Chapter 20 Experiment() look at two mu place type bit by bit, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed at heart that what now his finally understand sowing seeds is hopes that these words were any meaning, he plants now was not hopes. If the corn has that effect that he thinks, he in did not need to worry for the show of territory, but after this result several hours, can look. Two mu place planted quickly, but Zhao Hai did not have leave Space, but in the careful look at radish, currently his also don’t know radish also has how long to be mature. Thought of here, Zhao Hai has gotten a sudden inspiration to pat own head said : right, I can ask Space, I remember played the Farm game time, had this reminder function, Space, can the how long radish be mature?” The Space prompt sound transmits said : also to have three minutes of radish to be official.” Not unnecessary wasting breath. Zhao Hai nodded to mutter said : three minutes, three minutes good, after three minutes, can receive the radish, was right, receives also to plant, must in buy one bag of radish seeds.” Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback spent 150 gold coins to buy one bag of radish seeds, his in hand gold coins only remaining 350. However Zhao Hai has not cared, now he has adjusted his show route, now Black Wasteland there he first do not unfold is too quick, one does not have that condition, two are if he unfolds is too quick, certainly will be noted by others, when the time comes they died, now therefore he unfolds should be in Space with emphasis. So long as the Space level liter, his all exhibitions were not the issue, Space here was his basis, the radish he does not prepare make a move to be too many, like him most from the beginning said that if his make a move too many radishes, that radish is not valuable, when the time comes suffered a loss he. What what a pity is, now he does not have the mobile phone, cannot tell Green own these ideas, only hopes that this Green do not bring back the too big order to be good.

Before Zhao Hai has thought too did not depend upon Space here, because existence of Space regarding him was really too illusory, his don’t know when Space will vanish, but if Space vanished, outside he at an enterprise, they have not ended. However now looked like actually has to depend upon Space, the Space promotion, he can obtain many thing, like his territory can a better show However he cannot relax regarding Space outside land step transform, if he cannot be good Space outside land transform, if day of Space vanished, his anything did not have. Now he walks one step to calculate every time well, achieves to oneself advantageously, must make Space unfold, as well as to make outside living conditions be improved. Space Level Up is asks for money, moreover Zhao Hai very clear, his Space just rose one now secondarily, money Shu who later each Level Up needs will be more, before Zhao Hai when played the Farm game, he had two numbers, a number was the genuine article that he used, inside had more than 400 netizens, when played the Farm game, money many simply that he can stolen dish heartily, steals finally had more than enough, slowly on not interest. But his second number is a newly-opened number, a netizen has not added that only then oneself, he opens this number, mainly advocates has played the Farm game, most important wants to have a look, oneself play the Farm game, will have any consequence. The consequence he knew, is very serious, most from the beginning fortunately, after Farm liter to 20 multistage, he opened Ranch, these ended, his game gold coins simply was insufficient, rises the Farm land, without money Level Up Ranch, Level Up Ranch did not have money Level Up Farm, but arrived as the matter stands is makes Zhao Hai learn plan, he was calculating Farm and Ranch income carefully, was calculating that one type of animal raised worthwhile, bit by bit is playing the single plane game of that Internet edition. But the situation of his trumpet is similar to his present situation, wants Level Up bit by bit, this he to had some experiences, but do not forget, he must take thing in Space now, goes to the transform above territory, as the matter stands his fund was more intense, therefore he must calculate every step to be good carefully. let the imagination run wild a while, the Space prompt sound got up: Radish was mature, please as soon as possible gather.” Zhao Hai one recovers, he does not have immediately to shout receives, but looked at radish one, looking pensive. Previous time he received the radish, however leaf vanish from sight of radish, he had actually estimated that Space regarded the waste treatment radish, now he cannot certainly such waste, he must keep these thing to feed Blue Eye Rabbit. Now the radish was mature, if he makes Space receive according to the original means that he cannot obtain the leaf of radish, if receive......, Looked at the radish of that ten mu place, Zhao Hai has cancelled quickly own thought.

Now Zhao Hai only hopes that Space can think mystery that really imagine, their request they can achieve, otherwise this received blue also really has become an issue. In Space, after plants mature, if gathers with Space automatically, thing that some can eat they will only receive or can use, like the corn stalk, radish leaf this class thing, Space is regards the trash to clean up, this must play the game time naturally does not have any issue, but Zhao Hai actually must change own life with these thing now, that these thing were very important to him. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he somewhat feared, if Space cannot receive the radish according to own consciousness, his trouble is not small. Deeply attracted several tones, calm one own mood, deep voice said : has gathered the radish, gathered the radish leaf and radish separatedly.” Said heart of these words Zhao Hai cannot help but ping jumped, he feared really one will be defeated, if lost, he must try to find another way, but means that now his sole can think, is makes these slaves enter to Space in receives the radish, this not only will mess things up, will also increase the Space exposed probability. Along with his voice, Space has made the response, the each and every one radish has flown that to receive in the thing basket, after waiting for all radishes to receive, Zhao Hai in time take deep breaths, has arrived around Warehouse, has traced Warehouse with the hand. thing in quick Warehouse showed that in the Zhao Hai front, is listed at first is the radish and radish leaf, following before is Zhao Hai, receives these commodities in Warehouse. Zhao Hai receives the hand, grips fist one to cheer, he has not thought, Space can unexpectedly to him such big pleasant surprise, this success, not only helped him receive thing, but also was representing his further understanding the Space, originally Space listened really completely his, he can order Space to do all matters. Since Space appears , Zhao Hai has the one type of not real feeling, he looks like in playing a specially real game, he also in deferring to the operation sequence in game is controlling entire Space. However this success, let Zhao Hai understand, this Space was really variation, oneself in this Space, not only an operator, oneself played these of game to suppose the system, not necessarily established in this Space, can say one to this Space control in depth compared with the game, oneself perhaps were this Space god, sent high unsurpassed existence. Some little time Zhao Hai calm one his mood, he looked at situation in the Space, now in Space nothing has been able to make him be busy, his then leave Space.

leave Space, Zhao Hai cannot bear has smiled, had existence of Space, later Black Wasteland here can turn into the entire Continent biggest granary, looks like his hometown is the same, the great northern wilderness will certainly turn into the great northern granary, but, he must less use Space ability help itself in the reality, must adapt by oneself as soon as possible does not have that feeling that Space helps, because his has had the one type of sense of insecurity at heart. Zhao Hai had feared one day of Space will vanish, although he has put in the key point of show Space now, that to let Space can provide oneself many help, by own territory can a quicker show, therefore he has to do, Zhao Hai is a very actual person, he does not believe these unable to see, thing that cannot feel, he only believes that grasps in own in hand thing is own thing, hundred birds are inferior to a bird in the forest in the hand. Space regarding Zhao Hai, looks like the network on Earth is the same, was extremely unreal, Zhao Hai although is nerd, but he never met with the netizen, because he does not believe these illusory thing. Stemming from this psychology, therefore Zhao Hai can go all out is thinking must change thing in oneself reality, like this he a little relieved feeling. He does not believe the luck, on Earth, he never buys the lottery ticket, each one cent that he makes, is he through diligently gains, he does not believe some people with no reason at to him money, he only believes that all that the person only then can be wanted oneself through own effort. Comes out from Space, outside Zhao Hai has not arrived, the matter that now he can handle were too few, he also needs to think well own later show, Black Wasteland here show. Zhao Hai the matter of today transform land somewhat is presently inconsiderate, extremely in worrying, to be too crude, after no one who did can guarantee Black Wasteland here, will not come the person, if some day their here suddenly came the person, presently in front of their castles has big lands to grow thing, that will definitely arouse suspicion. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but mutters said : looks like tomorrow understanding Black Wasteland well.” Said that heavy goes off.