Comes out after Space, the Merine expression is very excited, this also no wonder he, sees that mysterious Space, she felt really the Buda Family future has been full of the hope. although said that now Zhao Hai was unable to study Magic and Battle Qi, but regarding Merine, Zhao Hai cannot learn to be better, such words Zhao Hai security. Merine does not want to make Zhao Hai take the Buda Family beforehand old route, Buda Family builds up by the military exploit, thinks that is obtaining the military exploit, that must go to war, but goes to war is very dangerous, now Buda Family on a such successor, Merine does not hope that he is having an accident. Now obtains such one only to be able Space that is used to farm to be better, they did not need to worry to eat and drink, so long as were rich, that Buda Family can also develop(ment) get up, now in mainland has plenty Merchant Clan, scenery, even if were these established Noble does not dare to move them easily, because of what? Also is not because rich. Now the mainland was swindled the mercenary person to be too many, but these mercenary may be some outlaw, so long as gives them money, their anything matter dares to do, these Merchant Clan are because rich, therefore others do not dare to annoy them, has provoked anger them, they can spend money to buy your life, lost some money to them finally, but you actually lost the life, who can follow them. Is experiencing Buda Family by Sheng Zhuanai the entire process, Merine anything has not thought that now, now in their eyes, any merit fame and fortune mediocre is the floating clouds, making Zhao Hai going on living well real. look at Merine appearance, Zhao Hai also very delighted, because Zhao Hai knows that Merine is the sincerity cares his, the feeling of this type cared is very good, before Zhao Hai, first is an orphan, no person such has cared about him, this feeling makes his at heart warm. Some little time Merine calm slightly, she has arrived at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, if later has any danger, your immediately hides in Space, do not manage us, our Buda Family on the remaining your this only children, you in any event cannot have an accident now.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved Merine Grandma, I know how must do, after wanting us, careful, the low key conduct, should not have the matter.” Merine nodded, was saying anything, hears the Blockhead sound to transmit said : Young Master, Young Master, my discover a good place.” Was saying while ran from the mountain. Zhao Hai and Merine cannot help but turned the head to look to Blockhead that dashed, Blockhead fast ran up to the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I in front discover a good place, there definitely to have met your requirement.” Zhao Hai stares, then face happy expression said : "OK, in that? Walks quickly. ”

Young Master of Blockhead on finger of said : toward the mountain, we must from the mountain in the past, here from the mountain unable to pass.” Zhao Hai nodded said : "OK, our in the past, Merine Grandma, your here rests, I was OK with Blockhead in the past. ” Merine actually shook the head said : I also in the past had a look, later farms this matter, cannot always make Young Master you lead, I must pass to recognize the road. ” Said that turns the head to Blockhead said : Blockhead, guides.” Blockhead has complied with one, proceeds to walk, they follow on the heels. On this barren hill although, only then some weeds, but is not quite good, these weed although long is not high, actually very tenacious, the person walks above, often will be mixed by the grass, a point is also difficult to walk. However is good because of being not far, they proceeded three li (0.5km) about, had a Grand Canyon on discover in front, this canyon very unusual, probably was a piece big stone falls from the space, fell is the same in a big hole that on the mountain pounded, four sides was the cliffs, unexpectedly not road to outside world. Zhao Hai dumbfounded standing in there, the feelings of some not knowing whether to laugh or cry, this canyon is coincides his request, cannot see here at the foot of the hill simply, but do they get down? Merine also discover this point, she turned the head look at Blockhead, ridicules said :Blockhead, stupid youngster of your this Blockhead head, you found such a place, I get down to use energy, do not say Young Master, even if you can get down the Young Master back, but these slaves what to do? By afterward the here farm, but these slaves, Don't you want to carry them? ” Zhao Hai also ill-humored look at Blockhead, must say that this canyon looks like really is not deep, probably only then dozens meters deep appearance, but stands above downward looked that is also suffices to feel dizzy, around adding on is the cliffs, wants in very difficult. If their has plenty commodity said fortunately that can construct a mountain ladder to get down in here, but now their simply not that many commodities, even if on lumber mountain does not produce, wanted to make the wooden ladder to be too difficult, this absolutely was a deathtrap. Blockhead turns the head look at they, smiles said : Young Master, Merine Grandma, you do not need to be worried that came to say with me walked toward the iron mine back.

Since continuously, Zhao Hai and Merine they have not walked toward the iron mine back, because they know that there is near tightly Carrion Swamp, but Carrion Swamp there one is celebrated worldwide by poisonous miasma and toxicity Magic Beast and toxicity plants and Undead Creature these thing likely, therefore Merine their nobody wants the mountain the back to have a look, there is representing the danger. Looked Blockhead after the mountain ridge walks, the face of Merine sinks immediately/on horseback said : Blockhead, your this youngster does not want to live, quickly comes back to me.” Blockhead turns the head to smile said : to be all right to them, Merine Grandma, Young Master, you do not need to be worried, so long as we crossed mountain top, not far away has a cave entrance, goes from that cave entrance, can arrive in mountain valley, I just came out from there.” Merine also wants to say anything, Zhao Hai actually nodded said : "OK, to have a look. ” Said that walks toward the iron mine back with Blockhead, Merine must with. However arrived at the summit, Zhao Hai actually by his present scenery attracting, after the mountain ridge, this, among Heaven and Earth piece of Primal Chaos, took a broad view to look, all was seven color mist, you could not see the day, could not see that probably there was the world comprised of seven color mist was the same. beautiful, was too beautiful, Zhao Hai comes not to see seven color mist again, moreover that mist is also not that spiritless seven multi-colored, but is one type of strange, bright seven multi-colored, appear such dazzling is rotten. The sound of this long sigh interrupted the Zhao Hai train of thought that Zhao Hai turned the head to look, was Merine, Merine now also look at that seven color mist, the mouth is actually long sighed, said : attractive scenery, who can want to obtain, such attractive scenery, was actually in the mainland most fatal thing, this Seven-colored Poisonous Mist this Carrion Swamp biggest barrier, since having record, entered in this Seven-colored Poisonous Mist, can live the person was not over ten, but these came out the person, all was mainland Expert in extremely, was person like this, they. In comes out after Seven-colored Poisonous Mist, lives is about five years, no matter how fierce Priest or Medicine Master could not save them.” Zhao Hai feels dorsal sending cool, when looks at that mist, felt that mist seven colors bright that strange, probably inside has the innumerable malicious ghosts, is giving a tongue-lashing the tooth to smile to him. Zhao Hai does not dare to look that to is waiting for their Blockhead said : to walk in front.” Blockhead has complied with one, proceeds to walk. They toward the iron mine back walked from the summit now, must say that also comes strangely, iron mine frontage, these grass long each and every one malnutritions appearances, but this mountain back grass long actually extremely good, green becoming dark, life force vigorous appearance, but is not long like the frontage over the mountain is, but is small pile of small piles, its in the place, what is not long, probably is one is being long several pinches of wools affected with fungal infection on the head. Merine follows in Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai and Blockhead said : Young Master, Blockhead, you carefully, do not bump these grass, these grass possible poisonous, the Blockhead body strong body strong to have the matter not necessarily, but Young Master, because drinks Water of Nothingness, cannot touch these thing.” Zhao Hai stares, although in thinking Merine somewhat makes a fuss over a trifling matter, but actually does not dare to treat it lightly, Carrion Swamp here ominous outside, UU reads to be careful for on.

Bypassed these grass cautiously, followed about 500 meters Blockhead, sees small cavern, this cavern is not very big, only tolerates three person fronts to go, also about two meters high, in the hole appears dark, but also has heard the intermittent underwater sound. Merine arrived at front, in hand appears light ball, issued a license the Zhao Hai front road well-illuminated, this directed Zhao Hai together to enter cavern. Can look, this cavern is also the ore that initially these Dwarf construct said that very neat that also cultivates, pieces Stone builds, very smooth. Walked for about five minutes toward cavern, arrived at a stretch of open area, this piece of Space obviously is only a Dwarf Race momentary rest place, or deposits the thing place, here these has not lived in cavern of person, is only the a piece more than 300 square meters open areas, but the water block transmits from Zhao Hai their right hands. Blockhead turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, that side is in mountain side the lake, don’t know in the lake with behind our castle that mountain by, walks toward the left, can enter in that mountain valley.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not gone to look in that mountain the lake, according to his estimate, the here lake water may behind the lake water with their castle is a body, now they do not have the large-scale illumination tool, even if looked that could not see any positive result comes, does not look. They walk toward the left ore [say / way] with Blockhead, left ore to is very wide, can hold ten people to move fully abreast in row, five meters high, ground to very dry, walks comfortably. Three people proceeded for about ten minutes, the front suddenly appears clear light, Merine has extinguished the illumination technique of in hand, with the Zhao Hai half step walked toward the bright place.