Chapter 22 Mature Does Zhao Hai frown said : „to have danger? Merine Grandma, if there is a danger, we first do not breed fish, after all pisculture in how important, was inferior that your securities are important.” The Merine facial expression is somewhat excited, actually smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, will not have the matter, I am also 8th level Water element Magician, copes with a Magic Beast that not to be relaxed.” Zhao Hai looks at a Merine confident appearance, must nod said : that well, but after this matter can also put, puts, tomorrow we must organize the person to look nearby well this there has the land that is appropriate we to improve, was first real the improvement to land.” Merine also nodded, Ark Continent here commercial although very reaches, but Buda Family is not the attach great importance to trade, they are Noble, in their eyes, the land is the key. Meg they have not interrupted, now Zhao Hai and Merine they discussed matter time, Meg they will not interrupt generally, Blockhead and Stone were needless saying that their themselves was not quite intelligent, making them do them to do, making their proposal see, then on equal to was the whistle jig to a milestone, Meg although was very intelligent, but her present age is too small, did not live like Zhao Hai in the age of such information explosion, returning has plenty that therefore she must study, like these matter that Zhao Hai and Merine said that she could not have interrupted. Zhao Hai finished eating the supper quickly, sat in the living room has drunk a while sub, on returned to own room, castle here matter these many, has arranged to be good now, simply with extremely in worrying. The place that here has nothing to play, entire secluded from the world, to the evening besides sleeping did not have other matter. Zhao Hai goes to the room, is thinks that earlier has a look at the situation in Space. Now to the evening, Zhao Hai felt very bored, he before on Earth, was nerd, but the nerd general evening was very much late sleeps, to here this several days , he because was too busy, therefore has also been able to fall asleep this to the evening, but he has daytime slept today, in the evening could not fall asleep, naturally must run up to Space to have a look well. In Space such, Little seedlings of corn grow out, radish seedling grow out, fortunately had not lived the insect, look at these growing trend gratifying Little seedlings, Zhao Hai also slightly somewhat is at heart excited. On this Little seedlings representative hopes that he in the hope that different realm survives, the Zhao Hai not too big ambition, he only wants in different realm here well is living. When on Earth, he is nerd, attains some meager payment for published piece to live, he does not have the ambition, only wants to cross own easy life on the line.

To different realm here, he obtained the body of Adam, knows that the Adam life experience, knows Adam currently has the big enmity in the body, but Zhao Hai actually also knows that Adam the enmity is not good to report, what they must face is Empire. Before Buda Family sightest time, made the person making into now like this, by them presently the in hand strength, can the protect poor life be good, do not report the enmity. although he has Spatial Farm this to make shortcoming, but the Spatial Farm actually very big shortcomings, lack aggressiveness. Spatial Farm is good, can grow vegetables, can store up thing, but he does not have no attack ability, but on Ark Continent, true Expert, exactly most is actually good is attack, like Merine same Magician, can kill 1000 people with Magic in a flash, compared with Merine, Zhao Hai links the babies who was just born not to be simply, can only be an ant, Merine , to be run over and die him, is the a finger matter. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai wholeheartedly is thinking the low key conduct, if made these established Noble present he have such ability, possibly first will give kill him. Good Zhao Hai received the Adam memory completely, although Adam is disciple of the having neither learning nor skill, but some general knowledge on Continent he understood that Zhao Hai is not that brain remnant person, passed through thought day Eldest Child, Second Child, his Third Child, has been all right also to step on, held the day, Zhao Hai may not have that big ambition, he also knows, if he dares really that the high-sounding talk, first dying on was he. The Spatial Farm characteristics, had decided Zhao Hai is impossible becomes Unparalleled Under The Heaven Expert, is adding on Adam to drink Water of Nothingness, he do not say into Expert, even if were a low hand he does not become. Now Zhao Hai biggest takes advantage nothing but is Spatial Farm, thing that but among this suddenly obtains, lets Zhao Hai lacking self-confidence at heart, he feared thing that among this suddenly obtains, among suddenly lost. This sense of urgency lets thinking how as soon as possible fief that Zhao Hai keeps constructing, although he can everyday the Black Soil place on improvement fief, but also because of this, therefore he was worried. They arrived at Black Wasteland here, these established will Noble let off them? Not necessarily, these fellows will certainly send for staring at them, if presently their here sound is too big, these established Noble will be impolite. Zhao Hai sits in Space, summary, only obtains two characters finally, the low key, only obtains a few words, the remaining silent big wealth is best. although clearly know Space here radish and corn long is very good, but Zhao Hai has irrigated a water to them, now he to these Little seedlings that is protecting of dedication, this on behalf of their hopes.

Waters also very convenient in Space, so long as Zhao Hai the intention moved has been OK, spring water in Space looked like by an invisible strength holding general, fluttered the sky of land, was similar to rains same has drenched. The land that look at is slowly moist, Zhao Hai immediately stopped, he also knows that cannot irrigate too much water, otherwise corn possibly rotten plant root. After doing well, Zhao Hai came out from Spatial Farm, watched outside weather, complete getting dark, these slaves have slept, the place that in the castle has not turned on a light, the entire castle has slept probably also soundly along with curtain of night descend generally. The so peaceful environment, Zhao Hai heart also calm slowly, he knows that own present thinks anything is unnecessary, the road must walk gradually, now his most important, solves the eating meal problem of castle here No. 100 person, full that not only need eat, but must eat well. Responsibility, Zhao Hai sincere feeling these words, he before on Earth, was a that person to eat to the full family not hungry that group, but after here, more than 100 individual food and clothing issues, the future of Buda, this vice- heavy burden pressed on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, therefore he walked very careful every time, feared point wrong. Dares to shoulder the responsibility, is a man's mature performance, Zhao Hai now , on Earth was maturer, because the reality compels him to be mature. Before the window static has stood a while, Zhao Hai then returned to on the bed, he cannot fall asleep , the returned to bed is lying down, now their commodity is scarce, he cannot waste, unknowingly, he lay on the bed unexpectedly falls asleep. Din-dong, the radish was mature, please as soon as possible gather.” The Farm prompt sound in one time Zhao Hai awakening by noise, him one sat, immediately entered Space , the radish in Space was mature, the corn was also long a person to be high, the above maize cob has basically formed, at this time can definitely break off hu to eat. However Zhao Hai has not moved, he is also counting on these corn, when seed, breaks off several now does not appear anything, but if other corn were mature, outside attains, when seed words, that can plant many land. Zhao Hai immediately received the radish, then immediately/on horseback has bought one bag of radish seed types from the Space store, this well washes with spring water washing of Space, the whole person one was energetic. Zhao Hai then runs up to cornfield there, carefully looked at these corn, the growing trend of corn is very good, the maize cob has wrapped the thick liquid now, so long as waits till the official maturity, can receive.

Zhao Hai then satisfied nod, leave Spatial Farm, returned to own room, looked toward out of the window, the weather has shone slightly, Zhao Hai did not have the sleepiness, opened the door to walk. Outside Space is very good, castle here although on barren hill, but how to say that also considers as finished to have the mountain to have the water, is adding on now is in April, in the morning was a little cool, has breathed two micro cool air, the Zhao Hai mood greatly cannot help but smooth. Gets up such early also nothing, Zhao Hai thinks that own body probably is not very good, before Adam, was needless saying that was in itself a playboy, had neither learning nor skill, was over-fond of wine in addition lasciviously, early body tossing about was unbearable, has been drinking Water of Nothingness in addition, this made his body weaker. Zhao Hai does not think that early turn into a sickness pest, is adding on the weather to be so good, Zhao Hai decides to jog first, exercises, even if cannot become Expert, minimum must become a healthy person. Just ran a while, these slaves on one after another has gotten out of bed, each and every one somewhat surprised is look at Zhao Hai that is jogging in the castle, don’t know he doing. The Zhao Hai present body was really too weak, ran a small little while to be tired pants, did not have the means that he must stop, slowly was adjusting own breath, at the same time returned to in castle. although ran a while, but he feels to be refreshing, whole person one energetic many, Zhao Hai returns to the castle time, Merine they already got up, but Merine they have not thought unexpectedly Zhao Hai can get up is so early, they also think that Zhao Hai also in the room sleeps, looked that Zhao Hai comes from outside, feels very surprised. Zhao Hai notified them, washed the face, this went to the living room, sits waits for Merine to make the breakfast in there.