21st chapter The issue of lake water In the evening when the share, Zhao Hai woke, at this time the weather was somewhat black, Merine they also came back, more economical the commodity, Merine they in the evening generally not exiting, that feared that does not need Magic Stone to come to illuminate, the light is uses the flare or the oil lamp, that also needs the oil, now they must save each commodity to be good. Zhao Hai wakes, the weather was somewhat dark, these slaves have eaten meal, remaining sleeps to the evening beforehand these days, they can free the activity in the castle, does not need to be worried about them to escape in any case, making them relax well. Now these slaves are sitting courtyard in castle chat, compares other places, they in here is the Heaven same day, everyday can eat to sate the appetite simply, does not need to do too heavy living, the everyday relaxation time is also enough, they liked such day. To here, they are somewhat desperate, Black Wasteland here is any situation, their although is the slave however also has heard, here anything is not long, only then a barren hill, but also by Carrion Swamp, such place is a deathtrap, they have thought one went to this place, in the future will certainly starve to death. However they have not thought that although they just came the here two days, but actually looks clearly, own Master had the ability, can unable to plant the thing Black Soil land with mysterious Magic these unexpectedly, turned into fertile good farm, later did not need to be worried to starve to death. These people are only the slaves, their there sees the person to use Magic, in their impressions, Magician is omnipotent, Magic is mysterious incomparable. Compared with the former good life condition, treated them is similar to treats the commoner same manner, can be separated from the enticement of slavery, in adding on mysterious incomparable Magic, these thing added that can make these slaves to Zhao Hai loyal and devoted fully, in invisible, has formed a very big cohesive force, now these slaves are not passive has worked, but wholeheartedly is thinking worked, earlier was separated from the status of slave. Zhao Hai static standing in castle there look at outside slave, he wants to come up to chat with these slaves very much, but he also knows that now is not the time, these slaves have been oppressed, they see Noble time, very anxious, do not say that chatted with them, feared that will be when the time comes they will kneel in there, does not dare to lift. To change an identity of person to be very easy, but wants to change their thought is very difficult, that is a long-term process, can let their ideological transformations bit by bit, therefore Zhao Hai has not contacted with these slaves now, opportunity. Handles anything to want exquisite a process of proceeding in an orderly way, extremely in advancing by rushes, the matter office will possibly pound, even if has succeeded, will possibly cause the foundation not to be steady.

Without doubt, the improvement to land completes and is separated from the hope of slavery, making the life of these slaves be full of the hope, when just did not come such spiritless. Zhao Hai likes seeing that very much these slaves display like this, only will then fill the person of hope to have the creativity, can biggest wielded own ability. In this time, knock is resounding, Zhao Hai one recovers, deep voice said : comes.” The gate was shoved open, Meg stood in in front of the door, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, the dinner prepares, should dine.” Blockhead and Stone still stand in out of the door, guards a gate for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows is almost this eating meal time, but Zhao Hai also really somewhat feels sorry, over the two days Merine they not only need be busy managing these slaves, but must prepare food to him, was really too tired. However Zhao Hai although will prepare food, but actually does not dare to do, do not forget his status, he is one is waited on hand and foot now, playboy who the clothes puts out a hand, that will make any food, he has Space ability this passably, after all here is Continent that Magic and Battle Qi coexist, what outstandingly able person different gentleman has, his skill is not considered as that specially conspicuous, if his suddenly will prepare food, that will cause the suspicion of Merine and Meg. Several people the dining room, presently Merine they have displayed the meal but actually, is some bread and vegetables, is adding on the a piece meat and soup. To be honest, a locally born Chinese, but also cannot eat this thing, but does not have the means that wants to have the Chinese meal, this nobody will also do, only then he will do, actually does not dare to do depressed. Has eaten several thing, Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Merine Grandma, I thought today's matter is done was too harebrained, tomorrow we in the here improvement land for good.” Merine stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master? Why said? Can't in the improvement land? What to do if can't improve the land that we?” Zhao Hai understand her meaning, his immediately/on horseback said : Merine Grandma, I think that you have misunderstood, I was not cannot improve the land, but cannot improve near the castle, you think that our present strength too weakness, if enables these fellows presently we here to turn into the land that a piece can cultivate, they will let off us? When the time comes we ended.”

Merine also sees the oversized storm, today she is improved the land joyful to the fainted head, therefore has not thought of these at once, now passes through Zhao Hai to remind, Merine immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai said is very right, if enables these established Noble of emperor presently they to improve the here land, can cope their, when the time comes they ended. although said that Buda Family has signed the agreement with Empire, but that also in Buda Family has under the premise of successor, if a Noble family property did not have the successor, the Noble title of that this Clan will be taken back by King, that fief anything also naturally must be taken back. Ordinary man Wu Zui/innocent, talent can arouse jealousy, is this truth. Merine puts down the knife and fork, nodded is reasonable, was we who said : Young Master said unconsidered, wholeheartedly is only thinking the improvement lived, will forget these established Noble possibly such not to let off us, that Young Master your meaning?” Now Merine valued the opinion of Zhao Hai more and more, because this several days Zhao Hai truly has handled many matters, moreover rhythmical that each matter makes, in adding on his unusual ability, in unknowingly, Merine they have regarded Zhao Hai is the pillar. Zhao Hai has also put down the tableware, has wiped the mouth with the napkin gently, this said : improvement land must carry on, but cannot improve around the castle, that was too conspicuous, so long as coming in person eyes looked, too easily by person present, I want to look, where having a look at this all around to have, very covert, can carry on to improve, did not use the too big place, so long as there are more than thousand about mu almost to meet the need of our here person, like this not easily by person presently.” Merine nodded is very right, that tomorrow that said : Young Master said I make the person look to look that having a look at this all around to have there to be appropriate, that Young Master, did we also raise Blue Eye Rabbit and Scaleless Fish?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : raises, must raise, Scaleless Fish also very good raises in any case, these people presently anything, Blue Eye Rabbit do not raise, they also only think that we are making dying struggling, will not care.” Merine nodded said : well, but this water is actually a little issue, I presently in our moat probably do not have what fish, even if in cavern that lake does not have what fish, this doesn't suit probably very much?” Zhao Hai stares, he is also first time thinks that this issue, he before was only nerd, was not the specialized fisherman, therefore has not noted this most from the beginning, conversely, to was Merine this Water element Magician notes. Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, properly speaking the moat and that mountain side Zhonghuli should the has plenty fish be right, a that water quality point issue, this point he has not analyzed in Space, how to have the fish?

Zhao Hai puzzled to Merine said : Merine Grandma, why you knows don’t know this is? That water does not have the issue, I have analyzed, is very fine water source, complete suitable fish survival, but actually cannot see the fish now, can't this somewhat be justified?” Merine frowns, some little time said : in common water does not have the fish, only then two possibilities \; first, in this water poisonous, not suitable fish survival \; second, in the water has fierce Water element Magic Beast, has eaten to eat all one's food the fish, if looks like such that Young Master said, in that water does not have poisonous, that only then the second possibility, in that water had fierce Water element Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai careful thinking, thought the words that Merine spoke are very reasonable, before he remembers , on Earth, he has read a news, in a fish pond of fisherman entered two very formidable carnivorous fish, finally has eaten to eat all one's food a fish of his pond, here possibly also has that Magic Beast, must really be such words, to is terrible business. Merine looks at Zhao Hai to frown, knows that Zhao Hai in thinking anything, Merine comforts his said : Young Master, actually this is not difficult to be solved, if in the water poisonous, we to were not good to solve, if in the water had Magic Beast in playing tricks, so long as we discovered that Magic Beast, killed him to be good.” Zhao Hai is actually a forced smile, his idea is happen to opposite with Merine, if in the water poisonous, he uses Spatial Water to be able very relaxed solved the toxin, if in the water had Magic Beast, that also was really very troublesome. Merine look at Zhao Hai still appearance with a worried look, cannot help but smiles said : Young Master not to need to be worried, if in the water has Magic Beast, I looked certainly to kill it, will not affect the Young Master pisculture important matter.” Zhao Hai one hear of Merine said that cannot help but stares, then his understand, here is not Earth, on Earth, you, if thinks that under kills deep sea giant beast to in the sea is not that easy, but here is Ark Continent, here has fierce Magic, but Merine is formidable Water element Magician, perhaps he really has the means to give to annihilate Magic Beast in water.