noble, naturally must have the corresponding strength, was too quick, this that Buda Family turns to pick is Aksu Family several Ren King wants to come out to govern weighs these established Noble means that since 46 th King dies, the Buda Family day does not feel better, new King wants to promote them, but these old Noble actually want to suppress them, support new King that therefore they can only keep, makes the Clan show get down by being advantageous. However the Adam father actually stood mistakenly the team, he supported call highest Crown Prince, finally has not actually become King, instead to was lowest-key, looked like weakest ten Third Prince becomes King, Crown Prince is forced suicide, a person of Crown Prince party did not have the good end, the Adam father also to look to give a pretext being jailed, then inexplicable death in prison, but before Adam, has done these misdemeanors were also turned, because there is Green their existence, Empire also feared that several 8th level Expert looked for their troubles, in adding on the new emperor succeeded to the throne, must display. A Big bellied point, therefore they have processed Adam leniently, Adam should the Marquis title of inheritance, fall the viscount, their family very fertile fief, changed into Black Wasteland, but Adam was fed Water of Nothingness, has become a complete disabled person. General Noble has fief, will give Butler or the person of comparison trust goes to the tube, although fief there is own basis, but their people will stay in the imperial capital, with the aim of paying attention to the Empire fresh any change, these are the advantageous Yu Clan clans, these are the disadvantageous Yu Clan clans.

However Adam they are actually not, after they King has traded fief, is ordered within three days to the leave imperial capital, moreover within the next three years will not permit leave fief, this will be in all Clan never has. But Aksu Empire current King, the original ten Third Prince flatter wrestle to make reason that Aksu must like this to Buda Family \; first, because Buda Family is a Crown Prince party \; second, because of these old Noble pressures. Now he just mounted the throne, naturally must suppress regarding Crown Prince and Seventh Prince party fully, but these Great Noble he does not dare to move, but these established Noble looked that Buda Family is not pleasing to the eyes, the nature wrestles to make the pressure in the one side to flatter, therefore flatter will wrestle approximately will have such decision. Reason that drinks the water of nihility to Adam, because of Buda Family one type of inherited Battle Qi practice method, Wild Dragon Battle Qi, this Battle Qi practice method on Continent very famous, is the Adam great grandfather obtains, his practice ratio ordinary Battle Qi Cultivation Method quick three times, attack strength also very strong, is top Battle Qi practice method that various Empire Great Clan drool, if makes Adam also probably to study Battle Qi, if he has studied Wild Dragon Battle Qi, moreover remembers that today's enmity, that regarding these Great Noble and Imperial Clan is threatening, therefore under flatter wrestles approximately gives Adam to drink Water of Nothingness. But reason that flatter wrestled has about not killed Adam, besides the previously mentioned that several reasons, a reason, was Green gives to flatter to wrestle to make this set of Battle Qi practice method, and has gotten down the serious oath, later the Buda Family person will not be studying Wild Dragon Battle Qi, therefore flatter wrestled has about put a Adam horse. Naturally, Green is not open and aboveboard gives to flatter to wrestle to make this set of Cultivation Method, he is the night enters the imperial palace, looked for flatter to wrestle to make, then offered Cultivation Method, like this made one to ask favor for Adam \; second, to let wrestled approximately knows that his strength, making wrestle approximately cancels to kill the Adam thought. flatter wrestles approximately really feared that Green such Expert looks for his trouble, therefore accepted the request of Green, but the Adam title falling, fief trading, had not wanted the Adam life. Green also complied, his very clear, own strength although is not weak, however the Imperial Family strength is also very strong, reason that he can enter to the imperial palace in \; first, because he in the situation to imperial palace is very familiar \; second, because the new emperor just ascended the throne, the imperial palace passed through one time to shuffle greatly, the strength was a little weak, was adding on Cultivation Method of his meeting to be very special, therefore not presently. Before reason that Green has not gone to save the Adam father , because he thinks that flatter will wrestle approximately will not kill the Adam father, no matter what, the Adam father will be Imperial Family is also used to cope with these established Noble chips, Imperial Family should not discard easily is right.

However they have not thought that reason that flatter wrestles approximately can become King, is the support of these established Noble, after he when mounts the throne, naturally must flatter these established Noble therefore to kill the Adam father, when Green knows information time, the Adam father died, Green has to find the way to protect good Adam this Buda Family final bloodline. But reason that he will hand over Wild Dragon Battle Qi practice method, because of the reason of water of nihility. Reason that the water of nihility becomes unsurpassed Magical Treasure on Continent, because not only he can make people unable in practicing Magic and Battle Qi, what overbearing is, this situation along arriving in succession on his descendants. Also in other words, so long as you drink Water of Nothingness, your descendants will not have magic studies to practice Magic and Battle Qi, after ten generations this situation will end. However that is the entire ten generations of person that ten generations of cannot study Magic and Battle Qi, what when the time comes will turn into? When the time comes this does Clan still exist, can along arriving in succession tenth generation, these are an unknown, this is the water of nihility fearful place, is Green hands over the Wild Dragon Battle Qi reason. Adam and Adam the person after ten generations of Buda Family, has not managed magic studies to practice Wild Dragon Battle Qi, does that keep this thing to be useful? Might as well hand over to trade a Adam life, therefore Green bold not hesitant has handed over Wild Dragon Battle Qi. But the fact showed that he does is absolutely correct, if he does not hand over Wild Dragon Battle Qi, feared that is Adam is impossible to live the leave imperial capital. However some don’t know people have also made trick/hand and foot in the water of nihility, Adam is in itself incompatible in character with the water of nihility, after counter- is drinking Water of Nothingness, Adam on fainted in the past, had not waked to fief, when he wakes, actually from that playboys Adam, turned into Earth nerd Zhao Hai.