Chapter 23 Honest After having had the breakfast, Merine makes Meg get these slaves then to reorganize these cavern, best to cut the tree on mountain, has a look whether to make boat, like this they can have a look to tarn there well. But Merine can actually prepare around castle look well, look discover one to suit them to improve the land the place. It looks like in Merine, this improvement land is the major event, so long as the improvement to land, their these talented people had the basis of settling down and getting on with life, has the hope of going on living. although her don’t know Zhao Hai Spatial Farm what's the matter, but looked that Zhao Hai can improve the land, can one put out a eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish, that explained that Zhao Hai the ability is related with the agriculture. Mystery of although Merine don’t know Spatial Farm, but she is a smart person, was adding on old, the story of life also very rich, therefore she also guessed correctly ** did not leave ten. However looked that Zhao Hai had not told her, she had not asked that she knows what now Boss is Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai also had the idea more than before, if she closely examined, to appearing not well. Zhao Hai heard that Merine must arrive at all around of castle to survey the terrain , must with, to different realm this several days, he except for in the castle, transferred the extension on the mountain, otherwise is busy at work in Space, simply has not arrived at this all around to look, today all around happen to can use this opportunity to go to look well, no matter what here is also his territory is not. Zhao Hai must with, Blockhead and Stone naturally must with, but Zhao Hai has not let, he is only bringing Blockhead, making Stone remain to help Meg look after these slaves, the light keeps the look at 100 slaves a Meg person, Zhao Hai also really some not feel relieved. Zhao Hai they come out from the castle, a Blockhead person walks on the mountain, careful looks at the terrain on mountain, Zhao Hai actually walks along the foot with Merine, Merine was old, is Magician, naturally cannot be too healthy, Zhao Hai is also same, therefore they have not climbed mountains to walk, if they on climbing mountains, feared that was not being able to get away a while must result in tired not. Merine and Zhao Hai are the first leave castle so are also far, walks while four to size up, must say that this Black Wasteland here also is really very unusual, on the mountain of semicircle, is only growing some not high small tree and weed, huge mountain gathers round is actually great plains, cannot look side, simply does not have attractively what, clear.

Only the terrain on mountain is quite complex, because the mountain is not very high, in adding on does not have the long many trees, therefore the terrain on mountain can also see clearly under the mountain, to does not need to worry. They had walked along the mountain corner/horn for three hours, besides feeling more and more bleak, in any present, Black Soil still has not been the Black Soil place, the barren hill is still the barren hill. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, rest a while, our fief were too big, is not a day or two may look, really not good comes back on and other Green grandfathers, we ride a horse, now such walks, was really too exhausting.” Merine is also much more tired, she is Magician is not Warrior, the body is not strong, normally does a housework, making her such hurry along, she somewhat cannot endure. They looked for two Stone to sit at will, Blockhead look at them to sit, immediately/on horseback ran from the mountain, arrived at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you rested in here first, I went to have a look.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, you go, oneself add carefully.” Blockhead complied with one, turn around ran toward the mountain on, looked at his appearance, to was not tired. Merine sits on Stone, look at this piece cannot look at the side Black Soil place at present, long sighing said : initially we heard that Empire has apportioned us here, we despaired, all people know that Black Wasteland here is a stretch of deathtrap, anything is not long, moreover is neighboring Carrion Swamp, we arrived at here by the minute, besides waiting for death, was anything cannot do.” Here her to stop, lowered the head, in the eye revealed the recollection facial expression said : Green to hear this information, all money of immediately in the family brings to buy various types of commodities, he also wants to make us insist for several years, so long as these established Noble will not be paying attention to us several years later, we are thinking that other means made money, no matter what, cannot make Buda Family perish in our in hand.” Speaking of here, Merine some little time has not made noise, probably was recalling that desperate scene, Zhao Hai had not made noise at that time, he can understand that Merine their mood, Buda Family gives birth to their places, they actually can only look at Buda Family direction Black Wasteland this deathtrap, wait for death in here, that mood how desperate. Some little time Merine take deep breaths, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master you to awake fortunately, moreover there is a that mysterious ability, can improve the land, this also made us see the hope, Young Master, later the promotion of Buda Family, depended on you.” Green had also said to Zhao Hai similar words, Zhao Hai understand this is Merine and Green to his expectation, but is this, Zhao Hai more thought that this matter hard to deal with, the ability like Green and Merine cannot complete, if he wants to complete, difficult.

Wish makes Buda Family again is prosperous, that must face the suppressions of entire Aksu Empire all established Noble, these also include Imperial Clan. However at this time, he actually cannot say these words, nod said : that can only make an effort feel relieved Merine Grandma, I will try hard.” Merine nodded, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : heaven not to perish my Buda Family, has given Young Master your this mysterious ability unexpectedly, this is making our Buda like the clan in one time being prosperous on behalf of heaven wish.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Merine Grandma, I lead you to go to a place.” The intention moves, their appears in Spatial Farm. Merine and Green they, are the people who Zhao Hai can entirely believe that before he had not brought Merine they to Farm, besides reason that must keep secret , because in Farm has plenty thing, he does not have the means they to explain to Merine that Zhao Hai also feared, he feared Merine they presently he will rush to the body of Adam, must if that was true, fear that was Merine and Green meets has first killed him. However now he did not fear that he knows, Merine and Green have not suspected him, and has regarded the hope of Buda Family him, after all he now was the Buda Family sole successor, even if were Green they present he seized the shed, may not move him, if they have killed him, then made Buda Family perish on equal to since then, if Noble did not have the successor, the title of that this Noble will be taken back by Empire. Merine entered to Space here is also shocked, to look that the ground just emitted the radish and immediately that the bud came wants the mature corn, the head really somewhat unable to make a turn. Zhao Hai at this time said : Merine Grandma, this was the special capability that I obtained, the a piece place, can grow the grain in this place, can grow vegetables, the mature time of grain and dish be shorter than outside, therefore I can in such a short time put out eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Magic Radish.” Merine look at this land, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, did you receive that these Magic Radish? How haven't I seen?” Zhao Hai has referred to Warehouse said : in that room looks like Space equipment is the same, inside can install many thing, not only installed Magic Radish, these commodities that but also I received, was putting on the there surface, so long as I want to use, momentarily can take.”

Nod of Merine two eyes shines, to be honest, is only this Warehouse ability, made her be startled very much. Zhao Hai then said : „the land in this Space can be used to improve outside Black Soil place, the water, before I improved the Black Soil place, use was the mixture of land and water in this Space.” Then he arrives by the cornfield said : this is my new species one type of plants, I manage him to call the corn, if this corn were mature, seed that produces, enough plants 1000 mu place also to have surplus with us, the corn that but in my don’t know this Space produces whether can regard seed to use, this must experiment, the pole of corn can be used to light a fire, is currently speaking, most suits plants that we plant.” Merine look at that corn, two eyes shines, her understand Zhao Hai said certainly that was any meaning, so long as this corn were mature, can plant, they can solve their grain questions, simultaneously burnt the material also to have. Zhao Hai light to Merine said : „, so long as we found a where convenient, we first improve 1000 mu land, then plants the corn, when the corn was mature, we do not use to eat worrying, did not use to burn the material has worried, when the time comes the grain had, has been selling Magic Radish, that money we also had, our Buda Family bit by bit can unfold to expand.” Nod of Merine makes an effort, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this matter do not tell others that now also several people do know this matter?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, only then you and Blockhead have Stone to come this Space, Grandpa Green and Meg have not come here.” Merine nodded said : our several person Young Master you to trust completely, however other people are not good, after Young Master, did not want to mention this matter with anybody, if made other people know that this matter, Young Master you were dangerous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Merine Grandma feel relieved, I will not mention this matter with others, we exit, if Blockhead comes back to look for us, should worry.” The intention moves, they appears at the foot of the hill.